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Hello to my fellow blue and white lovers. Hope this finds out well during the underwhelming month. of  Feb, happy though that spring is a mere 6 weeks away (being optimistic)!  I am not a huge fan of this time of year,  besides it being frigid,  there are no more holidays to get excited about and it feels like the dead of winter.

When the Christmas decor comes down, it feels a bit bare but with that bareness comes possibilities. And lately I have been on a little roll plotting new blue and white vignettes around my house to change things up.

Blue and white vignettes are one of the most fun and satisfying things to do. It is like an experiment every time, and you just don’t know what combination might end up being a favorite. Its all about trying and not being afraid to mix and match.

This is on my list of “to do’s” this month, creating some new vignettes around the house, and since we just got in a huge shipment of blue and white, the timing is right. Let’s take a look at some blue and white vignette ideas….


A favorite space i did for a showhouse sunroom several years ago

I love this “formula” for a mantle, two larger pieces on either end then filing in with lots of smaller pieces of different shapes (including figurines)

Proof there is no such thing as too much blue and white! Domaine Home

Shannon Gold beautifully demonstrates how pretty blue and white is to collect

Blue and white sprinkled around a room is always so pleasing, Citrine Living

A blue and white plate wall is on my bucket list, how inspiring is this one! Cathy Kincaid

Pretty blue and white for this console table, Sarah Bartholomew

Tulipieres always make a perfect vignette!

On this hallways chest, I keep our grand raised dot ginger jar there as a permanent fixture and change everything around it to reflect the seasons, in this case it was fall so added our porcelain pumpkins

Love an assortment of blue and white nestled together under a console

This room is a shrine to blue and white perfection, Carolyne Roehm

Blue and white vignettes cannot be forgotten for the outdoor spaces, they are a perfect addition with the backdrop of nature’s greenery

A pair of our dragon jars with a favorite fishbowl….a winning combination

Lots of small jars is a pretty option for a mantle with two large ginger jars flanking the fireplace

I love that you can change these out with different flowers for the season

My kitchen is in constant rotation of blue and white, I change the porcelains out often but they are a perfect addition to a neutral kitchen space

Kathy Kincaid is a master at blue and white!

From a show house loggia I did several years ago

Adore this elegant foyer which feels like a breath of fresh spring air, Sarah Bartholomew

Love the vibrancy of the red flowers in this elegant vignette,  by the blue and white maestro. Carolyne Roehm

My p0rch which always has plenty of blue and white


Hope this gave you the blue and white fix you came here for! If this didn’t fill your blue and white tank, then click here for previous blue and white club meetings. I can never get enough personally and I love that blue and white literally goes with any color. I love trying new combinations, as you never know what might end up being a home run. As I always say, it’s like a fun experiment every time.

Would love to hear if you have a winning combination and if you have ideas for our next blue and white “meeting”, I am all ears. Always appreciate you stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Until next time…..

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Ellen W on

So spectacular! I hear you on the February blues but we’re already halfway through winter so that’s reassuring! love your porcelain collection, The best out there. I am in love with everything I have bought from you!

Anita Seitzman zman on

Can you tell me resource for light wood coffee table you used in show house?

Thank you.


Dana Feiock on

At least half the fun of having a blue and white collection is moving it around and rearranging it. Thanks to the Enchanted Home, my collection continues to grow. I needed this today! Snow and sleet here and I am not fan of winter. Thank you for a happy place!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

Everything looks beautiful! I have to be honest, love winter!

Marilyn Holliday on

Enchanted Home Lily of the Valley is in my March/April issue of Victoria. I was so surprised and happy to see it. Enjoyed today’s Blue and White post. Thank you!

Jo Shafer on

Worn out old snow still on the ground, but the sun’s out. You’ve set me in the mood to clean off my white Luyten bench on the front porch and bring out the cobalt blue pillows, sit a spell with Charlie, my cocker spaniel.

Deb on

Are the trays of homes and pets transfers, or are they original hand paintings on the tray, and are they signed by the artist?

Diane Myers on

Thanks for the beautiful ideas for using blue and white. I have lots of blue and white and learn from your blog each and every time you post. Yes, the holidays are over, but I always get excited about Valentine’s Day. I look at it as a day for caring for others and celebrating relationships. I usually make it a special day with a special dessert and I have a Valentine’s Day tree with candy ornaments in my kitchen. So fun. We have so much snow and cold here in Indiana that it gives me a lift from the winter doldrums.

Mel on

I cannot get enough of blue and white. Timeless and classic any time of year. I hope you have some more fabulous tulipieres coming for purchase.

Sharon Blaylock on

There is such beauty in the world and I am so glad you choose to share. I do not use blue and white but take delight in seeing your posts and look forward to the next with anticipation. I, too, enjoy the winters, Elizabeth, as I do all the months of year. I choose not to wish away what is left of my life hoping for a better day, sunnier day, warmer day, to be someplace other than where I happen to a be, etc. February can be a glorious month and I love the sentiments posted by Diane Myers. Thank you.

Virginia on


Piper B. on

I remember that show house loggia like it was yesterday, Tina. Still so beautiful to look at.

Sally Ormond on

I love blue and white, but a little more dramatic–nothing frou-frou.

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