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Hello! Hope you are having a nice weekend. Did you miss my Sunday post last weekend? It felt strange to not have it up last Sunday, but back to business! This weekend,  saw a visiting friend from out of town which was so nice and we had fun going out with a few couples and for a few hours it felt like “old times”. Socializing and carrying on as usual. I definitely am suffering from Covid exhaustion and cautiously hopeful that things are slowly getting back to a new version of normal!

I miss so much, especially hosting a party with no inhibitions or worries. I think the end is near and I am hoping to have a summer get together to celebrate the end of Covid:) I could have a lot of fun with that theme! When I was on the plane last week (after not being on one in 2 years) it made me realize how much I have missed, two years is a long time. And I feel in many ways, that I checked out of many things in life that I enjoy.

Really hoping to get back that sense of “living life” or at least a new version of it soon! Anywho, onward to my post this weekend-


1 TWO BEAUTIFUL FEATURES! I get such a thrill seeing The Enchanted Home on the pages of my favorite magazines. I was fortunate enough to have two incredible features this month, be sure to pick them up. Both are exceptional issues and the icing on the cake was seeing our products on their beautiful glossy pages!

We just restocked the Lily of the Valley plates but they are going fast, click here to see the collection.

Getting to see my goods featuring the fabulous lily of the valley plates collaboration I did with Carolyne Roehm was so exciting! I mean, could this be any prettier? We also had our basketweave flatware and hand blocked tablecloth featured…love this so much!

And then in Traditional Home, not one but two things were featured- our green hand painted pierced tray black chinoiserie tray table! Thank you TH!

2 COMING SOON Always like to share whats new and exciting. over here, we have plenty coming up for spring and you are always the first to know.

Lots more quatrefoil planters will be here in time for spring planting!

How pretty are these two new items? Will be coming later March/early April (in a few color options)

And our Lily of the Valley linens are in production! We will offer the placemats, napkins and tablecloths in several sizes in both the blue and green

Just got in a huge tabletop shipment (holding an arrival sale starting on Tues) and am so over the moon with these French wire baskets! They are hard to find and often they are older and in shoddy shape and not cheap. So happy I was able to make these, they are here and perfect for spring time planting, perhaps even a very sophisticated Easter basket:)

And yes our incredible hydrangea melamine will be here in 2 weeks!! Woo hoo…very excited over this, plus we have the gorgeous chargers coming in 3 colors.

And our newest cane wicker box planters are so chic and pretty (2 sizes and 3 colors) will be up for grabs on our arrival sale this Tuesday

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always fun to gather my most favorite Instagrams of the week. A little bit of everything this Sunday…

4 A FANTASTIC SPRING COCKTAIL Where has this been all my life! This is a perfect spring cocktail. Makes me want to have a party….so light and tasty and refreshing, love the extra dash of the citrus, tastes like a tasty Rosè lemonade! Plus extra points for being so pretty:) Found this over at Chasing Kendall.

2 oz Lillet Rosé
1 oz St. George Gin
3/4 oz Grapefruit Juice (fresh is best, 1 grapefruit will be enough)
1/2 oz simple syrup
Splash of champagne
Edible flowers (for garnish – can be found at local farmer’s markets or boutique grocery stores)


  1. Mix Lillet, gin, grapefruit juice and simple syrup in cocktail shaker with ice, shake well for 10 seconds.
  2. Strain into coupe glass and add a splash of champagne, about a 3 second pour.
    PRO TIP: Buy the cans of Sophia champagne if you’re only going to make 1-2 cocktails that way you don’t waste an entire bottle of champagne. Just crack a can for the couple drink and save the rest for a rainy day, yaddida? 😜
  3. Garnish with a pretty flower and serve immediately. 🌸

5 ON MY BUCKET LIST One thing, that has  long been on my bucket list is visiting Provence during lavender season. We have been twice but neither time were we lucky enough to see the field in full bloom. This video confirms that this needs to remain on my bucket list! Have you been there to experience the lavender season? Is it everything I am imagining it to be…….hope so!

6 A LITTLE HUMOR Sharing a little humor is always a good idea, hope you find them as funny as I do:)

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY  I did a similar poll about 4 years ago and though it would be interesting to see how and if the opinions have changed. So here you go…



We have a fabulous deal of the day (today only). Our gorgeous set of 5 bud vases is $$60 for all five. Discount comes off at checkout.

Click here to see

And that’s a wrap for this Sunday! Hope you enjoyed the post, always enjoy hearing from you and wishing everyone. a fabulous day.  I am looking forward to a quiet day at home, doing exactly as I please. For someone who used to hate and dread Sundays, I sure have come a long way:) Until next time…..

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Franki Parde on

Yes, I “found you” in both magazines…everything looked “perfectly” beautiful!! “Seven,etc” is my fav!! franki

Ellen on

What a delightful post! in lobe with all the new products! need that bar cart and melamine. Cannot wait!

Yes, I hear you about Covid fatigue. I am so over it. Starting to get back to a slight version of normal. But it’s been a surreal 2 years. That cocktail looks so good😊

Eve on

Yes, I did miss last weeks Seven on Sunday. I needed my weekly fix! I just received my latest issue of Southern Lady and it feature a few of your products. As soon as I saw the blue and white items I knew they were from The Enchanted Home. Well done!

Maggie B on

I so enjoyed your beautiful feature in I think it was southern lady, you are such a gorgeous lady! with talent to match.

Very excited about your French wire baskets. Those are actually very difficult to find for some reason so that was very smart to bring them to the market. being an avid gardener and hobbyist flower arranger I can assure you I will be one of your first customers for those.

I am turning 50 this year and would not trade my childhood for anything, being the mother of teens I am deeply worried about the world that we are handing over to them.

Marguerite on

I cant wait to see the Pagoda Mirror, if you offer it in gold, I may even put it in my gym! I rarely have alcohol now, I just don’t need it, but Lillet was always one of my favorite drinks. For an easy refreshing drink try a Lillet (I like the light one) spritzer…… with a slice of orange. It’s YUMMY.

Randie Miller on

As a senior I felt very blessed to have all the technology of this generation during the pandemic. I can’t begin to imagine how isolated and lonely I would have been without it. It wasn’t perfect but it allowed us options, something that would have been limited in other decades.

Elizabeth on

Congrats on your magazine features! And yes I wish I was growing up now. Love technology. I’m a person needing to know.
As a child it use to frustrate me that the library didn’t have enough information or something was checked out and I had to wait 2 weeks for it to be back on the shelf. I google constantly as things pop into my head. Amazing times

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

Happy Sunday Tina,

I have been to Provence during Lavender Season and it is amazing. Love all of your Sunday favorites. Enjoy your day. Congratulations on the two features.

Susan Hayes Long on

So looking forward to those happy melamine chargers. Makes me excited for spring meals on the screen porch.

Kathleen P Winter on

When I received my Victoria magazine this week it made me happy to see your company featured! So wonderful!
Every product I have gotten from you is great!

Pat Fleniken Reed on

Congratulations on being featured in such worthwhile magazines. You are amazing!

Barbara Travis on

Read all your post daily. Could you please consider making your recipes easily accessible on your blog. I have tried to scroll through past blogs and it’s impossible to remember when they were posted.

thank you.

michelle l oleary on

Love the new Gold Pagoda Mirror and bar cart!

Peggy on

The first thing I look for on Sunday, after coming home from church and breakfast out, is your Seven and Sunday. And, it was missed. Congratulations on being showcased in two magazines; I’m sure that is always fun.
I really enjoyed the YouTube story about lavender. I love lavender and that would be heavenly to see all those fields in full bloom!

Riva on

‘January was a tough year but we made it’ – Laughed out loud, thank you!

Fanny on

I love the chargers and the color choices!
And, I share you’re feelings about the past two years. I’m looking forward to hosting a party and dinner. I miss it so much. Everything we do has been on such a small scale and with much thought and care.

Darlene Talbott on

Thank you for all the beautiful items you are providing for us in these crummy times.

Joan on

Love the two new items (mirror & tray table), hope they will be offered in black and Chinese red.

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