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Hi there, you are in for a treat. So, sit down and take a little break……you will not regret it:)  A much anticipated container arrived and loaded with so much beauty. Lots of our wicked is back plus a bunch of stunning new additions. This has put a pep in my step and making me really anticipate spring and that first day that I can get outdoors and do some spring flower arranging!

We have gotten in lots of previously sold out customer favorites so this is a great time to take advantage of special pricing while we have them.

We are also offering a wonderful giveaway so be sure to throw your name in the hat! And, perfect timing to treat yourself to something for Valentine’s Day!

Please read over the rules prior to placing your order.

  • There are two ways to order. Email your order in or call. Call 800-804-9565 (office open 9-5 EST)  or email
  • If ordering via email be sure you include your name, address and phone number along with ITEM NUMBER and color or style (if it applies)
  • Submitting an order does not guarantee your order, only a paid order is considered confirmed
  • There are limited numbers of each item available
  • These are in stock and ready to ship
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • All orders over $300 receive a free porcelain bud vase
  • Some items we can ship internationally, for an international quote please email
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Please register with your tax ID and click here or email


Spend $300 or more and receive a darling porcelain bud vase as a free gift!


Tried to use as many pictures as I could of “real life” settings which everyone seems to enjoy seeing-

ITEM 1 French wire baskets anyone? We have you covered. These have been alive in my imagination for a long time:) I have long loved these but they are hard to find and when you do they are like $200 for an old rusty one. No thanks. We. have two styles and two sizes. One style is also offered in dark green.

These are fabulous filled with moss and planted with orchids, topiaries, fresh flowers, even would make one sophisticated Easter basket! These are a must for every gardener and flower lover!

1A Offered in white or dark green

Medium measures 14″wide  x 8″ tall   $58.00

Large measures 18.5″wide x  9″ tall   $68.00

Specify color when ordering

The dark green-

1B White only

Medium measures 10.5″  $52.00

Large measures 14.5″  $62.00


ITEM 2 Our super popular scalloped wicker consoles are back and don’t last long. These have become one of our best selling items, and with good reason.  A great size for just about anywhere, so chic and stylish. Just adore these and thrilled they are back!

Measures 43″w x 12″d x 33″h


ITEM 3 Wicker urns and pedestals back in stock, but like the consoles, these sell out fast. But them separate or together, these are super chic. I have seen these used in so many ways and truly they are incredible versatile. Just love these pieces.

Urn measures 13″ x 18.5″  urn only- $245.00

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″  pedestal only-$210.00

Urn and pedestal $435.00

Height with urn on top of pedestal 52″ tall

The pedestal on it’s own with a ginger jar or vase is quite striking as well


ITEM 4 Introducing our newest wicker planters, these are our new cane wicker box planters, offered in 3 colors and 2 sizes. Absolutely in love with these, we will be adding matching wicker ginger jars in about 5-6 weeks. How beautiful are these colors! Like a breath of fresh spring air, sure to become a favorite planter.

Extra small 6″ x 6″ $45.00

Small 8″ x 8″ $55.00

specify white, pale green or pale blue when ordering

ITEM 5 Our pretty round wicker bowls are back in both sizes, medium and large. These are wonderful filled with fruit, candies, even flowers. Great piece for a kitchen island or more casual dining table.

Medium measures 12″ round $65.00

Large measures  15″ round $75.00

As seen as in none other than Oprah magazine!

ITEM 6 They are back….finally!!! We have waited a very long time for these stunning pagodas. Our stunning wicker pagodas in all three sizes are here. So exited to see these again, these are so incredibly stylish and fabulous. They make beautiful centerpieces that you can fill with candles….or flowers as some of my talented customers have done.

Small 12″ x 7″  $75.00

Medium  14″ x 8″ 85.00

Large 15″ x 10″$95.00

Buy all three $245.00

ITEM 7 Our wonderful medium scalloped tole planters are back in 3 gorgeous colors. These are the perfect size for orchids, topiaries, fresh flowers, ferns, etc….

Measures 10″ x 8″ x 7″


Specify mossy green, navy or soft blue

ITEM 8 Finally restocked on these super stylish wicker hexagon planters in 6″ and 8″. We will be restocking the larger sizes in March. These are perfect for flower arranging, boxwood balls, I love them for topiaries, endless possibilities. Shown is the 8″.

6″ $32.00

8″ $42.00

ITEM 9 We have limited numbers of our incredible pagoda dog beds. I mean, is this not the prettiest dog bed you have seen! Perfect for a smaller dog. This wicker masterpiece features a pretty ikat designed “mattress” in blue or green. Also has four wonderful wicker “bells” for an extra stylish touch.

Measures 33″ x 21″ x 30″


specify blue or green cushion

ITEM 10 And our larger wicker rectangular wicker bed is our. newer style meant for larger dogs, this could fit my Teddy ( a gold retriever). How I wish I  had gotten this while he was here, he would. have loved it:) Comes with ikat mattress/cushion in blue or green.

Measures 44″ x 25″ x 20″


specify blue or green cushion

ITEM 11 Got in two of our best selling hurricanes styles in a few sizes and styles. If you know the prices of wicker hurricanes you will recognize the sensational values on these.

11A This woven hurricane is gorgeous for candles and flowers.

Medium measures  9.5″ x 8″  $50.00

Large measures  11″ x 8 65.00

11B And our stunning cane wicker hurricane in 3 sizes. Also just gorgeous with flowers or candles.

Small measure 5″x 6″ $38.00

Medium measures 9.5″ x 7″ $58.00

Large measures 8″ x 11″ $72.00

ITEM 12. Our incredible wicker tulipieres are here in limited quantities in the large size (26.5-27″ tall). These are lined with an aluminize interior to allow water to be used in each of the four parts which rest on top of one another. Really amazing.

Measures 27″ tall

$165.00 each

ITEM 13 And our darling small box and our largest box  planter are back. A perfect little size for a smaller topiary, fresh flowers, a boxwood ball and plenty of other ideas!

The extra large is amazing for larger plants like palms, and big trees, boxwood balls,etc…really striking!

Measures 6″ x 6″ $40.00

Extra large 20 x 20 $165.00

ITEM 14 And finally we got a shipment of our long anticipated wicker salt and peppers! These are hard to keep in stock, they work literally on every table and are just so stylish looking.

Pair $35.00

Well, that was fun. Always a good day when we get in a container of some of my very favorite things. If you want to place an order please call or email-




One lucky winner will win our beautiful new woven medium hurricane as a gift. Just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item or two. Winner to be announced on Sunday!


Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

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Karen on

The urns and tulipieres are my favorite
eye candy and I can’t wait to fill them with the scents and colors of Spring!

Beverly on

I love the wicker console! So unique.

Maggie B on

I am sorry but choosing a favorite would be absolutely impossible. Everything is so beautiful, I love everything I have purchased from your beautiful shop. Today I think I am coveting the 20 inch wicker planters, love seeing them flanking the beautiful front door. I also love the French wire baskets I need to buy a few from my mother who is gardening obsessed! Beautiful job!

L Herzog on

I love the hurricanes and the small cane wicker planter boxes. They’re great for spring and summer florals.

CC on

Those wire baskets are a masterpiece!! and, you are right they are very hard to find! great prices too.
I also love the pastel toned wicker planters. I love it all!

Jane on

Love everything but especially the new French wire baskets!

Alissa S. on

I just love the wicker consoles, but you have so many beautiful pieces that are perfect for spring!

Sharon Hart on

The scalloped wicker table has stolen my heart!

Sandra on

I love the wire baskets! They are so dainty and feminine.

Mary M. on

I’m looking at the box (4 & 13) and hex (8) wicker planters, I have a preserved boxwood topiary that needs a new home. Seeing the photo of the Rosemary topiaries really helped me visualize how mine might look!

Regina on

Loving those small wicker planters and the salt & pepper shakers! Looks like summer!

Lucy Porter on

I really love the wicker consoles. Your price is amazingly affordable!

Sharon Hart on

The wavy wicker console has stolen my heart

Anita Morgan on

Lucky that this comes as I am shopping for Valentines (to me) I have a crush on the wire baskets. Can’t wait to have the dark green one 💚❤️

Stephanie C on

The wicker tulipieries!

Jennifer S on

Oh my! All so lovely! The French wire baskets and the wicker definitely bringing feelings of Spring just around the corner!

Ann on

I love all things wicker, especially the pagodas and planters. In the South, we enjoy our wicker year round. So beautiful.

Sherry B on

I love the wire basket with the moss lining, it would look lovely with an orchid. My daughter just bought a house with a beautiful sunny foyer and the large wicker plantar with the palms would look so pretty there! I love all the items and appreciate all the inspiration in your posts. Thank you!

Victoria Taylert on

All of the items are wonderful but the box planters are by far my favorite!

Donna A on

Variety is the Spice of Life but today I will select one set of Wicker Salt & Pepper Shakers. Tomorrow is another day!

Debbie on

The hexagon planters are back! Yay! A dear favorite, perfect for a beach house. And the pagoda dog bed – trying to decide if I can find a place for it and if it would work for our 30 pound beagle. It’s too cute.

Marilyn on

I love the green hurricane planter.

Sandy W on

It’s hard to just pick one favorite, but the French wire baskets and pastel cane planters are great. Also, the cane hurricanes!

kelly Jezek on

My favorite item is the new little white wicker planters! Can’t wait to display beautiful flowers in them!

Ann on

The French wire wicker baskets in white are lovely and would dress up any table!💙

Kathie on

Love anything wicker, but especially the pagodas, hex planters and planter boxes!

Susan on

I’ve always enjoyed anything wicker! Never goes out of style!!

Janet on

Everything is beautiful and signals Spring is right around the corner! Lots of favorites, but the scalloped tole planter in soft blue is so pretty. I also love the wicker salt and pepper-I have the pagoda silver salt and pepper that I use every day, so may have to add to my collection.

kathy Bunge on

The French wire baskets & small wicker baskets are darling! So perfect for Spring!

Susan Kayden on

The Pagoda Dog Bed is incredible!

Karenann S. on

I just love the wicker salt and pepper shakers. They are so pretty and would look beautiful on my outdoor table!

Megan on

So glad the salt and pepper shakers are back! Can’t wait to order them!

Dianne Kropp on

Those pedestal bowls are so unique! Nothing you sell is run of the mill, that’s for sure!

M C on

I especially love the wicker console!! And, I am always drawn to wire pieces. They look so great with moss peaking through as a base, with fresh flowers.

Dana Munoz on

Oh my goodness….all your products are wonderful! How do you ever make a decision, when so many would look beautiful in my home! 😉

Laurie Ward on

I absolutely LOVE the pagoda pieces!! And the wicker is making me long for spring!!

Sandra C on

So much wonderful wicker…brings the warmth of the tropics to any home anywhere.

Rhonda Huber on

I can’t believe I’m just now finding you. This is the one and only time I appreciate an advertisement 🤍
Price point is great!
Can’t wait to see more!!!

Marsha Natkins on

Oh my. How can I pick a favorite? I wish I could say I would take one of each.I do love the wire baskets- unique.
I love the wicker console- perfect for my foyer. I would take 2 pedestals to complete the look.

Sara on

Just ordered beautiful wicker table for my sunroom and can’t wait to receive!

Ashley on

I’m loving the wicker hexagon planters, I think I need a few for spring!!

Lisa Crouch on

So hard to pick favorites–they are all divine! I am especially drawn to the pagodas and the pedestal bowls though. Of course, not a stinker in the bunch–just gorgeous!

Cheryl Brewer on

Love it all, but have always thought the wicker salt and pepper shakers are beautiful!

Elizabeth on

As your gorgeous products show, wicker is timeless and can be elegant or casual in any room of the home,

Wicker for dogs is timeless as well but never more elegant than in these beautiful wicker dog beds.

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has put in a request for the pagoda style with a green cushion!

Joy on

Tina, your photographs are stunning! I love the toile and wicker planters. Perfect for showing off spring flowers.

Chelsea on

Wicker planters in the pastel colors! Stunning!

Alexianne Keppel on

All of these items at your presale are soooo fabulous!!

Kay on

I was in Jupiter Florida recently and was shopping in an very nice decorators furniture store. Guess what they had your wicker console. It is a Woozier. I will be ordering one. Any thoughts of painting one?

Philip on

Love the beautiful and unique wicker urn and pedestal to highlight your favorite item(s), as well as bring your spirits up for displaying something to make it more beautiful.

Gail Wachob on

I loved everything I could not choose!

Chris P on

I love the pagodas and seeing them with flowers in them is genius!

Eve on

What a Fabulous post. Love the French wire baskets and the hexagon wicker planters. So much eye candy!

Carolyn on

Absolutely love the wicker planters. Just in time for Spring! 🌸

Eve on

The wicker console is amazing!!
I also love the French wire baskets!

Peggy Wilkins on

The French Wire Baskets are absolutely wonderful. Gorgeous with the hydrangea and tulip bouquet. Such a classic design, they would look good with any decor.

Jane C on

I love the pretty round wicker bowls. I actually love everything!!

Marilyn on

I like the wire baskets. They are lovely.

Maria on

I really LOVE your salt and pepper shakers! I’ve got to have them!

Francine W on

The skirted console is such an original piece, I love it! And all the wicker accessories, they are all beautiful

Kathy Chandler on

The French wire baskets are my favorite and I can think of several ways I will use them! I will have to decide between the green and white, both are so beautiful.

Susan C. on

I love the dog beds. My dog is certainly a queen but this would put her over the top!

Ayra Asher S. van Labache on

My favorite is the new cane wicker box planter! so cute!

BB on

The woven wicker hurricane is perfect for flowers on a table with the small wicker glasses. I can just see the setting for a brunch!

Erin Hensley on

The wicker pagodas have just captured my heart. They just make me smile. I could enjoy them in every room.🥰

Rachael W on

I love the dog bed-my Golden Retriever, Maisy, would sleep well in that beautiul bed!!!

Stacy Dyer on

I love, love the wicker pagodas! Just beautiful.

Patricia on

Item 1 dark green medium French wire basket is so elegant , fresh and dreamed of for such a long time . Thank you for offering this graceful beauty .

Kathryn on

Everything is beautiful and matches my style perfectly! Today I am feeling soothed by the light blue tole planter but my terrier, who is reading this over my shoulder, is advocating for the dog bed with the green insert. We shall see!

Andrea on

Tina, as usual, everything is so beautiful! so much to look at and admire. I have had my eye on those wicker hurricanes for awhile. They would be gorgeous outside in the Spring, Summer and Fall with flowers!
The dog beds are so nice! Do not have a dog, but how cute!
And, wicker is timeless!
Thank you!

Deborah on

Salt and pepper shakers…Yay!
Love the wicker hurricanes and planters!
So versatile!

Susan Spencer on

You always have an amazing selection of fun pieces…the problem is trying to not want everything!

Carolyn on

Love the wicker planters…awesome both indoors and out!

Sally Cain on

My favorites are French wire baskets! Ready to fill with the scents of Spring!

Karen Davis on

Love the small wicker planters in the pastel colors. Such a gorgeous look heading into Spring. The Enchanted Home always keeps our home looking elegant and fresh!

Karen Davis on

Love the small wicker planters in the pastel colors. Such a gorgeous look as we head into Spring!

Tricia on

The wire baskets are so pretty! I absolutely love them!

Laura Koning on

Love the wicker pagodas!

Lisa on

These beautiful dog beds are a wonderful way to coordinate pet needs with beautiful decor.

Melissa Marsden on

The French wire baskets are fabulous and hard to find. The wicker pagodas are unique!
Hello Spring!

Kathleen on

Do I have to pick just one favorite?!!!! Everything is beautiful!!! Based on need as well as want, I would have to choose the box planters, especially in XL size! Dreamy!!!

Mary Sprague on

Are the larger wicker planters suitable for outside?

Amy Penn on

My favorite is the wicker pagoda dog bed!!! It’s for the dogs but is literally also a beautiful accessory for any room! Several years ago, my two daughters would have %100 used it as an American Girl Doll bed.:)

Holly on

The pagodas are just charming!! I can see filling them with flameless candles and sea glass, shells and different flowers and greens!! 💕💕

Tammy Powell on

Favorites: French wire basket and the pastel wicker planters.

Domenica Douglas on

Hands down I love your scalloped planters, the console (which I’m greatly considering buying) and the salt and pepper shakers!

Nancy LaPonzina on

I adore the woven hurricanes! My joy is styling tablescapes and these beauties make a setting pop!

Lisa on

What a nice collection! Those wicker box planters and hurricanes are terrific!

Olga on

Everything you carry is just gorgeous!
If I had a little doggie, I would love the bed as his cozy home.
I purchased your wicker urn and stand and adore it! It hold a lush fern and it’s in just the perfect spot. It arrived perfectly packaged and in excellent condition!
Thank you so much

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Thank you for all your beautiful products, you have given me a burst of spring fever. Stay well and again thank you for all your beautiful ideas!

Marilyn Stirrett on

So many beautiful items–it’s hard to pick just one item. I do like the green metal compotes and the white wicker tabletop pieces. Both would be great on my antique wicker furniture pieces-laden screened porch.

Vickie on

The wicker salt and pepper shakers are just darling and I have to have them for my outdoor dinning. So cute !!!

Della on

I love #8 the wicker planters. So many lovely things.

Janis Ferra on

Wicker console

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