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Hello and happy Saturday! Hope this finds you well. Happy it’s the weekend, looking forward to seeing friends and of course its  Superbowl weekend! My son is in LA and said its mayhem in the best way possible. For me, watching it on TV is totally sufficient:)

I have to admit I am not a football fan but definitely get into the spirit this time of year. Normally we get together with friends and for a few hours I transform into a bonafide football fan, it’s hard not to feel “the fever”. Plus I have a son and father, both whom are serious football fanatics so I feel like it’s a duty!  And let’s not forget it’s a perfect opportunity to indulge in all kinds of fun foods, my favorite way to eat. Lots of fun snacks and appetizers over a big meal. Count me in any day.

Anywho a quick post on some recent musings, short and sweet. Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday….



Some highlights from the last snow storm that we came home to! Always pretty but I am kind of over it now:)

With temperatures to match, I am officially over winter!

Loved bringing our new 2022 porcelain bunnies home! They add such a pretty touch of spring at least indoors (click here to see bunnies)

Who else is watching the Olympics? I got very into it this year, love the winter sports especially the downhill, giant slalom and ice skating!

We had one incredible afternoon where it got near 60 degrees, I was outside in the back for the first time in several months….gave me a case of spring fever!

Yes, there are times you must just indulge……and this simple pasta caprese is an all time favorite!

Loved bringing some some fresh flowers from Whole Foods and adding a little spring cheer to my home

Absolutely smitten with our Lily of the Valley plates done in collaboration with Carolyne Roehm, these are going to see lots of use this spring/summer!

Love that late day golden light streaming in, days are getting longer, woo hoo!

We have been doing a super cleanup in my warehouse, due to getting in several big shipments at once,we were suddenly overflowing. This is a work in progress and feels so good!

We enjoyed a wonderful getaway to Scottsdale to visit a relative and made a vacation out of it (first in too long)!Scottsdale is booming, had not been in many years


Loved getting to go back to Sedona and the incredible red mountains… beautiful!

We ate very well, so many good restaurants in Scottsdale, had some incredible sushi meals.

Another favorite….paella and sangria, yum!


Last day of our incredible tabletop sale!! So many amazing new arrivals, especially if you love wicker and it’s the debut of our gorgeous french wire baskets which have been a big hit.

Click here to visit the sale

And until tomorrow we have an incredible collection of red and pink items, all 20% off. Use code sweet. Click here to see

And that’s a quick wrap up on the last few weeks around here, the good and pretty only! Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend, may the best team win, I am an equal opportunity Superbowl watcher. Until next time….


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CC on

Beautiful pictures, like you, I do not watch football ever except on Super Bowl Sunday!
would love to know how you make that pasta and cannot wait to order the bunnies. They are beautiful!

Kathleen P Winter on

I am actually expecting one of your bunnies to arrive today! Yeah! I plan to go right into Easter decorations next week.
Even though the Commissioner of Football lives in our village I am not into it. My husband might watch it for a few minutes. I will occupy myself by reading or doing embroidery.
Your home is gorgeous! Love to see photos!

Susan Kayden on

Love Scottsdale! I get to travel there about every other month for business.
I am also enjoying the Olympic figure skating: Nathan Chen! Ice Dancing! Kamila Valieva!

Franki Parde on

Not a “sports fan so much” however, Joe Burrow is family (mother is cousin)…I’m the one in a “tiger top!” franki

Emily on

The snow pictures make me miss the East Coast!
Love Scottsdale we go to the Phoenican every year in September for an annual girls trip/college sorority sisters reunion! It’s so beautiful And their spa is world class.
Love your beautiful home. Just received my first order from you and must say I was very impressed by how fast it got here, how well it was packaged and how pretty everything is!

Ms. Tracey on

Watched a select few Olympic highlights that I wanted to see on YouTube and I’m not a football fan at all. I’ll be watching Hallmark or a Bette Davis film.

Deanna on

I love these of posts of yours the best, and I’m so happy you spent time in some warmth! I’m over winter, too, and it just drags on. Thank you for the dose of beauty. I needed this!

Dianne Kropp on

Everything I order from you brings me such joy, yesterday I received my first flat top ginger jar and it’s gorgeous. I have to say I refuse to watch any of the Communist Olympics, especially after the reports about how they are treating our athletes, which the MS news is keeping hush hush.

Joanie on

I love Scottsdale! I love staying at Phoenician! It is my favorite place to stay when I’m in the Phoenix area.

Donna De on


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