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Hi friends, this week has been unlike any other in my lifetime. Watching the mounting humanitarian crisis in Ukraine unfold is almost surreal. It doesn’t seem possible that in our modernized world, that this degree of human suffering can happen. I am just heartbroken watching this unfold and like so many, feel utterly helpless. So many scenes look like they could have come out of World War 2 and shake you to your core.

I am amazed and in awe of the Ukrainian people and their heroic leader Zelensky who has stood united with his people along the front lines since this bagan. The grit, patriotism, and unity they have displayed is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I am glued to the TV watching this,  probably not a good thing but I can’t help it. It feels hard to carry on with my  normal day to day comings and goings,   knowing that there is this degree of human suffering happening at the same time. The stories and videos haunt me.

I have spent the last few days looking into the best ways to help. Below are just some of the organizations that seem to be approved unanimously as good, credible sources to donate to. Little or big, any donation will be put to good use-


UNICEF has set up a special fund to help the families in the line of fire with all forms of humanitarian relief.  Click here for more information

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS They have been working with Ukraine since 2014. They have ramped up their efforts to provide food, water and other essentials to those in the path. Click here for more information

UNITED HELP UKRAINE Is a Ukraine based organization raising money to purchase medical supplies for the injured as well as food and essentials. Click here for information.

SUFLOWER OF PEACE Another American nonprofit, Sunflower of Peace, is raising money to put together first aid backpacks for paramedics and doctors on the front lines. In 2014, the organization also raised money to build the first aid backpacks for medical professionals providing aid to those fleeing the annexation of Crimea. “It meant the world to [medical professionals] then and it will mean the world to them now,” wrote Katya Malakhova, the fundraiser’s coordinator, in a Facebook post. The fund has also surpassed its goal—$200,000—but is continuing to fundraise.

SAVE THE CHILDREN Is an international organization dedicated to provide humanitarian relief to the children of Ukraine. Click here for information

LASTLY, STAY INFORMED! Yes, one way to help is to stay informed and to read credible, reliable sources and be wary of what is shared via social media. This situation is changing by the hour.  Below are several Ukrainian based news outlets  where you can find very valuable and up to the minute information on this unfolding conflict. I have gotten so much information from these below that we are not necessarily hearing on our U.S. news channels.

  • The Kyiv Independent 

The Kyiv Independent has been a leading voice on the front lines, covering a timeline of ongoing events since the beginning and highlighting those who have been most affected by the violent attack. The English-language outlet is continuously reporting on how the invasion and conflict are impacting citizens, the economy, as well as Ukrainian foreign politics. Keep up to date on its website here.

  • The New Voice of Ukraine

Covering news in three different languages — English, Ukrainian, and Russian — the New Voice of Ukraine has not only covered breaking news, but has released informative analyses on the situation that detail how the situation led to this point, and is continuously publishing op-eds by Ukranian scholars and experts that help to give a view of tone of the situation. Read more on its website here

  • Ukraine World

While Ukraine World is not posting breaking news and timeline updates on its website, it is very active on its social media accounts. Its independent journalists on the front lines have gathered first-hand footage, and it is using its account to share other informative sources that its followers can refer to in order to keep up to date. Follow Ukraine World by clicking here.

  • Kyiv Post

The Kyiv Post is the only non-independent media outlet on this list, and it is important that those following state-funded outlets are aware that they are affiliated with the state. Having said that, the outlet has been at the forefront of delivering breaking news directly from government and national offices, releasing statements from ministry officials, military leads, and other dignitaries. Click here to find out more.


There are many,  many others of course. These are just a few. If you have information you want to share, please do so in the comments. Let’s all keep these innocent, freedom loving people in our prayers. I am afraid we have not seen the worst, and we all have to do our part, big or small.

I am thinking additionally, of doing something via my business and will share details when I have them. Thank you for stopping by, please stop and think about the freedom we get to enjoy as we go out about our day today, and realize just how fortunate we are. Freedom definitely has a price and we are witnessing how steep that price can be. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…..

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Kathy Bunge on

Thank you for this information, Tina. At least now I feel like I can do SOMETHING other then feel helpless in this terrible situation. I mirror everything you wrote.

Susan on

Freedom is a beautiful blessing and is precious. May we never take it for granted. Praying for Ukraine.

Denise on

Thank you for taking time away from all the “pretties” and addressing real life! Am so disappointed in influencers who are conducting business as usual. No, I don’t expect you or any influencer to change their platform focus but at the very least acknowledge this horror.

Lindy S on

Tina, thank you so very much for this valuable and helpful information. It is greatly appreciated.

Mary⚓️ on


Linda on

Thank you for this wonderful post. I feel like you and am heartbroken at what Ukraine is going through. Thank you for all of the resources to help. It is a sad time

Amy on

I am so impressed that you have chosen to talk about this. I am sorely disappointed at the number of bloggers and Instagram accounts that have not. And have spent the morning unfollowing quite a few because they seem to be very tonedeaf to what is happening.
Thank you so much for this beautifully written post and for sharing these resources, I am most interested to go and read some of the Ukrainian websites that you have listed, what a great wealth of information! I am keeping Ukraine in my prayers as well.

Jean Klug on

I also stand behind Ukraine. Why must the price of freedom be so severe?

Jackie Dudley on

I care, empathize and pray for Ukraine and her people. Thank you for sharing, so many of us are united in our views, but few have shared such good information. Thank you.

Riva on

Kudos, Tina!

Colleen Dumont on

Thank you for publishing this!, God help Ukraine!, I am also glued to TV. I leave room to do something then drift back!,

Sylvia on

Thank you for sharing this information with the blogging world.

Frances on

Good morning, Tina, and thank you for this post. President Zelensky is amazing. Praying that he survives this disaster. To add to your list, Together Rising is funding two groups on the ground in Ukraine ( all details as well as how to donate are on their IG page) and World Central Kitchen is on the Poland/Ukraine border feeding refugees and they will be in Romania soon. One more thing I wanted to add to help get the word out. Poland and Romania are allowing people to bring in their companion animals. I know I could not leave mine behind, so I’m very grateful for this and want to let as many people know about this as possible. Thank you and hoping for the best for everyone.

Karen on

We stand not just “by” Ukraine—we all stand “with” Ukraine. We all should remember how a terrible autocrat started taking small pieces of countries and plunged the world into war. Thank you for providing additional ways to help. There is also RazomForUkraine

Marsha Scott Scott on

Lots of great information here. Bravo !!!!

Susie Tschetter on

Yes, thank you for addressing this. Having one’s head in the sand happened to so many in WWII. Seriously hoping that many people in the younger generations will watch and learn from this……as others have said, freedom carries an enormous price and has such infinite value, and, unfortunately, this concept has been greatly eroded in our country over the past several years. What we have in this country is precious, and the Ukrainians are on the verge of losing it. I will support the organisations you have mentioned to the best of my ability…..there will be so many who need our help.

Barbara Liguori on

I am impressed that you would post your opinion in terms of the devastation in Ukraine. I concur, this is an utterly barbaric move on behalf of Vladimir Putin. It pleases me to see you give your opinion rather than sell your products today. To me, it shows a caring, sensitive individual who has the opportunity to show your online audience your personal feelings and can put aside, for 1 day, a heart felt cry of human suffering. Thank you for your comments.

Christine on

Bless you, Tina, for lending your platform to call attention to this unbelievable act of aggression. Putin is a megalomaniac. Where will he stop? The world needs to raise a collective voice and severe sanctions against him. It’s the only we have of limiting his disgusting appetite to reconstitute the USSR.

Denise on

I, too, am horrified and sickened by these despicable actions unfolding right before our eyes! You wonder … how this could even be happening in this day and age? Does history not teach us anything?
Anyway, I just wanted to applaud you for speaking out, and using your voice to do what you can. I intend to contribute to the cause ~ thank you so much for listing credible outlets for such contributions.
Sending up abundant prayers for the innocent and courageous people Ukraine, and the unnecessary repercussions felt around the world.

Lisa Smith on

Thank you, Tina, for this very helpful information! I agree, it is VERY hard to go about our “normal” day to day activities while these atrocities are being carried out on the orders of a madman. I can not stop thinking about it.

LB Grandle on

Very many thanks for this supportive and informative information.
The power of prayer is real. The very best prayers – as well as hope and
strength for each new day – to Ukraine.

Lori on

Agree with you completely! Joining the support train!!!
Ironic how much we take for granted here in the USA.

Lil on

More voices like yours with a platform that touches the senses need to keep sounding the alarms to drown out those who don’t see or understand the dangers taking place, the innocent lives endangered, and their freedoms and homeland being taken away from a democratically elected country by a mob boss. Beauty in our surroundings is a pleasure we can leisurely enjoy in our safe bubbles but hopefully reflection on the world order is paramount in our thoughts. Thank you for voicing how fragile these freedoms are at this moment in history.

Anchored Bleu Interiors on

Tina, thank you for this post and for sharing ways to give. Xoxo Tanya

Jan on

Thank you for this post, Tina! I agree 100%. In my opinion, Putin should be put on trial as a war criminal for this unprovoked war he has started and if found guilty, put to death. Also, our government needs to get some common sense, stop listening to the “Green New Deal Socialists,” and open up our resources in order to not only stop the bleeding of U.S. citizens due to escalating energy prices, but supply our European friends so they no longer depend on Russia for this resource. This act would do more to stop Putin in his tracks than the ridiculous sanctions our administration has put on Russia which as one of Russia’s government members said doesn’t mean S—!

Marion Barnes on

Thank you for your heart and direction. Don’t we all need to take notice?

Linda Rubin on

I am like you, this is so inhuman. Putin is an evil man and I can see it in his eyes. God bless Ukraine.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Elizabeth on

Thank you for your courage. I’m with you 100%.

Priscilla Longfield on

Thank you Tina for addressing this horror. The world needs to do more in stopping the evil of Putin.
He has gotten away with murder for far too long. Your sources are a helpful start for those of us wondering how we can help.

Ellen Shook on

Well said.

Charlotte Gibson on

Thank you for sharing this info on ways to help as well as stay up to date on Ukraine. It is heartbreaking seeing what is happening there.

Jane C on

So appreciate this post and I agree with Amy’s comment above. Maybe today is not the day bloggers/influencers to share your Amazon haul on Instagram. I just can’t believe this is happening to to innocent people. We shouldn’t take our freedom for granted.

Amjean on

Before you donate check out online how much of your donation goes for administration costs vs. actual assistance to those in need.

Tim on

Hello Tina, thank you for your heartfelt and informative post. I too have been doing and feeling what you described. It’s just unimaginable that this is occurring! The poor people of Ukraine! I wasn’t sure how I could possibly help and you provided me the outlets too at least be able to donate! Thank you very much for that information, I’m going to share it with everyone I know.

Terry P. on

Awesome post – and I would like to add:

Samaritans Purse is a real leader in ministering to ALL people in need. Whether from Disease, Hurricane, Earthquake, Political Turmoil, etc. etc. It’s an EXTREMELY well run organization with a very HIGH percentage of monies donated going straight to the cause – not spent on frivolous fluff.

Elizabeth Yingling on

Thank you for posting this very serious matter instead of the usual “fluff” that we all enjoy so much when we are trying to escape for a moment from the chaotic state of the world. As much as I love the “fluff” of life, too, there are some times when it is impossible to turn away from the suffering of others. If nothing else, we must stop, reflect, pray and do whatever we feel called to do to help. I know it’s not my place to judge (so God forgive me), but it really comes across as tone deaf when IG accounts are carrying on “business as usual” and not acknowledging that there is a crisis of this magnitude happening.

Jo Shafer on

We, too, stand for Ukraine, my husband and I. And we pray for courage, emotional and mental stamina, as well as wisdom and discernment for the Ukrainian people and their President Zelensky.

Terry P. on

To see if your $$$ is going to a “Good” organization – Check out :

CHARITYNAVIGATOR.ORG – A guide to intelligent giving

Debra on

Tina, I commend you for your post and for calling out this horrifying attack on innocent people in Ukraine. I am of Ukrainian heritage, visited there two times and you would not believe how wonderful the people are. They are kind and sharing and it breaks my heart to watch women and their children having to leave everything they own behind to find safety from the acts of that monster. It is wonderful that you also provided information on ways to provide assistance. I just participated in a webinar on Friday with two economics professors in Kyiv, and they also said that right now, it is key that the truth be spread by us on social media, because the Russian people are subject to official lies.

Jennifer on

I am totally in awe of these brave people. How can something like this go unchecked? Putin has showed himself as evil to the world and the world must show him that this is not the way!

Gee on

GREAT post and thank you for all the information!! I am so scared for the future of our world.

Ellen on

I so appreciate your gathering and sharing this info.
As a history of WWII Europe scholar, I see history
repeating itself in far too many evil ways……separating
the men from women and children. The worst I read
was the “portable crematoriums” and their two uses!
We cannot ignore this because it is stressful!
Bless you Tina for not hiding from a horrific reality!

Diane Massanelli on


Joan on

My husband’s family left Ukraine for western Canada in the late 1800s. Canada needed immigrant farmers like those from Eastern Europe, who knew how to grow grain and other crops in a similar climate. Somehow family members who stayed behind managed to survive not only the Ukrainian War of Independence (following the Bolshevik Revolution 1917-21), but also the systematic starvation of the Ukrainian people by Stalin in 1932/33.

A friend is in Lviv, and when my husband texted him last week to see how he was keeping and if there was anything we could do, his response was that the invasion has been Putin’s plan since he met with his military officials on February 22, 2014 to annex Crimea. The fact that Russian troops crossed the border on Tuesday is not a coincidence.

Doctors Without Borders and Project Hope are two other organizations accepting donations, both focusing on medical care, medical supplies and medicines. (I always run a charity’s name through if I have any questions about a charity.) I also plan to keep checking the websites of my local Ukrainian Churches for fundraising events.

Seeing the coverage of apartment buildings gutted by shelling reminds me how fortunate I am to be living in a country where the threat of war has never been a worry. It puts into perspective how day-to-day renovation inconveniences truly are ‘First World Problems’.

Denise on

You are so very right. Thank you for these resources to get current news.
I can’t just ‘go about my business’ either. 🇺🇦 🙏🏼☦️

Sherri on

Thank you Tina. I just donated to United Help Ukraine and Samaritan’s Purse. And encouraged my siblings, children and friends to do so My heart is broken.

Kathy Rice on

This is not something Putin thought up yesterday. He is cunning and calculated the exact right time to do it! The sanctions should have been immediate and crushing!! They are not!!
Don’t think this can’t happen to our freedoms. It is being executed slowly by powerful people.
Praying for the brave fighters and the helpless children. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Thank you for taking a pause to empathize with innocent victims.

Barbara Clemens on

I am reminded of Hitler invading Poland in 1939 and the brave Poles kept his forces at bay for 100 days before losing their heroic fight. Present day we have Putin invading the Ukraine and I am praying that those brave and wonderful people win their fight against this tyrannical despot.

Susan on

This is a terror we never believed possible in 2022. Thank you for your research and resources. We can do our part

Bonnie White on

We must remember that the United States could face the same situation as Ukraine. Please do not take for granted our freedoms

Irene D. on

Thank you Tina, your information was most helpful. Being able to do something to help Ukraine is essential. I respect you for using forum to help.

Holly Barnett on

Please pray for our men and women in the military and their families that are being impacted by this crisis.

Nancy Brantley on

Thanks so much for posting this today!! Yes, we need to help anyway we can. This could be the USA. Let’s be united we stand united we fall! FREEDOM IS PRECIOUS!

Dee Van Someren on

Thank you so much for sharing this information.

Peggy Crockett on

THANK YOU for all you say here and the humanitarian organizations you suggest to give to! My son and daughter-in-law have lived in Kiev for five years. They left four days ago and are now in Warsaw , Poland in my daughter-in-law’s sister’s small apartment with her husband and little baby! They are in shock and never thought this would happen. My daughter in law’s parents live in Dubno, Ukraine and he was military so they are staying. Currently they are hiding in their basement with three other families- all saying they will fight to the end for their country. President Zelenskyy should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his bravery. I live in Charleston and went today to look at a small FROG [finished room over garage] in my community of I’ON here for them or the parents to rent. I worked all day on Thursday & Friday trying to find out how to sponsor my daughter in law’s parents to get a visa to enter the United States when they do decide to leave. I would imagine my son and daughter in law will be coming here and between my place and my daughter’ s second home in Palmetto Bluff, SC they will get some R&R after what they have been through in the coming months. Our current President is definitely not up to the job of handling the US’s postion in the world. Did we not learn that from the US’s Afghanistan departure? The current administration has not done enough to punish Putin- we need to sanction oil exports from Russia and open the Keystone pipeline temporarily or permanently. The US has been buying 500K barrels/day from Russia since the pipeline was shut down by Biden. in January.
He says that was done for ‘environmental concerns”. Does drilling and moving gas and oil and the ensuiing problems with the environment only happen in the United States? No, it happens everywhere, so what difference does it make for the environment if you are going to buy it . This has all been very, very hard on the wonderful people of the Ukraine- they are now my heroes.

Deborah C Johnson on

Tina…thank you so much for the links and information-we have been looking for ways to help financially as well as with our prayers. All our blessings are overshadowed by the suffering of the innocent people of Ukraine. Thank you for dedicating this post to them. We should all remember that our freedom should never be taken for granted.

Ginger on

Go Tina!

Gabriele on

I find it difficult as well to carry on with my day when there is so much fear and unnecessary suffering in Ukraine at this time. It is hard to comprehend how this can happen in today’s world. Thank you for taking the time to research and share this information so that we might play a part in helping the people of Ukraine.

Ann Marie on

Yes, we all stand for freedom and peace. But the Ukraine/Russia conflict is much more than Russia attacking Ukraine. There is a larger story, unfortunately and it’s not as simple as that.

JP Sipple on

Thank you for this post, your words are poignant – I too feel the pain. Your reference to WW2 agreed, What’s happening to the people of Ukraine is painful to see in this day and age. Beautifully spoken, beautifully expressed. You are to be commended for this excellent post and collection of “go to” organizations. Sincere thanks.

Bethany on

So very well expressed….

Lee on

Love this message! I stand for Ukraine and all of her citizens. My prayers are with them🇺🇦

Patty Hobbs on

Thank you for this wonderful post,Tina! You are so right when you say that it is hard to believe this is happening in 2022! I guess man’s inhumanity to man is never ending! I will definitely donate to this cause,!

Deanna on

Thank you for this info, Tina. Glory to Ukraine!

Cynthia Wilson on

Thank you for taking the time to share this post.

Laurie Ward on

Thank you for sharing this information, Tina. As a designer it is sometimes hard to go on with my day helping people decorate their homes when in other parts of the world people are hiding in basements hoping to live for another day. We can all just pray for their safety and for the world as a whole during these terrible times.

Erin Nantais on

Thank you Tina for this information and bringing the conversation to light. It is “heartbreaking” to see the pleas for help from the Ukranians — the mothers with children, the husbands fighting to save their country. A dictator will not back down without force, unfortunately we don’t have a President willing to do what’s right for humanity. There’s more care about the environmentalists wishes than the lives of so many innocent Ukranians! I will keep the Ukranians, as well as our own country, in my prayers.

S Barrett on

I’m sorry. You don’t have a clue what is going on in Ukraine. That President is evil. The country is one of the latest on child trafficking and they back the evil Biden administration and the cocaine head Hunter. The media has staged false bombing pictures and hired crises actor to promote their evil agenda. The Ukrainian people are totally against their president like we are here. This is all staged to to stay in power. Please wake up and educate yourself. I have proof of what I am saying!!! Stop watching and believing the MSM. They have an evil agenda!

S Barrett on

Dear Enchanted Home. I’d like to retract my comment to you on the Ukrainian situation and your stance on it. My sincere apologies! You are entitled to your opinion and beliefs. As I am but I was wrong in posting it here. The world is on a mess right now and emotions sometimes get in the way My sincere apologies. I have followed your posts for years and continue to do so. Have a good day. Stay safe and God Bless!

Mary on

Thank you very much for this post, Tina.


Tina, I thank you for such a well written and helpful post. We, too, stand with all those dear people in the Ukraine — and their leaders — and are keeping them in our prayers.

How thoughtful of you to bring the Ukraine to the forefront of your wonderful blog. In the blogs I follow, YOU are the ONLY ONE who has written about these dear people and how we can help them financially. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am new to your blog and really enjoy it.

Again, thanks for being such a special gal! You truly make a difference in our lives!

Elaine Blazys on

Thanks for sharing the charity’s. I too am glued to watching this and am having a hard time going about everyday life thinking about the Ukrainian people.

Peggy Thal on

Thank you for the information. Really interested and so heartbroken. Putin is a war criminal and should be tried. So evil!

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