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Hi there, so we are slowly but surely getting through several areas in our warehouse that we have been plowing through to get super organized. It is a work in progress and with hope we will have it in tip top shape in about a month. In the meantime, we keep on finding all kinds of amazing deals to include in our latest round of this warehouse sale. All items are either “seconds”, may have a very minor flaw or are items we only have a few pieces left of.

Things go fast, and all are subject to availability. Please read over the rules before placing your order-

  • There are TWO ways to order. Call us at 800-804-9565 or email us
  • IF EMAILING- You must include your name, address, phone number, item number , we will then send you an invoice
  • Please only place an order if you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • Final sale
  • All items shown in stock and ready to ship out
  • Some items available for international shipping
  • Shipping is extra
  • There is very limited availability on nearly all, most are only 1 or 2 of so subject to availability
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565


ITEM 1 We have some porcelains (only 1 or 2) of each, all at huge savings. All of these are brand new, nothing wrong with them we just have 1 or 2 left of each.


1A One left of our exquisite porcelain trellis jar with foo dog top. Its in perfect condition

Measures 18″


1B Couldn’t believe we found one of our stunning plum blossom colored ginger jars, a real beauty. Perfect condition!

19″ tall


1C Have one left of this beautiful blush toned raised cherry blossom garden seat. Normally these are a pale pink, we had a small batch come in that was a very light blush. This has a stunning white cherry blossom design that is raised with pretty pierced detailing.

18″ tall


1D This fabulous square vase was such a surprise to find! A really stunning square piece with pretty “handles”



1E We have one left of this large village scene flattop which measures 12.5″ tall, perfect condition

Measures 12.5″ tall by 12″ at it’s widest point


1F Found these two cuties. They were separated from the set of 3 so we are selling the two, they are 11″ tall, pretty on top of books or to use as  stylish pair of bookends


ITEM 2 We have a handful of these absolutely darling bunny pagodas. We were supposed to get a big shipment of them but the timing did not allow for us to continue with the order, I was bummed as these are so beautiful and perfect for spring/Easter.

$80.00 with all four bells, perfect condition VERY FEW OF EACH

$50.00 if missing any or all bells

Green only available without bells

Measures  11″ x 6″

Specify pale blue, pale pink or green

ITEM 3 We have 3 consoles that need minor repair (the top row of the wicker has come loose so requires a little TLC with crazy blue. Also the bars on the bottom are missing, does not take away from the stability one iota. Great deal on these

Measures 43″ w x 12″ d x 33″ h

$395.00 (normally $595)

ITEM 4 More silver deals! These we only have one or two of each but these are amazing deals if you don’t mind having to do a litlte polish. These have been out of box, used for photography, display, etc….all new but need a little TLC

4A Gorgeous chargers either 1 or 2 left of each, just needs a good polish! These also make fabulous mid sized serving trays for canapes, serving cocktails,







4B One medium acorn julep one square beaded julep and one extra small embossed julep


4C One large embossed, one medium julep and one beaded square julep


4D One medium square beaded, one small square beaded and one small embossed, this one needs extra elbow grease:)


4E These fabulous pierced small bowls are amazing for candies or just pretty as a display piece.


$35.00 each or both for $65.00

4F Gorgeous very detailed engraved pierced dish. Perfect for berries and candies. Measures 14″ at it’s widest point


4G Fabulous scalloped vanity/bar tray with elegant etched and pierced detailing All it needs is a good cleanup!

Measures 17″ x 11″ x 2″


4H Our stunning moose head hammered wine/champagne bucket, we have one left

Measures 9.5″ tall


4I  Pretty two tier pierced serving dish. I could see this with small sandwiches, cheese, desserts, so many uses! A good polish and it’s ready to entertain!

Measures 14″ tall (widest point 14″ wide)


ITEM 5 One of our prettiest trays, this is ideal for a vanity or even a bar. Sadly it is missing one “foot”. I would take the three off and use it flat. Has the prettiest pierced border in an antique gold finish with hand painted pale green chinoiserie design. Perfect except for the foot.

Measures 17″ x 8″ x 2.5″


Here is the color-

ITEM 6  have 6 of these pink floral scalloped tole wastepaper baskets that have have very minor defects (like the gold might be slightly rubbed off on the trim which is easily repairable) that you would really need to look for. Otherwise its perfect!

Measures 13.5″ tall



ITEM 7 Found a few random wicker ginger jars, these are so beautiful and very decorative especially with spring/summer coming! I have also inserted a glass and used them to hold fresh flowers

7A This medium navy jar is missing a lid, perfect for branches, faux flowers or add a container inside and use fresh flowers!

$50.00 medium 14″

$60.00 large 16″

7B Pretty in pink, we have one small pink jar (missing the bottom) which you would never know.

Medium measures 12″


7C This pretty 18″ cornflower wicker ginger jar is the last one!

Large measures 18″


7D We got in some of our wicker planters which came in the wrong colors. So these are up for grabs, we have 3-4 of each

6″ $38.00 blue only

10″ 48.00 blue or pink

12″ $55.00 blue or pink

14″  $60.00 pink or blue

20″$125.00 pink only

ITEM 8 Have the last batch of these larger sconces shades in red/white. If this fits into your color scheme these are a steal!

Measures 6″


ITEM 9 We have an assortment of pagodas, most are missing glass or bells, but are still very easy to decorate with. Less than half off!

7A Our beautiful aqua coral pagoda in medium no bells


Small measures 8″x 6″

9B Medium hydrangea pagoda. missing one bell


Medium measures 11″ x 6″

ITEM 10 We have a few lampshades left 17″ at the widest point on bottom. Beautiful pleated detailing.

10A Soft yellow/white


10B Blue/green


ITEM 11 These were samples we had made. They at first glance are very pretty but the material used on these was not something I cared for, they are a thick paper grain material.  If you have a smaller or mid sized lamp, these could be very pretty, as they are highly decorative.


Bottom width


blue or tan (2 blue and 1 tan available)

ITEM 12 Have a few more reams left! We found some more reams of our fabulous high quality wrapping paper. These are a bargain and will give you beautiful gift wrap for life:) Each ream measures 204 FEET by 30″. An incredible value and a sure way to guarantee you give the prettiest gifts in town! Great chance to be holiday ready but the reverse side of these can easily every day papers as well.

Each ream measures 30″ x 204 feet

Any ream $85.00


Trellis and boxwood

Blue ornaments

Green ornaments



ITEM 13 One large lemon topiary left in our gorgeous 12″ wicker box planer.One left, perfect for a kitchen island or console. Love these lemon topiaries planted in our wicker box planters The lemons and greenery is very lifelike and will add a dose of freshness wherever these are used. Our arrangements are light weight enough to take indoors and out so getting to enjoy them in different spots is a perk.


Large measures  34″ tall  $250.00 (one available)

ITEM 14 These beauties were on our last sale. We could have sold these 10 times over but they were among the first items to sell and then the invoice went unpaid. So here are they are again! STUNNING colorful floral/figurine scene finely painted vases. These are e3xquisite, imagine with a big spray  of cherry blossoms!

Perfect as pair or solo. Very fine quality

$135 each

$255 for the pair

ITEM 15 You are getting a sneak peek at this stunning new style of our latest wastepaper baskets and tissues. These were some pieces we got in and we ended upturning colors so we have 4 perfect tissues boxes in 4 fabulous colors up for grabs.

Measures 5.5″ tall


Specify pale pink, pale blue, mossy green or ivory

ITEM 16 Couldn’t believe we found 7 of these beautiful brass scalloped mint juleps. Perfect for flowers or as a pen/brush holder.

Stands 4.5″ tall by 5″ at it’s widest


ITEM 17 When I say we find all kinds of things, i mean it! Found two of these wonderful 12″ square casserole dishes in their beautiful metal holders. A very stylish way to serve your favorite baked dish! Two patterns, one of each.

16A Silver bamboo

12″ x 12″ with removable Pyrex dish


16B Hammered nickel with ant brass accent

12″ x 12″ with removable Pyrex dish


ITEM 18 We have 8 left of this cherry blossom enameled flatware. Each set comes in its own white Enchanted Home gift box

Each place setting $30.00

ITEM 19 Have a few wicker items we only. have 1 or 2 left of.

19A Gorgeous medium hexagonal wicker ginger jar

Measures 16″ tall


19B Stylish wicker pagoda (small)

Measures 12″ x 7″


19C Stylish wicker pagoda (large)

Measures 15″ x 10″


ITEM 20 We found one of each of these wonderful 12″ trellis metal planters. Great for your favorite topiary, boxwood ball, florals, etc…

One of each color, mossy green (much mossier in person than this picture) and blue

12″ x 12″



See something calling your name? Just call or email us. Things go fast! Wishing you a great day, until next time……….


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Renee on

One thing that I’m sorry that I missed was that huge etched cake dome and stand! If I can put my hands on one of those I’d be ecstatic! I’m just having another stay in a hotel due a second flooding of my entire home…definitely not fun! Between that and the COVID quarantine it cut me out from getting a lot of your items!

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