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Hi there, having a good week? I hope so. Its been all over the map here, some highlights but plenty of stress too:)  Carrying on as it always works out. Years ago I did a fun post on how to use mint juleps. And there are plenty of ways, way beyond using them for their original purpose. the mint julep cocktail.

I have quite a few of them and use them for so many different reasons. I thought it would be fun to share just some of the ways I enjoy using mine. They really do have a way of elevating whatever you use them for. Nothing like the gleam of silver!

And today, an unannounced special is at the bottom of this post. OK ,here we go…..


Just some of our beautiful mint juleps from our fairly extensive collection

Then of course they make the absolute prettiest bud vases! I use them all the time and they make the perfect sized vase for a smaller arrangement

Perfect for end tables, nightstands

And when we have guests, love adding them to a powder room too

And don’t forget they make the absolute prettiest utensil holders, if I am hosting a lunch or dinner, I will place several of these clustered together, one for each utensil, looks so so elegant and pretty

They are perfect with a 6″ or 8″ half boxwood ball (shown here is the medium mint julep)

I always have 1 or 2  by my sink.  It really elevates my bathroom countertop and adds a instant touch of elegant. Gleaming silver is always so pretty!

Of course I use them for my toothbrush and toothpaste too. Just looks so dressy and feminine

I have used them for really pretty serving platters to serve dips, chips, etc….

And don’t forget how wonderful they are to serve small snack foods, like nuts and chips, etc….I promise chips never tasted so good as when they are served in an elegant mint julep!

And how about individual crudites? I love the smalls for that purpose, such an elegant and very easy appetizer

Don’t forget about nuts too:)


See what I mean! So many fun ways to use these and they always elevate whatever purpose they were used for. I am always thinking of new ways to use them….they never disappoint. And I must say our collection is quite special! Today and tomorrow, all mint juleps are 20% off! Use code silver.

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time……

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Rosemarie Johnson on

If using a small mint julep cup to serve nuts, would you put a small spoon in to keep fingers out? Thank you !!

Anne on

wow! you have made me look at mint juleps in a whole new way. every picture is so inspiring. Love them for makeup items and as a bud vase!

Linda T. on

I used them all over the house filled with blooms for an engagement party. So lovely. Tiny vignettes everywhere!

Louise Gorham on

Beautiful…versatility wonderful and creative!

Janice on

Just finished reading the article and admiring the photos of your beautiful home in my Victoria magazine. Absolutely gorgeous home and your attention to detail is just stunning.

Alison on

I have a set of sterling mint julep cups from my great grandmother and am afraid to use them as salt discolors? and so do flowers left for 4-5days
Can you give me suggestions?

Rhonda Graves on

I am subscribed to your blog, but I am not getting the emails. Love the mint julep cups too! I have used one for makeup brushes for years.

Barbara Travis on

I think the chemical cleaning agent used to keep the mint juleps tarnish free but prevent me from using them as any food containers.

Nancee on

I was always told not to put salty items in silver containers, since the salt would damage/eat at the finish. Is this true?

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