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Hello there! Hope you are having a wonderful week, we have been having AMAZING spring weather lately…really gorgeous. Definitely puts a little pep in my step. I like to share recent happenings in my life (good and pretty only)! What would we do without our phones. My radar is always on, perhaps a little too much but I take pictures of beauty and inspiration pretty much wherever I find it.It is like my tonic, finding things that make me happy and inspired.

I am so heartsick about the war and the horrors we are hearing about on a daily basis, I have really cut down on my news watching as it just weighed so heavily on me. Going to do another fundraiser towards the weekend, for a humanitarian related charity. We all have to do what we can, this is a fight they are fighting for all of us who treasure our democracy. Here’s a look at the last week or so……


Our plans for Easter have changed three times, we are going to be home afterall, so started thinking about table ideas! May go green and white this year:)

Would you believe these flowers are 12 days old!!! All fresh, put them in the fridge overnight (have a spare in the garage)… about a way to preserve these beauties


How gorgeous are these super lifelike orange trees!! I ordered two real ones which arrived wilted with no fruit, these are perfect, no water required! Just added to site (click here) and my favorite mid sized fishbowl just came back in stock yesterday (click here)

Added them to my kitchen island, it’s a love for me:)

How pretty are these custom pagodas we made for a Palm Beach themed soiree

Sneak peek of our new bamboo and floral tissue and (wastepaper basket not shown) coming in 4 weeks in 3 colors!

SO enjoying our new Hydrangea Garden melamine and new bamboo planters (all on online under new arrivals, click here) Could not get over the size and vibrancy of this incredible rainbow on our way to dinner

I love how a local restaurant, 2 Spring has done their outdoor seating intertwined with cherry blossoms

Our faux pink magnolia stems are among the most realistic I have seen


Our darling new bamboo planter in white!


I am my most relaxed by the water, that is all the therapy I need:)

Early lunch with old friends at pretty L’Escale in Greenwich

Amazing chicken paillard

Homemade bolognese sauce is on the menu once a week, one sure way to lure my sons home!!

The finished product….soooooo good!

Dinner in NYC, definitely not a time to skimp, and yes this carrot cake was out of this world!!

Signs of spring are everywhere and I am loving it!


Sorry if this has you craving something decadent:) So, that’s a wrap of all the good and inspiring (and delicious). Believe me, there were plenty of things that “did not make the cut”! I try to  keep things uplifting and inspiring here…..think given the state of our world, we all need that. I know I do! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous spring day. Until next time…….




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Ms. Tracey on

The autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the crispness in the air, the falling leaves with their magnificent colors. It’s just beautiful to me. I’m a native New Englander so I think she puts on a spectacular show. As I get older, spring had started to take on new meaning. This is one of the first times ever that I can recall truly enjoying spring. It’s absolutely fantastic in it’s own right. The blooms come out and it’s like life begins again. It’s refreshing. Ohhh the daffodils. One of my favorite little flowers. Fine meals, good friends, great conversations, being with the ones you love…that’s a good life 💕🌺⚘😊🌸

Jesus Sanchez on

Hola TIna! What is the name of the restaurant the above picture was taken?

Renee on

I just can’t wait for those absolutely GORGEOUS cake domes and plates to return!

Peggy Wilkins on

The beauty of spring – your photos display the beauty of the season!

Jo Shafer on

Central Washington state is experiencing a second winter with snow in April! Last week was spring’s prime with all the flowering trees out in their full glory before snow storms blew in like heavy wet cotton balls. I couldn’t help but laugh! It really was rather pretty to look at but not to drive in.

Cathy Blair on

Loved the inspirational pics! used to live in the area and understand the beauty. keep them coming!

Franki Parde on

You had me @ carrot cake…your photo sealed the deal!! franki

michelle l oleary on

I love the green and white theme for Easter. Restaurant food looks delicious.

Sharon F. on

Will foo dogs be coming back soon?

Sandra C on

Thank you…the pictures were enchanting and uplifting.

BB on

The bolognese sauce looks delicious, would you ever share your recipe?

Fanny on

I love a great bamboo motif; the tissue holder is very pretty as are the square vases. I’m still waiting here in PA for our weather to settle down. It’s been quite fickle and temps are up and down. Fingers crossed—I might have a chance to use cuttings from our magnolia tree for Easter. Enjoy the prep All! Happy Spring.

Katie Clooney on

Beautiful Tina. Love your random photos. Have a wonderful Easter!xx

Donna W on

All of your pics are gorgeous so thanks for sharing!
I am crazy about the custom pink/green flamingo pagodas!! Would be so perfect here at home in SW Florida.

Lucia Donahower on

Happy Easter Tina!
Loved your photos, especially those trees in bloom.
Thank you,

Dale S. on

Bulbs are in bloom. Too pretty to cut. Putting in lettuce now in the raised cedar planters. Viola’s and pansy’s in very heavy pottery planters. Garden center in my town is a buzz with flowering trees, etc. Baltimore Orioles enjoying the orange slices. Yellow finches are here but no sign of the hummies yet. Skunk cabbage one of the first plants to emerge and its a good thing that the bears like to eat it.

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