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Hi friends, hope you are well and are having a wonderful weekend as we celebrate the first day of May! I first want to announce the winner of our tole planter giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

How could I possibly choose just one favorite thing? Each new item is worthy of a round of applause. I have a special place in mind for the tole planter/container featured on the give away. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pieces.

Please email with your full name and shipping address so your prize can be on the way!


I will be at my parents this weekend spending some quality time with my mom while my dad takes a much needed little trip. I have spoken before of how my mother has alzheimers and if this isn’t the greatest life lesson, don’t know what is.To spend every possible moment with your elderly parents at every opportunity. It has been heartbreaking for me to experience this but I am much stronger and stoic now than who I was a year ago. I have surrendered to this is the reality with my mom and to make the most of the smallest most mundane things.

Being in different states makes it a bit challenging but I do my best to get to VA once a month. I will never ever look back and regret the time I spent especially with my mom who loves my company (and dancing and singing). Truth be told, shes about the only one who appreciates my “musical talents”. Even the smallest task like going out and picking up lunch or doing a little dance with her is the highlight of her day and therefore, mine too. So, I definitely treasure these small pockets of time we get to spend together.

This post was done ahead of time, so hoping it posts on time! Onwards to this Sunday’s post…..


1 AMAZING CUSTOMER PICTURES!! What a roundup! I am always so amazed at the pictures sent in from my talented customers. They always make me smile with pride, seeing our products in your homes. Here are some recent submissions.

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2  OUR CURATED MOTHER’S DAY COLLECTION AND A SPECIAL OFFER TODAY ONLY!  So we put together a wonderful collection of items for a curated Mother’s Day collection. Just got in the most fabulous candles that smell out of this world. So many beautiful pieces that any mother would be over the moon to receive! We are also offering a special unadvertised gift with purchase for today only-

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Just a sampling below of what is in this wonderful collection of items that will make any mom smile!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A random but super gorgeous round up of this week’s favorites….

4 BATTLE OF THE MASCARAS  I have written about this before as to Thrive being my absolute favorite mascara Downside? That the only way you can get it is ordering through their site, no instant gratification in going to a store and buying it. Why, I have no idea, given how wildly popular this is.

Then along came  the new Mac mascara and after using both I have decided the new Mac mascara is now my number one.  A few coats and I swear it looks like you are wearing false lashes.  Don’t know what’s in it, but its like magic! Both are great but I like that I can walk into a store and buy the Mac mascara plus I think you need less of it to achieve the look of long lashes.

5 A DELICIOUS GUILT FREE SALAD So I thought this sounded so good and I made it, and boy it did not disappoint! Super light, very tasty, healthy and a burst of flavor in every bite. Hearty enough to be a main dish for lunch or even a light dinner, great side for a BBQ or for a wonderful salad starter for your next dinner. I have gotten some other wonderful recipes from Gimme Some Oven, click here for more info and  other fantastic recipes.

11 ingredients

  • 1 English cucumber (Kirby/English are the best in terms of flavor and crispness)
  • 1 clove Garlic
  • 1 cup Lentils
  • 3/4 cup Mint, fresh loosely packed leaves (this is key to the flavors)
  • 1 Red onion, small
  • 1/2 cup Sun-dried tomatoes
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 2 tbsp Lemon juice, freshly-squeezed
Baking & Spices
  • 1/4 tsp Black pepper, freshly-cracked
  • 1/2 tsp Sea salt, fine
Oils & Vinegars
  • 3 tbsp Olive oil


6 NEW THINGS COMING SOON! You are always the very first to see what is on the horizon over here. Lots of beauty heading this way….

Say hi to our new Palm Beach pagodas, this will be a limited time collection offered in approx 4 weeks. Stay tuned! These were first designed for smoeone hosting a Palm Beach themed gala and we like how they came out so much, we are adding them for a limited time offering.

And how fabulous is this new Greek key mint juelps! Will be here in less than 2 weeks:)

And finally approved our new scalloped beaded chargers which happen to work beautifully with our Lily of the Valley plates. We just restocked the blue and green is coming in about 3 weeks. These chargers will be arriving in about 6-8 weeks. Just a sneak peek~

We will be getting our gorgeous scalloped consoles in a new size 48.5″ (in about 4 weeks)!

And a peek into our newest styles and colors of a new wastepaper basket and tissue-

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So imagine this, you are walking to your car in a crowded parking lot, the person next to you is getting out as you approach your car and she hits the car door next to them,  hard enough to hear it, we both exchanged glances as we both knew there is no way, there’s not a huge dent. She looks at me (with a guy who was maybe her boyfriend)  and puts her finger over her mouth, with a “shhhh” and walks away!!

I was kind of shell shocked. I go around to see if there was any damage and yep, sure enough quite a large dent, in fact some of the paint came off. I was really stunned. I was so tempted to catch up to her and explain how wrong that was but these days you  never know what you are dealing with.  So, I did would any quasi vigilante would do, I wrote a quick note that the person to her right in such and such car with license plate xxxxxx dented her car and she could do with that information whatever she wanted.

I was in a rush to be somewhere so had no time to call police or security.

How would you have handled it? I was not about to confront her, as these days, I feel like the world is unhinged. This lady also looked kind of tough and there was no way I was going up against that. I did the next best thing. And you?


Happy you stopped by and hope you enjoyed reading my Sunday post. Wishing everyone a wonderful spring day and relaxing end to your weekend. Until next time………….

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Terry P. on

This totally is a crazy world we live in – AND – the way you handled the car dent situation was SPOT ON ! Kudos to YOU 🙂

Amjean on

Years ago I came back to my car and found a note from a bystander witness with the license plate number,
make of car, etc. on my windshield. Sure enough, there was a scrape on the drivers side of my car. I went
to the police station and they called up the owner and made them come in. The red paint in the scrape
matched their car. The woman started shouting, “I didn’t hit the white car, I hit the blue car in front of it”.

You did the right thing; avoided a confrontation which in these times could turn violent. You notified the
person whose car was hit; they will notify the police and let them handle it. Perfection.

Maria on

The photos are fabulous as usual! That’s so wonderful that you can still share warm moments with your mom despite her illness. My mom has passed and I live feeling that I could have shown much more interest and affection. I miss her terribly. That story about the lady and the car is another example of how frequently these days we encounter a lack of consideration for others, sadly. Your posts are always uplifting.

Michelle on

Current administration has messed this country up so incredibly badly. Praying the folks with common sense take this country back who “back the blue” so they can actually do their jobs.

Mel on

Everything is so prettty!! Love all the new products and making that salad today, Thanks for info on mascaras, I like the Mac products a lot so will try!
Love the new chargers and mint juleps to0.

Sorry about your mom, she is so lucky to have you and you are lucky to still have both your parents. Soak up every minute.

Sharon on

So sorry your mother has Alzheimer’s. Treasure the little moments. Music, art and dance are universal languages to her soul. Each day is a gift and it is about the disease, not your mother. She is still there and you will discover her in new ways. Sharon, whose soulmate and husband had Alzheimer’s.

Colleen Dumont on

I too, have been caring for Alzheimers family members. My Mother had it for 13 years. And both Uncles…none of them related..all spouses. Sad times. Looking at your lovely website gives me a little vacation…if even to rest my tired brain!, Thank you for such inspiration!,

Ms. Tracey on

You did the right thing Tina with that car situation and I would have done the same. My goodness the insanity we live in right now is mindblowing.

Teri on

What a blessing to be able to spend time with your mother. I no longer have either of my parents. I’m sure your dad needed that get away. Being the caregiver is not always easy. I list my husband unexpectedly only three weeks after my parents. My mother in law and I were both devastated. We unfortunately live on opposite coasts but stay connected via phone. We used to email each other too but she’s given up on computers. Lol. She’ll be 106 this August. A true gem!!!

Peggy on

In regard to your car incident, something similar happened to my husband. He was in a parking lot and witnessed a woman hit a car, while parking. My husband waited for the police to arrive and he gave a statement of what he had observed. Car repairs are expensive and drivers should be responsible enough to do the right thing. You never know when somebody is watching!

Jo Shafer on

I would have handled this situation exactly as you did but, time allowing in my own schedule, called either security or 911 and left it at that.

Jo Shafer on

I’m so sorry your mother has succumbed to Alzheimer’s! My prayers for your patience with yourself as well as with her, and physical stamina to care for her on your visit — or simply to visit with her if she already has caretakers.

Kathleen P Winter on

I agree that you were spot on about car damage. You are lucky you had paper!! Unfortunately we can no longer confront people ,to dangerous!
Hope your visit with your Mother was enjoyable!
Sitting on my patio looking at one of your products!!

June. Allred on

So sorry about your Mom. God bless you and her. Have you investigated the Altzeimer
medications they are talking about but have not given full approval yet? It might be worth
a try. In a letter in the Wallstreet Journal, a reader wrote “what is the alternative”. You
are doing everything to cheer her and show your love. You will never target it,

S.Marie on

You are right, Tina. The world has become “unhinged” and you just do not know who/what you are dealing with in these situations.
I was mixed between writing the note, as you did and also waiting for the person who had the damaged car to return.
I would never have confronted the “car Denter”.
I have no idea where this country or the world in general is going but pride in doing THE RIGHT THING is becoming nonexistent.
Take care, S. Marie

Marion Barnes on

You are a lovely person and wonderful daughter. Your Mom raised you perfectly and helped you grow a big heart. We teach our children by example as I learned caring for my beloved father. Happy Mother’s Day to you both. A quiet admirer.

Nancy C on

You made me tear up today reading your post about your mom…you are so sweet to sing and dance with her. Our time is so short with them and I know it breaks your heart, but you are certainly a blessed daughter to share all of this with her. You are a lovely person.

You did the right thing in leaving a note for that person whose car was dinged by that person. I only wish someone would have done that for me the other day, when my car was sideswiped by someone obviously pulling out of their parking slot. There was no way they could not have felt the damage that they did to my car. So that person was very lucky that you were brave enough to at least leave a note. Most people would just walk away. Thank goodness for “stand up” people like you when they see an injustice.

Megan on

You handled the car situation in the best way possible and avoided any unnecessary confrontations. Smart.
Can’t wait to try the salad, it sounds and looks fabulous!! Love, love the new chargers! Need these!
It is exceedingly difficult to watch our parents age and often times, suffer. Glad you are able spend time with your Mom. You will always treasure it and no doubt she does too. ❤️

Kathleen on

I would of also taken a photo of both cars next to each other & offered that in the note.

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