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Good evening, hope you are having a wonderful week. I am back from a very nice visit at my parents home. My dad went away for a much. needed trip and my mom and I had a fun little staycation, just us girls:) It was so wonderful to spend that time with my mom, got to watch lots of movies, did a little singing, dancing and a bit of indulging in foods we both enjoyed.

Back to reality and work! About this time of year, my mind starts daydreaming  about summer nights, dining outdoors, when the days get longer (and a little lazier) when simple meals cooked on the BBQ feel like heaven on earth. Nothing as enjoyable as dining outdoors. And that is what this post, is precisely about. I was cleaning up my picture album on my phone and came across a bunch that brought a smile to my face. That is a definite work in progress:)

I am sorry for the food pictures, particularly if you are hungry,but they are a big part of summer too:) I mean endless cheese boards, fresh peach pie, lobster rolls and bruschetta….that is what summer is all about!

Cannot wait…and you?



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Hope you enjoyed the post, and I apologize in advance if this post made you hungry! What do you like best about later spring/summer nights? Enjoy entertaining outdoors too? For me, it’s the lazier days where the sun shines bright and the crickets chirp at night, when hydrangeas are in full bloom and fresh produce is bountiful. Those are just some of the reasons why this season is one I anticipate all winter long. And you? Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful evening…..

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Cannot pick a favorite 🤩

Susie Tschetter on

Just love your summer food delights! I have a large, Southern front porch, even though I live in Colorado, and have Wednesday Porch Drinks for my sweet peas every week throughout the summer!!! Will be using my hydrangea plates!

Lisa P on

This is GORGEOUS! every picture looks like the front of a magazine cover, and yes I am craving a charcuterie board right now😊

AFN on

Thank you Tina. A tantalizing post. Beautiful food and table settings.

Eve on

Love the slower pace of Summer. Longer days, sunshine–though, not of fan of humidity. Beautiful post.

Paulette P. on

Photography is another talent, Tina, that should be added to your never-ending list. You capture everything so perfectly. What a treat to view your posts!

Patricia on

Looking for the wicker table you featured for a several months. – flat top and a wavy look to the sides of the table-Please Advise – Thank you🤎

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