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Good morning, hope everyone is well. This week is flying on by, before you know it, it will be Memorial Day! Thanks to everyone for voting these last two days in our two rounds for the Enchanted Home Love contest. With nearly 4000 votes, you have chosen your two finalists.

We have two wonderful finalists and today is the showdown round. Tomorrow, we will crown the winner. Please vote for your winner (one vote per IP address).






Thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…..

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Maria Carlton on

Missy Rakes is a very talented decorator. I don’t know about the other finalist, but Missy’s work is self taught from sheer talent. Everything I see from her work is original, thoughtful, and exquisite.

Cynthia on

I had so many favorites I lost track but both of these are wonderful!

LB on

Beautiful finalists! Good luck

Nancy Brantley on

Choice 18 for round one and final for me. Choice 20 for round two.

Martha on

First one for sure! The second one had too much open blank space for the setting …..I thought plus the centerpiece blends in with the brown of the carpet.

Sarah Barclay on

I am so proud to say that 18 was put together by my mother. She is self taught, spending countless hours looking at decorating books. I wish you could see her home at Christmas 🎄it’s spectacular. Consider number 18, she deserves the honor of your vote. Thank you, supportive daughter, Sarah

Fanny on

They were even for me—however, the second inspired me to purchase the wicker lantern. I can see it on the coffee table or the round dining table on our porch.

Kelli Fortner on


Louise Gorham on

Beautiful winners!

June. Allred on

Just lovely. A treat to see all the talented offerings.

Susan on

They are both beautiful but I think the one from round one is exceptional.
I definitely will be entering your next contest😊

Stephen on

Round 1 choice is awesome!

Virginia on

As usual… everything … Gorgeous!!!!

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