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Hi there,  hope you are having a wonderful week. On this end, it’s been quite a week, with the shooting last week which has me just heartbroken, a dear friends son in a coma (no updates but praying for a miracle), then I took a bad fall last Friday night and ended up with a mild concussion. Yes, some week!

Been home 5 days and counting, going a bit stir crazy but the rest is doing me good and I am getting better every day. Bruises and swelling also finally going down. I am so happy it’s a brand new month and hoping for good things to come….it just has to be a better month!

Today is just a random musings post featuring various highlights of the last week or two. They always tell a story with very little narration needed, and it will be fun for me to look back on years down the road. So here’s whats been happening around here the last few weeks…..


This should be entitled “tell me you own a home accessories business without telling me you own a home accessories business” lol

Brushetta season has arrived! My favorite market got in the prettiest tomatoes and feast your eyes on  this huge tray of fresh mozzarella that was made minutes before:)

So of course I made brushetta and my husband and son’s favorite sandwiches!

The sweetest friend stopped by with a get well care package, of a huge bag of goodies and these spectacular peonies!

Put them in my favorite smaller vase for weekly flowers (coming back in stock next week)

While being home, watched many many movies (from a safe distance) including Under the Tuscan Sun for maybe the 40th time:) This film never gets old!

Drove by this neighborhood and saw this man who had planted 21 flags for the Uvalde victims and for Memorial Day!

Need I say more? CRAZY!!

Have had these cherry blossoms (above) in my foyer vases for at least the last 7 years, it was time to do a little refresh, so I added our new cone hydrangea and lilac stems to one of the vases and love how fresh and seasonally appropriate it looks! (click here to see these flowers)

Having such fun with our new Hydrangea Garden melamine, sets the prettiest table!

Caroylen Roehm sent this beautiful picture of our newest lily of the valley vases/glassed filled with these beauties plucked from her garden (click here to see these vases)

A favorite dessert that friends and I indulged in from Hunter last week:) Worth every calorie!

Back yard shot:)

Love that we got our cane wicker trays back in, in this new medium size, so great for outdoor entertaining

And our spectacular new lily of the valley pieces…love!! These scalloped beaded chargers will be here sometime early July.

So enjoying watching everything bloom amidst a sea of fresh bright green! Hopefully this weekend, will go out there and start sprucing things up….


So, there you have my random musings. I look forward to next week being a much more “normal week” when I can hopefully get back to doing the things I love. Being home six days and counting is making me go a bit stir crazy!

Thanks for stopping in. Until next time…

Here is our deal of the day!

Our fabulous scalloped serving tray in the beautiful combination of mossy green/gold so perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining! Normally $135, today its $95!

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Eve on

Glad you are on the road to recovery. Sending healing prayers for Austin. I believe in miracles–praying God grants Austin one.

Chana Robinson on

Hello Friend.

You survived the week and took that forced timeout and you are healing. I am sending sweet healing energy to your “son-of-the-heart” and pray for peace for his family and friends.

I was in Italy when the shooting happened. It was the day before I returned home. There are no words. No words. I was in Tuscany and Umbria looking for our retirement home. I found it. A lovely farmhouse.

Upon returning and with the weight of all that is happening in the world, my husband and I decided to retire early and move to our new home full time. Life can be short and so much of what we want to do and see in our lives is in Europe. So the decision is made and we are in the process of all that is involved to make our dream come true.

I will say, not seeing the news for nine days change me. Driving around northern and central Italy brought such peace to me and my friend. It was incredible.

We love our children and all of our grandchildren and look forward to them having many European summers and holidays.

Your week, 2 weeks ago is a testament to the fact that nothing is promised.

So, I will be one of those international buyers of all of your goodies!

Here’s to all of us healing and loving each other. May we heal as a nation and a world the way that your body is recovering.

Thanks for adding such beauty to our lives.

Franki Parde on

Still the “busy bee!!” Sweet! franki

Cynthia L on

What a beautiful post. You have me hungry!

So sorry to hear about your fall I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself and resting. Like you I am heart sick over the shooting of the innocent children and teachers. Praying for your friends son cannot imagine with that pain must feel like.

At our local gas station yesterday we hit a new high of $6.20 a gallon for regular! your hydrangea arrangement is beautiful and I love the melamine, I got my set last week and I’m really enjoying it. Your products are the prettiest!

Louise Gorham on

Hope you are healing and feeling better… between the chocolate dessert and the peonies you’re probably healing quickly!

Karen B Markovich on

Hi Tina, Wishing you a speedy recovery!

With summer approaching, I was hoping you might consider outdoor tablecloths with a zipper. I have been
searching online and going to stores with no luck.

Deanna on

I hope you’re feeling much better. These pics are beautiful, and I love the new vases. Your friend who sent the peonies must love you, because they are so lovely! Thank you for this post. I look forward to the ones where you show the photos from your phone. Take care and have a great weekend.

Norina on

My heart aches for the family of these beautiful innocent children who were denied the chance to grow up.
I taught this age group and know how excited they go about becoming independent “little adults”.
I believe they are with God and are in the happiest place ever. My deepest heartfelt prayers are with the parents and with the families of the 2 teachers who perished with these children. May GOD bless Trey whose generosity is admirable.

Marilyn on

Hope you are feeling better. The Uvalde shootings are heartbreaking. All the innocent victims.

Colleen Dumont on

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Yes, its been a heartbreaking week for the world and my family also. Daughter and grand hit head-on by a suicidal driver. My blessing is they will heal and are alive. We need more prayers for each other! Sending mine to you!,

Lisa on

You are always caring and looking out for others. Glad you are on the mend !

Carol P on

So glad that you can still see the beauty around you, when all of the tragedy is going on around you! You lift our spirits with all of your beautiful photos. Hoping that you make a speedy recovery from your fall!

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