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Hi friends, well its been some week.  Having been home for 8 days and counting was both restful but admittedly boring. I probably saw at least 20 documentaries and too many  movies to count.

I like keeping busy and definitely missed being in my office but happy to say I am finally feeling almost 100%. I took a fall and then got a concussion. Getting better and certainly not rushing things, hoping for this week to be a lot smoother!

Glad I worked on this post ahead of time since I do not spend a lot of time on the computer as per doctors orders. So here you go……


1 GARDEN FENCES I THINK I NEED How fabulous is this wicker cane fencing for your garden from the Bunny Williams Collection for Ballard! I LOVE IT! Comes with a set of 12 panels… about a gorgeous way to dress up a garden! Click here for more info


2 A FEW GREAT MOVIES AND DOCUMENTARIES I saw SO many movies this past 7 days being home. Lots of documentaries, featuring a wide gamut of subjects. Some of the new ones (to me) that I enjoyed, are below in case you find yourself with some spare time to watch something good.


Read this book and couldn’t put it down, the movie was also excellent


Saw this twice, so good!


Very interesting and eye opening


Never met a wine documentary I didn’t fall in love with


And food documentaries as well…

Have seen this before and think this should be mandatory viewing, it will make you look at everything you do on line and with social media through a different lens

3 MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS! So love sharing the talents of my customers and get a thrill every time I see our products in your beautiful homes. Thank you!

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always such beautiful instagrams to share, even during a hard week, they have a way of lifting my spirits.



5 PEONIES IN OUR NEW LILY OF THE VALLEY VASES. I am so in love with these new vases/glasses we got. A friend dropped off the prettiest bunch of peonies and I put them in these and could not love them more. Wish I could freeze dry these. Put one on each nightstand in my bedroom. Cheers to the season of peonies, just wish it wasn’t so short!

Click here to see these vases

5 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GESTURE I am sure many of you have heard of Trey Ganhem of , but it is worth mentioning again especially if you are not familiar with this beautiful story amidst a horrible tragedy.

This incredible angel of a man traveled immediately to Uvalde after the shootings, spoke to each parent to learn a bit of each victim then proceeded to work 24/7 to create customized little caskets for each of these young victims. Trey, thank you for making the last gift that these parents would give their child such  a beautiful and meaningful one. There is a place in heaven for this man!

Click here to visit his website, you can also leave a message for him if you so choose. I did just to thank him for his incredible kindness and heart.


6 HOW DOES MY GARDEN GROWN! Quite well so far:) So exciting to see things in my little garden taking off. Just plucked my first huge head of butter lettuce, and have all kinds of herbs, tomato, cucumbers, bell pepper and more on their way. Fingers are crossed for a bountiful crop! Yes, the best things in life are often free.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Really curious who has gotten the 4th Covid shot. I have not, and am reluctant. I already feel like having gotten 3 within a year plus the shingles and flu shot is a lot. I am choosing to wait to see what happens this fall, if Covid makes a comeback (praying not).

If it does, I would probably get the 4th shot. Even as I speak, I have 2 friends with Covid, both were quite sick so,  over here it it still around. I do think in some capacity, it is here to stay in some variation. Curious where you stand on the 4th vaccine (or any at all?)


Today and tomorrow, our entire collection of lifelike custom floral arrangements is 20% off! They will shock everyone with how realistic they are and you will have hold back yourself from wanting to water them:). There are also many new additions. Always in bloom and no water required!

Click here to see the collection

Use code flowers

Thanks for stopping in. Hope the sun is shining and you are off to having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. I will be home again, resting and hoping for a much smoother week this coming week. Until next time……

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Rose on

So glad that you are feeling better. How is Austin doing? Still praying for all of you.

Janet on

Yes, I got the 4th shot and cannot imagine not doing so. My best and oldest friend’s husband died of break-thru Covid a week before the boosters were approved. He was not immuno-compromised in any way and they have no idea how he was exposed. It was heart-breaking and eye-opening.

Maria on

I live in one of the New England areas with rising numbers so got it once eligible. I’ve also had a less complicated year than you have medically — if I’d had that much going on I’d be weighing risk-benefit very carefully. Hope you feel completely well soon.

Susan Cornfield-Dugan on

Where was the bedding purchased from in #5 “Peonies in our new Lilly of Valley vases”? I admire the colors and the birds.

Cynthia L on

Hi tina, as usual a wonderful post to brighten up my Sunday. I hope that you were on the mend. Love your peony arrangements my favorite flower. And your garden is looking great, we just planted a bunch of things about a month ago and waiting for everything to come up. I always watch your movie recommendations these look good!

Cynthia L on

I forgot to mention the video about Trey made me well up, what a wonderful thing he did for those grieving families. Thank you so much for sharing that video.

Michelle on

In awe anyone would consider getting a 4th vaccine for covid. So many people have died from them, I have two friends in the last 6 months. Focus on getting healthy and taking natural supplements that prevent any illness. Lose weight, sit in the sun for at least 20 min a day without sunscreen, walk everyday, so many things you could do instead of taking an experimental vaccine. And this isn’t political, it’s just about not being lazy. Don’t be a sheep.

Amjean on

I prefer to keep my vitamin D level up with supplements, adding zinc and quercetin daily.
Purchased Ivermectin from India to use in case of emergencies. There are some studies
(albeit overseas) which see a link between serious Covid cases and death with a low Vitamin
D level. We had a case in our
home town hospital recently whereby an elderly Asian man came to visit his family and
contacted Covid. The hospital put him on a ventilator. His physician daughter demanded
they give him Ivermectin; the hospital refused because the feds won’t authorize it.
She sued and won. He walked out of the hospital three days later.

Had the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in the beginning because I will not take an
MRna vaccine because there are too many people with heart issues, etc. after
getting this type of vaccine.

Half of my family are double or triple vaxxed, other half refuse to get vaccine.
None of us have had covid and we travel by car or plane in the country and
to the caribbean after the first year of the Covid scare.

I found out that hospitals are getting paid approximately $14,000.00 for each
Covid patient and the definition is “if you might have Covid”. The PCR tests
are unreliable both ways. $39,000 pay for patients on a ventilator. I have
an acquaintance whose husband had blood clot issues before getting the
vaccine, then Covid, then dying. She told me that the government (I think
she said FEMA, not sure) is reimbursing her for the funeral. A lot of money
is being thrown at this situation which is bankrupting the country.

Is Covid real? Yes. Have people died from Covid? Yes. Have people died
from the vaccine? Yes

Additionally, approximately 1.8 million flu cases are reported annually.
The first year of Covid has zero. That should tell us something.
My cardiologist is very honest and states it is the flu.

Everyone should make their own decisions about how to handle this
for themselves and the family. So much information out there that
doesn’t come from the corrupt news sources in this country;
who have been outed as being paid for touting the government line.

And why does the Fauci group hold patents and receive royalties,
commisions on drug patents, etc.? That is something that also
is finding being realized.

Mary Judith O'Malley on

So happy you are feeling better, the pictures are beautiful!

Liz on

So glad you are doing much better. I pray that Austin is showing some improvement. I thought of using that glassware for a vase so I was pleased you showed them that way!

Annie on

Your garden looks so good, nothing is a satisfying as picking something from one’s own garden!
just got my fourth vaccine, just turned 51 and my doctor recommended it, no problems and I have the assurance of knowing I’m as protected as I can possibly be!
The wicker garden fencing is charming but I wonder how it will hold up and inclement weather. my husband and I are also wine and food lovers so thanks for the movie recommendations 😊

Vickie on

Thank you for your lovely pictures. I am at home with the flu and also have watch toooooo much TV and there is nothing on! I hope you feel better soon too!

Valerie on

I love your blog and your pics of decor brightens my day.
I researched a lot and my neighbors (married couple) both doctors at kaiser told me that vit. D and zinc do wonders for covid patients.
I will get a covid shot. Vitamin D at 5,000 is plus 30.k works best.
My husband and daughter got covid and bed.
Me healthy, no symptoms.
I had many vaccines but this one is not sufficient for covid. Vitamin D is.

Requi on

Glad you’re feeling better and have gotten much needed rest.

Carolyne on

always love to read your blog and it’s the highlight of my day. Love the video about what Trey did.

your peonies in those new vases are so beautiful I just placed an order.

And your garden is amazing do you use any special supplements? I am doing container gardening but my goal is to plant a big garden next year when we move into our new house

hope that you feel better soon, it’s great that you’re resting and taking care of yourself!

Joan on

What pretty pics you’ve included this week! Could you please share the name of the children’s shop featured and where it is located?

Our pool house and shed are both board & batten Sugar Shack designs from Jamaica Cottage in VT. The nicest people to work with, will do custom touches (we added a side dormer for an exterior French door, divided glass window in the long cupola), and even our 12×16 building (replacing a scary shed that had been grandfathered in) was delivered in two pieces, dropped onto the foundation & the cupola attached on site. But seeing that cute white garden shed with the striped awnings has made me reconsider what I want my garden shed to look like once we get the area for a garden fenced off. The ‘wreath’ on the door reminds me of the fabulous ‘bouquet’ of tools P. Allen Smith has hanging on a fireplace mantle in a guest house on his farm.

Seeing all those small coffins just breaks your heart. Trey Ganhem is an angel on earth. I pray that those in DC working on gun safety legislation are blessed with compassion and common sense.

Disappointed to see the Covid survey become so political. I happen to know someone who worked on the vaccine, research that had started many years ago, so the stories that it was somehow whipped up in a lab on the fly are nonsense. The scientist’s response to the fear-mongering was this: If anyone thinks that I have spent decades earning my advanced degrees and working long hours to create a vaccine that will harm myself, my wife, children and other people I love, then there is nothing I can ever say to convince them otherwise. A college friend of my husband’s died of Covid very early on, when Canadians were told to not wear a mask. He was in great health (played tennis 3 days a week), no respiratory or other health issues. Left behind three college-age daughters, one of whom is on track to ride in the Olympics. If Americans take away one thing from this pandemic, I hope that it’s to take more responsibility for our health, starting with keeping ourselves and our children at a healthy weight.

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy week.

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