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Hi there friends, hope this finds you doing well and having a great week. It’s been a difficult few weeks so this post was a like a breath of much needed fresh air. Every year around this time, I head to the North Fork to visit a farm that happens to grow peonies (among other things) I buy from them every year so the owner is kind enough to alert me when they are in season and getting into full bloom mode and this season it happened really fast.

This year out of the blue, there were two unusually warm days (both over 90 degrees) which accelerated the blooming of the peonies way too fast, and suddenly they were scrambling to get them cut and out the door. As we know, their shelf life is short and they are not the hardiest flower especially under a very hot burning sun. So I made a little excursion one afternoon and scooted out of my office early, it was the perfect tonic I didn’t know I needed so desperately, after a rough few weeks.

Just getting out to the farmland and open land on a beautiful summer day was cathartic in itself. Then when Patty had me climb into her old dirty van to drive out literally into the the peony fields, I knew I was in for a little adventure:) It was such a thrill to see peonies growing as far as my eye could see. A real sight to behold. I was able to snap a few pictures as I thought you might enjoy seeing them too, the pickers were cutting away as they were blooming almost as fast as they could pick them!

This little trip made me realize that the best things in life really are free. Something felt so freeing and peaceful just being in those fields, the sun beating down, watching these spectacular flowers getting bunched up and put into big black buckets. Something so simple yet so pleasurable. I could have stayed there all afternoon but reality beckoned and off I went with my front passenger seat loaded with peonies………


Loaded up and heading home!

Prettiest front seat passenger I have ever had:)

Got home and let the fun begin, part 2 next week!


This just might be what peony heaven looks like….such fun. It’s one thing to walk into a florist and take peonies home, but quite another to get to watch them being cut right in the fields, and let me tell you, I enjoyed every single minute.  How I wish the peony season would last longer though! Definitely one of the highlights of every June:) Stay tuned for part 2 where I will show you how I used all these peonies.

And yes, they were kept in my garage refrigerator to maximize their life, I want to squeeze every minute I can out of these beautiful gifts from nature. Thanks for stopping in, until next time……….

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Deanna on

Seeing your adventure into the fields of peonies is so much fun! Thank you for this bit of beauty. I needed it, since my peonies bloomed while I was away, so I’m searching for some more to buy somewhere. Hope your Friday is beautiful! Thanks again, Tina!!

Linda T. on

Thank you for sharing, Tina! I too, adore peonies! I have stripped my gardens and now have peonies in each room of my home. I have also wrapped “marshmallow” buds and stored them in my fridge in order to prolong the season.

Ms. Tracey on

Absolutely beautiful blooms🌺💕

Roxanne on

Simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Tina!

michelle l oleary on

Love peonies. The trip and the smells must have been like heaven.

Carolyne on

wow so beautiful! I have never been to a peony Farm but sure would love to!
They are definitely the most beautiful flower, just wished they lasted longer.
Love them in the wire basket, you always have the most beautiful floral arrangements😊

Liz W on

A real field of dreams! Lovely!!

/Shirley... on

Can’t wait to see what you will do with those lovely peonies…1

Karen on

Trader Joe’s has a brief video out on how to care for peonies and extend their life. I’ve seen it on Instagram and Facebook.

Fanny on

Peony heaven! You’re blessed with a wonderful source. My peonies are done. I have just a few white stems blooming.
Can’t wait to savor your photos. Enjoy!
P.S. I received my hydrangea melamine bowls and looking forward to setting my outdoor table. Perfect! for salad and fresh fruit! I’m so happy that I invested in this complete pattern. I love the Way you coordinated the green, blue and white colors. Clean up will be easy too. They are light enough to place in a bin and carry indoors for the dishwasher.

Tamara on

Thank you for the breathtaking pics of my absolute favorite flower, peonies!!!

Clara Green on


Clara Green on


Franki Parde on

Peony Heaven…luv that!!! I have some of my great grandmother’s plants in the 300 year range…I’ve had 50 years, My mom 80 years & who knows how long my grandmother had…& where she got them when homesteading our farm (now my siblings & mine.) Mt fav. franki

Franki Parde on

Peony Heaven…luv that!!! I have some of my great grandmother’s plants in the 300 year range…I’ve had 50 years, My mom 80 years & who knows how long my grandmother had…& where she got them when homesteading our farm (now my siblings & mine.) My fav. franki

Julie W. on

Oh, how beautiful! I would love to see those fields in person. I really enjoy going out to the farms here in TN to get flowers and shrubs. I agree with you on the level of peace and serenity that brings. Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing your pics.

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