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Good Sunday morning to you. First I want to announce the winner of the bud vase set. Congratulations goes to-


Please email [email protected] to provide your name, choice of pink or green vases and shipping info so that they can be on the way!


Hope all is well. Over here, starting to feel better and “more normal”. We went to the funeral of our dear friends son which was, as you might imagine simply heartbreaking.  A pain no family should have to feel. Just praying for peace and comfort for them during this time. It is admittedly, hard to shake and not think about.

Its been a beautiful weekend weather wise (though we are to get rain today)  it was nice to see friends after so much on our plate and resume some degree of normal activity. Taking it slow but getting there. It has been a difficult weekend however. Such a tragic loss of life and so young. Really hard to shake that one. Moving along to this weeks Sunday post…….



1 CUSTOMER’S PICTURES Very excited over some absolutely gorgeous pictures from my customers, always such fun for me to see our items in your beautiful homes.  Feast your eyes on these beauties……



2 NEW GOODIES Quite excited over a bunch of new items, just coming out of manufacturing which will be here in about 6 weeks. We will be holding a presale on these in about 2-3 weeks so stay tuned:) Lots of pretty things soon heading this way!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty roundup this weekend! Never at a loss of beautiful things to share……

4 AMAZING CUPCAKES Discovered this talent, Boston Baked Blooms from Massachusetts via Instagram and am obsessed with her cupcakes! What works of art. I am sure they re as delicious as they are beautiful but they are almost too pretty to bite into. Click here to find out more.

5 A NEW FAVORITE SALAD GADGET Having fun with this nifty little gadget by Trudeau its a salad chopper and tosser. It can slice or chop small all ingredients in your salad. I love a good chopped salad so this is something I am using often lately. Click here to see

6 STORYWORTH I have given this gift a few times, if you are looking for a really unique and special gift look no further. This is the gift that will keep on giving and giving and giving. Basically the recipient receives a question a week and send their replies to Story worth who at the end of the year will turn their “story” into a book. You can send pictures as well.

Imagine having this incredible keepsake to share with family and friends. It is such a beautiful and memorable way to weave your own personal story of life. I just love this idea and through it was worth re sharing….click here to visit Storyworth.

Here is how it works-

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Hello! So, two firsts happened to me this past week. I first realized just how crazy expensive food is getting. I am one who walks into the market, gets what I want and leaves. I am fairly aware of what things cost but stay loyal to products I like.

We always buy a few 4 packs of a Greek yogurt we like which always is about $4.00.I checked out a few days ago and it was $7.48 almost double!! I was stunned.

Then I bought this small pack of super basic rather flimsy cheap (or so I thought) white paper plates for my office, figured it would be max $2.00. There were a whopping $8.00! So, yes I am seeing HUGE price increases across the board. A simple wrap I pick up from a local deli on occasion is normally abut $7.00, got one yesterday and it was $12!

How about where you are? Really curious if you are seeing these seriously sharp rises in food, etc…..


Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful and relaxing day. Until next time……..


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Franki Parde on

Lovelies, one & all!! Going to have to ride a bike 15 miles round trip, to carry groceries we can afford, as gas is “off the charts here.” franki

Dianne Kropp on

Since you asked I have to say I hope many realize that elections really do have consequences. During the last administration, money was not something many worried about instead it was mean tweets! Hmmm, I wonder if the cost of the decision to do away with those is getting to them now! I for one was living my best life back then and was able to splurge on beautiful and fun things like the ones you sell. Now for many, it’s a choice between a piece of porcelain or food or gas. Very sad indeed that life in this once great land has come to this. I hope people make the right choice in November or we are doomed to a life with very few perks because Socialists don’t care if we have those. I’m sorry to have to get political but if we don’t face the truth we deserve what we get.

Amjean on

Just paid $6.63 for premium in Illinois this am. I am a regular shopper at Whole Foods
because they are the only store who carries lactose half and half. I usually purchase
a few other items there as well, but in no way do I purchase the bulk of my groceries
from them. I noticed that most all shoppers when I am there have 15 items or less
in their carts. Seldom do I see a cart full of items. Same at other stores. Shelves
for pasta are usually empty unless one comes on a day they just stocked.

My gas heating/cooking doubled this year. Can’t wait to see what my air conditioning
will do to my electric bill this summer.

I took my granddaughter and her friend to Portillo’s per their request for lunch.
Three hot dogs, three small fries and three small drinks were over $30.00.

A grande chai tea latte at Starbucks is $5.25 or higher. So, now I make my
own and take it with me when I drive anywhere in my car.

I am sure you know this already, Tina, but watch your inventory; don’t let
it get too large. Many feel a nasty recession is headed our way within 4 -6

Ms. Tracey on

Condolences to the family and friends of the young man who lost his life. What a tragedy🕊

As for prices, when it comes to grocery shopping, I’m pretty much a creature of habit. My bill is typically $67. The same grocery order now cost me $103.12 it is absolutely a nightmare. Literally mortified Tina. I enjoy this Amish 2 pounds rolled blocks of butter. I’m a die-hard Kerry Gold butter fan. This taste practically identical. That 2lb butter roll is $7.49. Went back to the store a few days later that price shot up to $10.49 . Don’t get me started on the price of bacon and eggs. I really wish our HOA allowed us to have a few hens.

Carolyne on

All of your new products are so beautiful cannot wait until they come in!
thank you for the gift idea of story worth, I am definitely going to look into that as I have several gifts on my list.
lastly, here in the Alexandria Virginia area prices have skyrocketed on everything. I filled up my SUV yesterday and it was a $133! prices of food are getting astronomical I do not know how some will be able to afford it and it’s heartbreaking. Cannot believe this is our country.
thank you for the dose of beauty which was really needed today.

Alison on

Hi, family farmer here. We consider it such a privilege to grow food to feed the world but it comes with costs … the stress, the risk, input costs that are rising at astronomical rates like fuel for our tractors and trucks. I could go on and on but really just wanted to say thanks so much for your posts – they give me a few minutes of escape and joy each week.

Holly on

My sincere condolences on the loss of your friends son.
I rarely comment, however Dianne’s comment was spot on.
We used to raise Angus beef, but it became economically unfeasible.
Our farmers cannot afford diesel or fertilizer, so many are not planting.
This will become painfully obvious in the months ahead.
The economy is oil centric and when oil prices are in the “sweet spot”
where it is profitable to produce and affordable to buy the economy hums along. This administration has doubled down on stopping oil production starting with the first executive order to close the Keystone XL pipeline that would have been completed and bringing 900,000 barrels of oil every day to the US.
This is only the beginning of what are going to be economic turbulent times.
I would agree with your reader advising limiting your inventory as people are going to be making choices between food, gas and discretionary items.
I read your blog for the “ good, beautiful and happy” and appreciate all you do with that in mind. We do need to be mindful and educated about the difficult and uncomfortable events happening with greater frequency and harmful effects.
Thank you for trying to stay positive.

Donna on

So very a sorry about the death of your friend’s son. 🙏
My SUV cost about $150 to fill it up yesterday. Sadly, the war in Ukraine, and the severe consequences and recovery from the world health pandemic are all causing inflation to rise. Two years of world wide economic pain have pushed goods and products out of control. I think it’s easy to blame President Biden- but, it’s not his fault he inherited such a situation. At least I trust him and know he isn’t slyly dealing with foreign adversaries. Trump’s best friend was Putin! He adored that scary, horrible killer who is responsible for the war in Ukraine and so much suffering. Let’s not forget Trump was the biggest liar who attempted to bring down our democracy. I would rather pay higher prices than give up freedom and our democracy. It’s is to forget… but just a quick reminder of how dirty the last administration truly was. Just think: Trump’s encouraged and blessed the attack on our country’s congress!
Nobody wants to pay more- but our whole world has suffered from a economic shutdown for two years. It’s going to take some years to get back on our feet. As a nation, we have had hardships before and we can and we will make it through this- and we as a nation will be stronger for it. ❤️

Rose on

Sincere condolences to your son’s friend’s family.

As for the cost of gas and food, I am retired and on a fixed income. Those things have become almost a luxury instead of a necessity. I buy store brands when I can, but they have gone way up, too. I go to church and the grocery store. That’s about it. I have to make a tank of gas go as far as I can. My menus have become monotonous since I tend to buy the same things over and over because it is too expensive to stray too far from that. Am I eating well? Not as well as I should. Am I enjoying cooking and eating? A resounding “NO” would be the answer. If we don’t change things at the polls in November, it will only get worse because the current administration wants us to be totally dependent on the government for our very existence. That was their goal in the beginning and will continue to be their goal until they reach it. Thanks for allowing me to vent. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Fanny on

I am so sorry to hear of your young friend’s passing. I agree life can be very unfair and heartbreaking at times like this.
I am looking forward to purchasing the Lilly of the Valley glasses/vases in the green and white. They are lovely. It feels wonderful to be out and enjoying this amazing weather. It’s time to start planning a few getaways to the south and later further north. Best! Fanny

Ccchintz on

I feel bad for families on a tight budget. Good for a large family has to be carefully planned. Yes prices are up way up!!

Phyllis Thomason on

Thanks Joe Biden and the socialists who voted for him!!! 😡

Beth on

Thank God we now have a principled, moral person now running this country! Yes, prices are higher – thanks Putin , his best buddy Trump and greedy CEOs, but this will be a brief interlude. Things are much grimmer in the developing world. Let’s all do what we can to spread and share the incredible wealth we have in this country.

Nancy Kelley on

Tina, I am so sorry to read about the death of your friends’ son. My heart aches for this tragic loss. Please know you and his loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

Melissa on

Praying for your friends and the loss of their son — such a tragic loss and so hard to not be able to help with their pain other than prayer and being present for them.
As for the state of the economy, I live in Texas and the cost of living has gone up substantially. It is a very anxiety-ridden time, as we still don’t really know how much more we can expect for our daily expenses to rise. Our current administration did NOT inherit this situation: 18 months ago gas was $2.15/gallon and my weekly grocery bill was $50 -$75. I live alone and now my grocery bill is never under $100. Financially, I knew that my living expenses were manageable and predictable — now they are not. I have watched the cost of gas go up .20/gallon in one day! I pray for those families that must drive 2 vehicles every day to work; I pray for those families who cannot get formula to feed their babies; I pray for those families that were already living on a small margin and I pray that this economy does not slide into further deterioration because of socialist/progressive policies.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful Seven on Sunday posts. They are always the highlight of my week. I am definitely interested in those cupcakes — wow!
Blessings to you and your family~

Nancy Brantley on

AMEN Dianne! If we don’t share the truth of what’s happening in our country right now and change this will be a disaster at worst.

Maria on

I just love the blue and white salt and pepper shakers. So beautiful and unique! They complement the table settings so we’ll.
God bless you, Dianne and Nancy, for telling it exactly how it is without delusions. And I really mean, “God,” whom many have abandoned.. We were living with the lowest prices in a long time under Donald Trump and the U.S. was in great shape and was respected around the world. Now leaders will not even take this president’s calls and he is groveling for energy which he GCL used down. . All false claims against Donald Trump were dropped bc they were false and the left have not been able to control themselves. Medical doctors have questioned their sanity. Now we are all suffering, and so is the world. What is happening to children especially is a tragedy.

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