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Hi there, and here I am, back with part 2 of my peony post. There will be a part 3 as I had too much fun with these, doesn’t take much to make me happy:) So I loaded them up in many different types of containers and seriously, they look so good in everything. Peonies really are the most beautiful flower. I must say I am quite proud of myself that they are going on day 7 and still going! The key is putting them in the refrigerator at night, staying very cold preserves them by days. Otherwise, it’s normally a 2/3 day life.

I tried them in many different containers starting with our French wire baskets and tureen, then went onto blue and white, mint juleps and more. Part 2 is below and the rest will be shown in part 3. Enough of my talking, let the peonies take over from here……


Love them in our new French wire baskets, so elegant

And our tureen has a dual purpose…love it as a flower vessel  (click here to see and don’t forget 25% off until tonight)

My favorite tulip vase and double happiness vase were perfect paired with the peonies

I added some to our beautiful silver mint juleps, they make the perfect bud vase

How pretty do they look in our huge white chunky ginger jar on a small buffet table

Mint juleps are a perfect bud vase for peonies, I love putting them on my nightstands and in the powder room

LOVE our new Greek key mint julep, these will be online next week!

Made up this pretty little arrangement for a friend who is getting over surgery

Set a pretty table with a pink/green theme

Our new mini bud vases in pink and green were so pretty with the peonies (click here to see them they are 25% off until tonight)

And love them in our green cane wicker planter!

Our darling mini pink foo dogs are back and looked so pretty next to the peonies


Am I obsessed? Yes, as a matter of fact I am. I am treating each and every one of these peonies like they are my firstborn. Carefully transporting them to their place of rest every night (garage refrigerator) separating the closed buds so I can maximize getting to enjoy these for as long as possible. And you know what? It’s paying off…..its day 7 and I am still enjoying them!

Which as we know, for a peony that is practically a lifetime! And yes, there will be a part 3:) Then its onto hydrangea season, thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time…….

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christine on

Loved your post. And I too love Peonies and the smell! This year I had a bumper crop and took your advice and put them in the refrigerator at night as well , and yes I am on day 7 as well. Thank you!

Elizabeth on

Here is a video that shows how one can extend the life of peonies for several weeks. This would be especially applicable if one was having a party and wanted to bring out the peonies when they have finished in the garden.

Here’s to nature’s most lush and exquisite of flowers!

Kathy on

Tina, peonies are my all time favorite. I have my grandmother’s peonies from the 50’s! They are so fragrant, lush, and just outright romantic. Your arrangements are lovely, and I enjoyed seeing each and every one of them in your beautiful line of vases, tureens, julep cups, wicker. Goodness! More peonies, please!

Tamara on

Love all the peony pics- keep them coming ! Was fortunate to find some this weekend at florist ( hard to do in Texas ) . My foyer smells wonderful !!!!

Cindy Englert on

I live in Arizona and can’t grow peonies here so I’m living vicariously through your amazing pictures. Takes me back to my when my mother grew them in our I remember the wonderful fragrance when she brought them into the house.

Ayra Asher S. van Labache on

I’m not particularly a fan of the peony, I think it looks very droopy and looks like a dying flower….but this vase of peonies was just beautiful, delicate and sophisticated. I’m going to start using it here too… Thank you!

Carolyn on

Your flowers are always the prettiest you were so good at flower arranging did you ever take any courses?

I received my porcelain order and I was even more excited seeing these beautiful pieces in person! you have inspired me to go and look for peonies this weekend and try to emulate what you’ve done. Have a nice weekend Tina

Louise Gorham on

Thanks ever so much for sharing how to make peonies last…I will share it with others!

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