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Hello and happy 4th of July weekend! Hope this finds you doing well. Hope you are having a fabulous July 4th weekend. Ours has been quite nice so far, always nice to be a guest! Today we are going to someones house for a BBQ and tomorrow will be a day of boating and a BBQ.Hope yours is fun and safe! Onward we go to this weeks post…..



1 ONE MONTH OLD PEONIES Yes, thought this might get your attention:) I am in disbelief myself that these peonies are enjoying their one month birthday this past Friday!! I did refrigerate them at night for a few weeks but since then have kept them in small vases, gradually removing the dying buds but how crazy is it that this most delicate flower that normally has a lifespan of a few days lasted this long. I am almost teary eyed that their life is coming to an end:)



2 GARDEN PROGRESS My little garden has really taken off! I am not always so lucky but somehow this year, I had the magic touch with some help from mother nature of course!  I think I am going to need to possibly set up a small roadside stand and sell my tomatoes by the looks of what is coming in, a lot of tomatoes:)

A great problem to have, plus so much more. Picked my first round of kirby cucumbers and there are string beans and bell pepper on their way in addition to many many herbs. Somehow when you just pick it,it tastes so much better.

My very first picks of the season!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a spectacular roundup this weekend if I say so myself:)

4 GRETCHEN SCOTT FOR CHIC SUMMER DRESSING Gretchen Scott is a name synonymous with easy, effortless but super chic summer dressing. Her dresses and tunics are cotton, offered in so many fabulous prints and are an easy way to pull together a great outfit. The  price point is more than fair and it’s just a great line. I have several pieces from her line. Here are a few recent faves-

Click here to visit Gretchen Scott

5 A PALMETTO BLUFF COLLECTION I am so excited to be working on a Palmetto Bluff collection of products. Think soft coastal colors, blues and greens. Lots of wicker, beautiful planters, some new linens and some pieces that are more neutral and not chinoiserie-ish. Less formal, neutral and easy. Below are just a few of the products, these are sample pictures, not the greatest but you get the idea!


The boxes are a go, everyone overwhelmingly voted on these, finalizing colors but you get the idea (will be available early August)


Doing these planters in 3 colors and several sizes including floor planters, adore them!


Ecstatic over our wicker flatware coming in 3 colors and a soft blue not shown yet! Each of them pairs beautifully with our line of melamine too, added bonus)

6 THE DRYER THAT IS SAVING ME HUNDREDS!! I literally do not remember the last time I bought a hair dryer, possibly 12, 15 years ago. My hair is dry so I get by with 2 blowouts a week. I am not great at doing my own hair so have a great girl who gives me weekly blowouts. But they add up though she is quite reasonable. There are times however I need to do it myself so I stated looking into blow dryers.

A friend said the Dyson was heavy and pulled her hair and with such an expensive price tag, I crossed it off my list. I was then recommended to the new Drybar dryer with built in brush .Life changing!!!!!! In 15 minutes I was able to do my hair and not to toot my own horn but it actually came out nearly as good as when I get it done. I am so excited over this purchase!!!

It will pay for itself in just a week or two of blowouts. The two biggest wins for me are that the brush does not pull my hair one bit *super sensitive and it is very lightweight. Highly recommend this one!! I bought mine at Ulta but it s available online in many places as well.

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Always like and greatly value your opinion and feedback. I am talking Christmas folks. Sorry but that is the reality of retail. I promise however you won’t hear about it from me for a while. We are firming up our ornament order and have introduced some new styles. One of our best selling ornaments ever are our Staffordhsire dogs, they have been a huge hit and always sell out. We are introducing some stunning pearlized ginger jars and balls this year and have come  up with pearlized dog samples as well. Would love to know you opinion.

Bear in mind- these are sample pictures, not the greatest but you get the idea, thanks in advance for your input!


And that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the post, anything of particular interest? For me, my little but mighty garden is the highlight of my summer so far! What a thrall to watch the progress on a daily basis and getting to pick my first cucumbers was such fun:) Doesn’t take much to make me happy! Anyway, wishing everyone a fabulous, safe and fun July 4th weekend! Until next time…..

Until tomorrow, our entire shop is 20% off!! Great time to get something you may have had your eye on

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Rose on

The ornaments have the sweetest little faces ever! No wide-eyed, frightened look. They are so cute. Just don’t think they’re for me.

Carolyn on

good morning tina what a beautiful post. I am jealous of your garden it looks incredible. We just moved to a new house and that is the first thing on my list for next summer!

Love all the new pieces you have coming in particularly the flatware and that planter, cannot wait.

I think the ornaments are really cute I have some of yours from last year which I love but I would definitely buy the light blue as it fits into my color scheme beautifully. Happy 4th🇺🇸

Maria on

I love this blog! I enjoyed the photos of your garden, (my tomatoes are not doing well at all), and the Instagram photos were fabulous. It’s good to know that I can visit Gretchen Scott’s store in Jupiter. The little dogs are adorable but sadly I cannot buy one more ornament! Thank you again for all the work you do! Have a great Fourth!!

Debi Timmerman on

Can you include some pictures of your garden from a distance? I am getting ready to build a kitchen garden at my house. I have a large rectangular space in full sun that is paved with pea gravel over compressed soil . I cannot figure out whether to purchase raised wooden beds or to create my own using standing pavers as it appeared that you have done. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Fanny LoPinto on

Your garden is wonderful!!! My mother taught us girls to chop up tomatoes, add chopped basil and put them in freezer bags—and freeze them. Works great for pasta and rice recipes.
Wishing you and your loved ones a happy 4th. (My thoughts— it’s never too late to start thinking about Christmas.
Best, Fanny

Clare H on

what a good way to start my morning!

I think the dog ornaments are so precious.

Love all the new things you have coming in especially the colored wicker flatware, gorgeous!

Cannot get over your peonies lasting that long, I bought some this year and literally they only lasted three days I was so bummed.

happy 4th!

Clare H on

PS I also own that blow dryer and it’s the best, I hardly ever get my hair blown out anymore!

Ccchintz on

I know you were in jest about garden stand,, however, donate your excess to some organization that will give the veggies to citizens in the inner city or anywhere there is a need

Teri on

Always love your Sunday letter.
My garden (we live in Southern California desert) just came to an end. I had so many tomatoes this year it was amazing.
My bell peppers are the last of the garden this season. It started early and ending early but I’m very thankful.
Love the idea of the new wicker items but would like to see them in softer tones. Just my opinion

Karen Wheat on

So thrilled you will make the letter/ bedside boxes cannot wait

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, what a successful garden! How interesting that the growing seasons here in Phoenix are so different. Broccoli and cauliflower are winter vegetables and I have already picked all my tomatoes before the intense heat of the summer. But there is nothing better than fresh veggies or fruit from the garden. Enjoy!

Debbie Carrithers on

So happy your garden is prolific! We have such a deer problem here in Coastal Virginia. I third everything but they demolished it. No booby trap was successful. I cannot bend my backyard and cut it is on James River.

Susan M. on

I do love your blog! I’m amazed that you were able to get a month out of your cut peonies. How wonderful!

Barbara on

I REALLY like your new ideas that you talked about with the Palmetto Bluff Collection-what a wonderful concept! I’m with you all the way!

Elizabeth Yingling on

Please extend your Fourth of July holiday sale one extra day? Those of us who were entertaining have been super busy this weekend and didn’t get a chance to get our orders in!

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