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Hi there, haven’t done one of these in a while but I normally wait until I have some new “intel” to share on the subject. I like to occasionally talk about new beauty finds, or even things I have stayed loyal to for a long time and why. I also welcome your input and recommendations as sharing is what makes this such fun. I, in turn, have discovered some wonderful products through your recommendations too so thank you!

I think one thing that has changed with me in the last year or so has been a newfound commitment to taking care of my skin. I always took for granted having good skin, but realized even with good skin, it requires day to day upkeep. So now, I am very interested in new products, what is out there that people really love and experimenting a bit more. I do not get facials and have never visited a dermatologist for my skin, so I am a newbie in that sense but enjoying trying some new things that feel good for my skin. I am quite pleased with how it both feels and looks, and am open to your ideas too!

I did not include stores or links, but nearly all can be found at places like Sephora and Ulta, CVS and other drug stores (for the less expensive items) and of course there is good ol Amazon though I have never bought a beauty or skincare product on Amazon however. And onward we go……


1 RETINOL AND HYALURONIC ACID You would have to be living under a rock to not know of these two buzzwords in the world of skincare. The Ordinary, has made quite a name for itself in the process offering these products and so much more at extraordinarily low prices. These are cult favorites and though I have never used either retinol or hyaluronic acid, I decided to try them and its been about 2 weeks.

I only use the retinol once per week to start but the hyaluronic acid every night followed by night cream. I don’t know if its my imagination but skin looks/feels plumper.I think something is happening here! I love that this is so inexpensive that even if it did not work out, I don’t feel like I made a major investment. So far these are both products I will repurchase.I am told the retinol takes weeks to take effect, I am going to stay the course:)

2 THE BEST BLOWDRYER THAT IS SAVING ME A LOT OF MONEY How I love this dryer. I was late to the starting gate with this concept in dryers but I cannot believe how easy it is to use and that my hair is actually looking like I had it done by a professional!  Puts out a lot of heat, is very lightweight and the brush does not tangle or pull. A major winner in my book!

3 A NEW LIPSTICK ALMOST TIED WITH MY ALL TIME FAVE! So I have been wearing the color Angel from Mac for years, it is the only color I wear, day or night. When i buy it, I buy 4 or 5 tubes as they are often sold out and I never want to run out.

However I was out and went to buy it and sure enough, it was out of stock. I promptly ordered it but looked for a substitute. I found a realty good, very similar in color, great textures, lasts and I am super pleased with it. I also like that it is super moisturizing. The color is Pale Mauve but don’t be deceived by the name it is actually not at all mauve but a soft rosy pink with beige undertones, a light neutral.

4 A MASK I AM STILL LOVING Wrote about this last year and  a year later, still just love it. It feels so good on my skin and the next morning I wake up with it feeling baby soft. And if you love watermelon, then you will adore this. Japanese based, a culture that is pretty much obsesses over skincare, this is a winner in my book. I tried to buy  it this last week and both places I went to were sold out which speaks to its lasting popularity so ordered it online. A wonderful way give your skin an overnight dose of TLC.

5 MY ALL TIME FAVORITE HAND CREAM I have this on my nightstand, in  my purse and in my office. I have tried many but honestly Goldbond wins hands down. I have dry skin so having this ultra rich cream handy is a godsend. I put it on my feet too and will sleep with socks on for ultra soft feet.

6 A GREAT LITTLE CONCEALER  I normally do not use concealer but find that there are times, like in the summer, when I don’t want to wear foundation but could use little touch ups, which is where this great concealer comes into play. It is creamy and goes on so easily but lasts (most important thing)! I use it around my eyes and a little around the nose, it gives soft coverage but does the trick. Really like this product, pretty much anything by Bobbi Brown I have used, I have really liked.

7 MY TRIED AND TRUE BRONZER Have used this for at least 6 years, tried many other bronzers but they were either too orange or broke/cracked easily. This one by Tarte lasts sooooo long. They have never cracked on me, ever. On average they last at least a year and it’s a great value when you factor all this in. The color I use is  Hotel Heiress. Goes on easily and gives a soft sunkissed glow. A keeper!

8 SAY GOODBYE TO CHALK WHITE LEGS So the other day I was going out and realized my legs haven’t seen enough beach sun! I thought about applying a self tanner but didn’t think it would work quick enough so ran to CVS to see what magic in a bottle I could find. Sally Hansen airbrush legs to the rescue! Wow this only took a few seconds to apply and I could not get over how quickly it turned my white legs into bronze toned gams. Talk about a quick fix! This was fantastic and a product worth knowing about.  The shade I bought was medium glow.

9 A GREAT PEEL TO DO AT HOME These extra strength Peel pads by Dr Grossman are amazing. I was using them once a week and now do it 2-3 times per week. Great for evening out pigmentation, there are also endless reviews on it for people who break out/have acne. It is highly effective and certainly a major money saver when you compare these to an in salon service.



10 WANT TO GLOW? I always read and hear about this as being a cult favorite. Well, it did not disappoint and is a lot less money than the name brand glow lotions. This is a lightweight moisturizing “glow enhancer”. To be used with or without foundation. I put it on right after I clean my skin and it gives it this wonderful not too shiny glow, super natural and quite effective. A “will buy again” product for sure!

11 SAY HELLO TO MAKEUP THAT LASTS ALL DAY LONG!  So, a friend of mine was saying she is obsessed with this. She said it makes her makeup stay put all day long. So…..I decided to try it as she rarely steers me in the wrong direction. And she was right!

This is especially great for the summer when it is hot and makeup tends to not last as long. A few quick sprays and you are good to go. Guess there is a reason many celebrity makeup artists say this is the only setting spray they will use.

12 NEXT ON MY LIST…..I am dying to try these reusable face/eye pads that are all the rage. Still need to do some research so if anyone has a suggestion I am all ears. One I have seen on my radar is Sio…..anyone familiar? Would love to know which you recommend, I would love most for one that de puffs the under the eye area. Have you tried? Would love to know your thoughts!

So there is a recap of many of new finds as well as a few old favorites that are still standing the test of time in my book!

OK, your turn to tell me about some of your favorites. Knowledge is power…..and yes, that extends to the skin care and makeup world! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day…..


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Clare H on

I love this post because I am obsessed with make up and skin care, and my husband will attest to that!

I also love and have used the ordinary for a couple of years now, great products at an amazing price point which really highlights what a rip off so many high-end skin care lines are!

you have talked me into ordering the dry bar blow dryer today, I spend way too much on my hair and it sounds like this might be the answer.

Peter Roth makes a great peeling gel which you should try since you’re now really into skin care I swear by it.

I am also a big fan of thrive cosmetics, have many products from them all are great!

Franki Parde on

“Sally Hansen Air Brush” h/b my go to for years & years! I am probably the only person in the entire universe who misses panty hose…there I said it. franki

Annette on

Love the Peter Thomas Roth eye gels, been using every other day as I notice at age 65 my eyes need some help! I use each set about 4 times so they last awhile. I am going to go buy the blow dryer, thanks for the recommendation. I always enjoy the beauty files!

Debbie Carrithers on

I also use the L’Oreal Glowtion and another favorite is Peter Roth 24 KT cream,available tat Ulta or online .

Elizabeth on

Curious about the blow dryer, does it curl, straighten, does it add volume
Would love to know

kirsten on

Tina Thanks for your post. I recently came across ONESKIN. AMAZING!!!!

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