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Hi friends! I first want to announce the winner of the tole giveaway, congratulations goes to #4-

Susan M. on

I really like the small wastepaper basket. The curvy top edge just makes it!

Please email [email protected] to provide your full name, color choice and shipping info so this can be on it’s way!


Hope you are doing well and enjoying a nice weekend. Its been HOT. Unusually so, and quite humid.  I was in Nantucket this week and even there, it felt hotter and more humid than I ever remember, how about where you are? Hope you are stying cool. Not going to lie, a few days I found myself daydreaming about a crisp fall day then I  quickly thought about all of summer’s pleasures and I will deal with hot humid days after all.

Enough of weather, let’s move onto this weekends Sunday post….


1 NEW THINGS COMING SOON!!! We have so many exciting things happening, and I could not be happier. We are getting in a few more shipments by end of summer then its full steam ahead onto the holidays.

So madly in love with these new fretwork wood brackets. We will not do this color but to start will do them in white and ivory. I also love gold and silver leaf, would love to know your thoughts on adding those 2 colors? Chime in, in the comments if you like the idea of these in silver and gold leaf.

This is only a sample but I am so beyond excited over this treillage pedestal and urn (pictures to come). How fabulous is this! I have dreamed of doing these (pay no attention to the piece on top) the urn will match the pedestal (waiting for it to be done).

I love this so much I will literally probably do an entire room over just so these can take center stage!

Our best selling scalloped wicker consoles, will now come in a larger size! 48″ headed this way (and adding a 60″ version in Sept)!

And cannot wait to get in these fabulous planters as part of the Palmetto Bluff Collection

2 THE ULTIMATE GIFT I found out about this and was immediately intrigued. Did you know you can purchase a round the world trip with up to 6 destinations on Delta? Can you imagine being the lucky recipient of such a gift! I know someone who would jump for joy over this, my dad, a passionate traveler who has seen much of the world but still has other places to unearth.

Definitely a very special gift and so unique! I know, due to Covid these tickets were suspended but think they are back just in case you have a wanderluster on your gift list:)

Picture courtesy of Great Circle Mapper

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful roundup! Hope you enjoy…..

4 BAUBLE STOCKINGS x ENCHANTED HOME!  I am so very excited to share a fun collaboration with iconic Bauble Stockings this holiday season!! So thrilled, about this.

Their story is really something, and employs nearly 600 Haitian women who needlepoint these magnificent little heirloom stockings. Will be sharing more in Sept when these will be available via a presale/preorder! I love that these fabulous stockings can be part of creating a new tradition for the holidays.

Each stocking is 100% hand-stitched and finished. In 2018, they moved their production to a community of single moms in Haiti. This organization, Good Threads Organization which is a certified BCorp.  Here are some of the women who are part of the Bauble Stockings team-

And here is a sneak peek, for your eyes only. I am already daydreaming about my Christmas day table:) I cannot possibly name a fave can you?

Here are the stockings in their not quite finished state-

5 FOOD BOARDS TO BE BELIEVED. Discovered this account on Instagram and I am just a wee bit obsessed with her intricate and incredibly beautiful fruit and vegetable boards! I am so inspired!  Click here to see more from Berrie and the boards on their website.

I mean, have you ever seen a prettier board!!

6 A GREAT SUMMER AND TRAVEL BAG I love Carrie Forbes, own a few pair of her darling raffia sandals and saw this tote and had to have it. I thought I ordered it in another color and wasn’t happy when I got it, but turns out it was one of those really happy mistakes.

Turns out to match everything and I just love the size and roominess plus it is one of those slouchy totes which I favor. Includes an interior pocket and a center snap, very chic! I bought the natural. They are handmade, and made to order. Each one takes an entire day to make! Click here to visit Carrie Forbes

It can be “folded in” to create this shape too

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Are you a snacker or are you a three meal a day person? Maybe both:) I am definitely a snacker I could live on snacks and eating many mini meals throughout the day.

In the last month or so, we have chanted our diet quite a bit and have cut out all breads, most carbs, all sweets and eating a lot more leafy vegetables, protein, etc…..feeling much better. I am still craving snacks for going for things like raw nuts, carrots and hummus, etc….curious if you had to choose between three square meals or lots of snacks throughout the day, which camp you would be in! Which is your eating style?


And that is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this Sunday post, always love hearing from you and happy you stopped by. It’s kind of like a virtual little coffee hour with friends from all over the world. Wishing you a great day and smooth end to your weekend. Until next time….

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Niki on

You need to fix the poll. It is blank. I just see a box with small circles to click on, but no writing.

Karen Wheat on

Those mini stockings are ABSOLUTELY fantastic and love that they help Haitian women. Must have those stockings as table accents,gift accents and gifts.
The poll was empty

Linda Murray on

I would like to see more detailing in the flat edges of the shelf, There is the fret work then nothing. The edges could have a router edge adding more dimension and a more finished look.

Victoria Taylert on

There is so much ugliness in the world today, and you bring beauty and harmony to it with your offerings and your posts!

Peggy Mae on

I always look forward to your Sunday morning post with my first cup of coffee. Today I was happily reminded of our time in Tokyo. I bought our family round the world trip tickets, found out it was less expensive than just going Atlanta – Tokyo -Atlanta. And we had a year to use them. So we went Atlanta – Tokyo. Then at Christmas we went Tokyo – Singapore – Phuket -Tokyo. And then Summertime Tokyo – Zurich -Atlanta. Trick is you just had to keep moving in the same direction. Great memories for our family and a special blessing.

Sherry Swanner on

It’s hard to respond to this poll!!

Susan Millard on

Looking forward to purchasing the Christmas stockings, they’re darling! I especially appreciate supporting cause behind it.

Linda on

I make homemade breads of many types—Italian, foccacia, etc. I could never cut out all bread. I also enjoy desserts that aren’t cloyingly sweet. We don’t have fried food or red meat like thick steaks often. Lots of baked or grilled chicken and seafood. We do have lots of fruit and salads, too. Everything in moderation.

Piper B. on

Your support of these very talented Haitian artisans is very generous and kind of you, Tina. I think their stockings are so beautiful. I hope they can’t keep up with the demand. Thank you for your always inspirational 7 on Sunday.

Fanny on

I loved this post. So many good things in the works (the stockings!!) and the FYI about Delta—thanks so much! We are experiencing temps in the 90’s—thank God for AC.

Martha on

Intermittent fasting would be what you are looking for, Tina. It is the most beneficial eating schedule. You will feel great, keep a healthy weight and have better meal planning. Watch videos from Dr. Eric Berg for the information. I am not into keto, but have cut out most carbs and certainly sugar. Have just learned that cancer feeds on sugar. Worth knowing. Love the intermittent fasting plan. Check it out.

Janis Molberg on

Love the idea of the brackets being made in silver or gold leaf!!…they would be very elegant looking.

Peggy on

Love the stockings that are made by the Haitian women. They might be cute to put on Christmas packages if they’re not too big.
I would be disappointed in the purse too! For the price, the handles look flimsy and the purse doesn’t look well made.
On Saturday, our temperature gauge read over 100 degrees and that was in the shade. It’s hot and humid in Illinois too!

Teri on

Love supporting these Haitian women and love these little stockings. I would like the traditional one first shown (green with pink/red bow).
Love love the new Treillage pedestal. I immediately started imagining where I could use one (or two).
The new purse is adorable. Would like to see the sandals.

Millie on

Better order lots of those new pedestals, I think they’ll sell like wild fire! Can’t wait to see the urn that will sit on top!

Scott Chastain on

When will the needlepoint stockings be available wonderful Christmas party tokens

Mary Ann Loweth on

Without a doubt, make the fretwork wood brackets in gold leaf…they’ll sell out your first offering!

Donna on

Obsessed with the stockings! And, what an amazing cause to support!❤️Looking forward to your sept post with more info.

KH on

!!!! what is the pattern of that lovely dinner plate you feature with the stocking, please ????????

Didi on

Love the idea of the gold leaf and silver sconces. Absolutely adore the mini stockings and the difference they are making in these women’s lives. I will definitely be using them this Christmas….Please make them so affordable we can give them as our go-to gifts for friends & family, as well as decorate our tables. I love a stack of holiday-wrapped small, beautiful gifts to hand out to anyone who comes to my door in December….Thank you for all the prettiness you bring to our lives,,,

Betty on

Love, love the wooden brackets; yes to the gold.

Pat on

I would change my answer of “snacking all day” to maybe 3 meals a day if you were cooking! I love reading your recipes and hope to try them someday.

Dale S. on

Berry and the boards….outstanding….my new favorite thing to do.

Joanie on

Tina..Your article in Victoria Magazine was EXQUISITE!

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