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Hi there, scheduled this almost a week ago so hoping it posts on time. Can you believe this is Chapter 60! Today is an update on the cottage in PB. It is really chugging along. For those of you who are newer to this project. A little backstory- we owned a house in Palmetto Bluff which we sold, as we had the opportunity to purchase a large piece of land. Our end goal is to spend about half the year there and as that time nears, we will begin our main house. If you want to go all the way back to the very beginning of Bluff Diaries, click here to see all of the posts.

We want to build 3 cottages (one for each so and their eventual families). One of them, this one we made larger as we will use this as a home base for at a year or so. The other two will be true cottages. We have already begun working on the main house and will decide what our timing will be sometime in 2023. It is exciting to have this one well underway and beautiful things do indeed come in small packages!

So first an update via pictures, widows are going in which is very exiting! Then a few design ideas I am tossing around…..




These were taken on a stormy day but still looks fabulous:)

We have an outdoor fireplace!

And we have windows and doors!

These columns make such a statement:)

We are in the throes of starting to make decisions on all kinds of things, with lighting being the most important at the moment. I have been eyeing a number of Bevolo fixtures, some of the ones I love are below. These are the sconces for outside and we would select the coordinating hanging lantern to whichever we choose. Now that you have a good idea of how the house is shaping up, perhaps you want to weight in on which you like best!








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I hope you are enjoying this new chapter of Bluff Diaries.Really enjoying every step of this new build,  as I recognize it is likely to be the last new build we do. We have done our share:) Wishing everyone a fabulous day and end to your week. Until next time………..

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I’m loving the silver products, and the flatware is my choice. It’s so versatile, can dress up a table or elevate an everyday meal.

My background is in Architecture and Interior Design. I do not think you can pick something like this from what you are showing here because its really a matter of proportion and scale and you really can not get it right until you see it in person . Looking at photos does not allow you to do that. They are all beautiful; but the question goes back to that old adage in all things connected to Art, Proportion, Balance, and Scale. You have no blueprints either to see the sizes of the areas in question. Usually the correct one will pop when its the right choice that ticks all those requirements, while the others will be slightly off.

Beautiful. I just wanted to say not to make the cottages too small. Not so expensive to add bedrooms now at the front end… you don’t want the future families to feel crowded with not enough bedrooms and baths. They might even work remotely!

Hi Tina
Things are looking great! I love the style of Architecture you chose.
Love the first choice in lighting. I have that same light on our house and I just love it every time I look at it..
Enjoy the journey.

Our area has lots of Bevolo gas lighted fixtures. They are absolutely beautiful but one con is that they do not give off much light. It’s not an issue because of the abundance of street lighting. However if you are in a dark area, it might be something to consider.

Wow it is one of my dreams to renovate a home like this! I have doors from Minima Sliding and I think they would’ve looked so amazing on this house. (The link to the gallery for minima sliding doors: Check it out and maybe you can use them for your next house reno!!

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