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Good Sunday morning to you. Hope all is well with you. Spent the last 9 days at my parents but will be home soon to catch up on life. This was planned ahead of time, so hoping it posts on time! We have a busy week ahead as we will get a succession of shipments coming in within the next 2 weeks so rolling up my sleeves and getting ready!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Onward we go to this Sunday’s post……


1 A FUN TOTEBAG BRAND I bought one of these fantastic and very chic totes from Naghedi last year and it’s such an easy, stylish bag. I bought the large tote but ust ordered one of the smalls as I love anything with a crossbody strap, so easy. Not super expensive and a great travel bag as well as you can fold it/roll it up. Loving this Capri tote in soft blue. Click here to see their collection



2 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREES THAT I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT! I know it is only Sept but you know how the holiday decor has a way of creeping up on us and honestly when something is this pretty, it’s hard to keep it under wraps! I am so elated over our new chinoiserie trees.

We will offer these beauties in four sizes and four colors. Our presale will begin in 2 weeks. I mean, how elegant are these!! I see a vignette of them down the center of my dining table, a pair on a mantle, on my kitchen island, no limits as to how they can be used.  Stay tuned….just 2 weeks to go to place your order.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST No particular theme,  just a beautiful round up of beauty and inspiration that caught my eye…….


4 THE MOST AMAZING ICE CUBES! Who knew there are designer ice cubes.  If you really want to make a statement and impress your guests, this is how you do it! Wouldn’t these make a fun holiday gift that is inexpensive and so custom? I can think of a few hostesses who would get a kick out of these and I am one of them. Click here for info

5 QUEEN ELIZABETH! I loved this video as it focuses a lot on her early years and it is absolutely fascinating. What a truly remarkable woman. I have always been in awe of her, and of her loyalty to serve her country. What an elegant representation of the UK she has been during her incredible 70 year reign. Always the picture of refinement and grace.

It is hard to imagine the UK without her. There was so much I didn’t know about her including her willingness to jump in during the war and do what it took, including fixing and driving ambulances. She was fearless and unstoppable. But it was her unrelenting dedication to service that has earned her the utmost respect from the world over. No doubt just a few of the qualities that allowed her to reign over the UK so brilliantly. RIP Queen Elizabeth, you will be missed.

6 A SNEAK PEEK AT OUR INCOMING ORNAMENTS!! This has me so very excited for Christmas!! We are introducing several new styles and I am just over the moon about them. For your eyes only…..

 7 SEVEN ON SUNDAY What on earth has happened to the “travel experience”? Have you ever been on a flight where there has been an “incident” or perhaps an unruly passenger? I think I would have a serious anxiety attack.

Every time I have flown lately, I pray for not only the plane to land safely but that there are no incidences up in the air, yet they seem to be so common lately. Every time I turn around, I am hearing of some unhinged passenger losing it up in the air.

Two different friends who flew recently both had incidences, one in which they had to make an earlier landing due to a passenger exhibiting really disturbing behavior. What has happened to travel? Is nothing safe and civil anymore! How about you, have you experienced this?


Starting today for three days,  every Christmas ornament and every holiday gift wrap is 30% off! We will soon. make room for our new ornaments but this is a fantastic time to take advantage of stocking up on those we have still some limited stock of!

Click here for ornaments and click here for holiday gift wrap


Hope you enjoyed my Sunday post. Always nice to hear from you. Hope you are enjoying some nice early fall weather. My favorite season of all is upon us and I am loving it! As I will just be getting home after being with my parents the last 8 days or so, I will have plenty to catch up on as well as rolling up my sleeves and getting ray for a big week of shipments coming in…always exciting! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…….


PS Still having issues with comments appearing right away, rest assured they will show up but it’s delayed. Ugh, technology!

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franki Parde on

So glad you got to visit your parents! Safe travels!! franki

Elizabeth on

Loving the Christmas trees! I want a tall red and short green for my mantle 😍

My husband is a pilot and has seen/heard *a lot* of crazy but thankfully hasn’t had a flight go awry (:knocking on wood now:) I’ve witnessed bad behavior but never anything that would alter a flight plan or necessitate intervention.

There seems to be so much anger in the world right now, and a downright absence of civility; While I think most of us are inherently decent people, the obnoxious minority sure get a lot of attention. I know there have been other extremely turbulent times in recent decades (the 60s come to mind) but with non-stop news and social media it’s much easier to spew venom, and harder to escape it.

Melody on

Hey Tina.. do you have an update on the boxes that you shared a few weeks ago? Will those be available soon?

Mary Beth on

Hi Tina – fyi – your links to ornaments and gift wrap are not working. Beautiful post, thank you!

Nancy Behrmann on

I am having trouble “clicking here” on both or either ornaments or gift wrap🥲

Eve on

Thank you so much for posting the wonderful video about Queen Elizabeth. It was beautifully done and a great tribute to her long life & dedication to her position.

Karen on

When will the letter boxes be available—so want several

Susa on

The link to the ornaments is not working. Thanks!

Marilyn on

Not able to click on either ornaments or wrapping paper????

Norina on

The video about Queen Elizabeth was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Fanny on

We have never experienced any issues on flights, well except air turbulence—traveling in October and hope we won’t encounter such. The trees are beautiful Tina. September seems to be speeding by here. Received my beautiful silver order—fast and well packaged. Thanks to your team. Wishing you a great week and that everything goes smoothly.

Joan on

Had hoped to order several Gift Topper sets for holiday hostess gifts and stocking stuffers but everything is sold out. If I could place a back-order to be shipped before December, I would.

Charlotte on

Tina, I was a flight attendant for a major airline for 30 years. Oh, the stories I could tell you about unruly passengers. When I first began to fly, passengers would dress up for travel. Beginning in the 80’s as people dressed down for comfort, it seemed that bad behavior began to rise. Along with cheap fares, came a different class of passengers which has also added to what we are now witnessing.

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