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Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Fall is in full swing and isn’t it wonderful! I am at my parents again and hoping this will post on time.

The foliage is just starting to show its beautiful colors and I am living for this season. Hope you are enjoying it too. I am really hoping to go upstate/CT later this month to take in the spectacular sight of the peak foliage (which peaks late Oct). It is a sight to behold and since I didn’t get to do that last year, really hoping for this year!. Here we go with this weekends post….


1 LAUREN DELOACH This is one talented designer who’s aesthetic is so aligned with my own. Love her style,  had fun perusing her website to see the body of her exquisite work. Here is just a teaser, click here to see more…..


2 AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS Just never cease to be amazed by our incredibly talented customers!! Thanks for sending in these beautiful pictures featuring our products….


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Just an all around pretty lot this weekend……
























4 RUST WITH MY BLUE AND WHITE Picked up a big mum plant and with one single plant was able to fill about 9 smaller vases, 2 tulipieres and one medium sized planter! I will e doing a post on it but wanted to share this pretty center hall vignette.

Proof that blue and white works year round, and love it mixed in with a little rust. Haven’t gotten a lot of fall decor done at all this year,  but here and there, it’s looking like fall. Never can display too many blue and white porcelain pumpkins! These are 20% off today and tomorrow (along with all things blue) . Click here to see the collection. (also until tonight anything blue is 20% off, use code blue)


5 WALL POPS  I never heard of this and honestly first thought it was a spoof. These are actually all peel and stick on backsplashes!! I cannot believe how realistic they are and of course they are a mere fraction, cost wise of any type of stone. I think these could be great for short term projects, if you are planning to remodel down the road but want to do a quick refresh.

My niece is in an apt short term and hates the horrible rust toned dated backsplash in her small kitchen,  so I sent her this link and she is going to use these, so I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I think these are kind of fascinating and though I. have not used any,  think they look amazing in the pictures, it;s a way to get a more sophisticated look for an even more amazing price. Click here to visit Wall Pops.


6 SUCH CHIC STATIONERY My friend Laura Vogel has created the loveliest stationery suite in celebration of the iconic Black and White ball hosted by Truman Capote. I was so sorry to have missed her  “Martinis at the Plaza” party in NYC recently to celebrate. In any case, here is a sneak peek at this beautiful line, so incredibly stylish and elegant.

Everything about it feels so classic,  sophisticated and elegant Love the ready to go 8 piece dinner set to recreate your own little Truman Capote dinner party soiree. I would love to plan one of my own:)  Click here to find out more


Here is Truman Capote’s original invitation….

And here is the beautiful new collection that it was inspired by-

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY  So curious to see where you all in here. Are you a three meals a day person or a serial snacker or both:)  I have never been a big breakfast person, though I wish I was as its the healthiest meal to fill up on. I am definitely more of a lunch and dinner person or even better, a chronic snacker:)

Could live on cheeses and bread alone. Do you eat 3 square meals a day? Curious as to which best describe your eating style. Hopefully I have some company out there, chronic snackers unite!


Our everything blue sale ends tonight. Anything blue is 20% off!! And you know that’s a big part of our shop site:)

Click here to visit the shop

Use code- blue

And that is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the Sunday post. Start collecting those pretty Fall pictures as I will soon announce our annual Fall Love contest. Look forward to it every all, as it is a lot of fun for me to put together in celebration of my favorite season. Always fun to put them together. Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday,  until next time…..

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The “temporary” backsplash is…fantastic. We used copper “metal” temporary tiles…4 years later…I luv them, still. Ya never know…franki

Hi, everything is so beautiful, I needed this’ll. Home sick in bed but this is a real treat!

I love all of the inspiration. your blue and white with those red colored flowers is just beautiful! you have to give me some good ideas here.

I went to the show house where the designer featured that beautiful breakfast area and it was one of my favorite spaces.

hope you are enjoying the visit with your parents.

hi Tina I just want to say thank you so much for your blog. I have been spending 2 to 3 hours a day going back on many of your older blogs, broke my ankle and have been laid up so your blog has been a blessing!

I just got my pumpkin order on Friday and they are so beautiful, even prettier in person!!

A beautiful post full of gorgeous pictures is just what I needed. I hope your mom is doing OK!!

Another inspiring post. The blue and white looks so pretty with the mum’s. Thanks for sharing the tile option.
I hope your visit goes well and that your plan to go to Connecticut happens. The foliage is turning here in Pa and it looks and feels wonderful.

Considering your EATING Sunday Survey – I apparently was doing intermittent fasting before there was such a thing – lol. Never was a “Eat like a King for Breakfast, prince for Lunch and pauper for dinner” chick. I eat like a KING for dinner – all the bells/whistles (Wine included) – and then don’t eat again til Noon – and then that’s generally only a Banana plus maybe a small something extra. Start Happy Hour every day by 5ish w/ cheese, crackers, red wine, etc. – then the full on dinner @ 7. Seems to absolutely work for my waistline – as I never diet and wear same size clothing for past 40 years 🙂

Bonjour, Tina,
Loved this site, so many wonderful gooodie’s and all that blue, my favorite, will truly enjoy everytime I get your e-mail~~~Thank’s for sharing~~~Alway’s, Jean V.b. ca

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