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Hello everyone.Tina is taking some time off due to the passing of her mother. She thanks everyone for the overwhelming support, kind words and prayers and will hopefully be back soon.

Good morning lovelies. So,  we have our two finalists after nearly 3500 votes. Definitely a theme with these two finalists:) They both seem to symbolize “walking into fall” in such a beautiful way.  Both are simply gorgeous and we loved getting to see everyone’s interpretation of what fall means to them. Thank you for submitting your terrific entries. So time to vote for the grand prize winner!


From round one-

From round two-



It is nice to acknowledge some of the others from each round that came in awfully close. So here are the top five runner ups from each round. A reminder of how beautiful fall is-



Fun contest! Our next one will be Holiday Love which we will start accepting pictures for around mid December, so look out for that announcement.

Today through noon tomorrow, our Veterans Day sale is on!

25% off SITE WIDE (does not include presale items)

Click here to visit ship (use code veteran)

Hope everybody has a great weekend. Thank you for participating in our fun Fall Love contest. We will be posting a Seven on Sunday post that Tina had completed a few weeks ago, tomorrow so hope you will check back:) We will also announce the winner of our Fall Love contest.

Tina hopes to get back to normal blogging soon and again,  appreciates all the love and kindness our readers and customers have shown!

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Lovely photos. This was fun.
Thank you for honoring veterans—I’ve checked a couple things off my list.
The weather is definitely getting colder in PA as we prepare for the most wonderful holidays of the year. Continued prayers for Tina and family.

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