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Hello Enchanted Home friends! It’s time for our annual Vagabond House holiday sale. It happens every December and if you know the name, Vagabond House, then you know its synonymous with the most beautiful tableware products made of pewter and stoneware. These are true heirloom quality and make the most incredible holiday gifts. Another perk is they all come in a beautiful box so makes gift giving easy. This line is such a beautiful inspiration to start a collection, which I did years and years ago. I am now the proud owner of at least 12 or so of these Vagabond masterpieces.

Every holiday seasons I treat myself to one or two new pieces. This year it’s another tureen and the darling Christmas tree salt and peppers. These really do make sensational gifts to the hostess with the mostest or to anyone who just appreciates very fine quality and workmanship. I love that these are items you will anticipate using every holiday season.

These are the kinds of things that  you look forward to bringing out every holiday season (and some beyond the holidays).  Every year I treat myself to a few new pieces and have acquired quite a beautiful and must cherished Vagabond collection. The solid woods and pewter detailing is incredible and incomparable.

The kinds of things you look forward to bringing out every season.  Every year I treat myself to a few new pieces and have acquired quite a beautiful and must cherished Vagabond collection. The solid woods and pewter detailing is incredible and incomparable.

  • There are two ways to place an order- Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (office hours 9:30-5 EST)You can only email or call your order in as these are not online
  • Shipping is extra
  • Everything comes packaged in a beautiful box
  • Final sale
  • This sale is on for 2 days only. No extensions. Sorry!
  • This will be our only Vagabond Event for the holidays
  • Everything is in stock and ready to ship right away
  • Subject to availability, limited quantities for each item
  • Please do not submit an order request via email if you cannot pay within 12 hours
  • Shipping in the U.S. only
  • Any order over $500 will receive an additional 10% off
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565



ITEM 1 Just love how elegant this fabulous porcelain and pewter stag deer tureen is. A true work of art. What a stunning piece to grace your holiday table with.

Size: 13″L x 9″W x 11″
Care: Stoneware Bowl is dishwasher safe – Lid with Pewter knob hand wash recommended


ITEM 1B Another elegant style, the acorn leaf and fallen antlers. Fabulous!

Size: 13″ L x 9″ W x 11″ T 24 Ounces


ITEM 2 One of everyone  favorites, great price point for gift giving too. A charming and slightly insouciant, pewter squirrel snacks on a nut while perching on our hand-finished mango wood bowl. Cleverly crafted to appear as a hollow in a log, our designers carefully planned the bowl to hold a perfect amount for a medium sized gathering.


Size: 8.5″ L x 7″ W x 5″ T


ITEM 3  How stunning are these elk napkin rings? I love these for fall and winter, so luxurious and elegant. Sold individually. A beautiful item to bring out every season

Size: 3″W x 5.5″L x 4″H

$35.00 sold individually

Buy 8 or more $30.00 each

ITEM 4  Own this and love it, and use mine year round.  Have your utensils organized and handy while adding an elegant touch to any room with this beautiful holder. Made from gorgeous acacia wood and high quality solid, lead-free pewter this piece combines beauty and long lasting materials for versatile uses everywhere around your home.

Size: 13″ L x 8″ W x 7″ T


ITEM 5  Hand-cast and finished in luxury grade pewter, artistic details include an intricate wreath of tiny acorns and oak leaves to surround your wine bottle. A 3-D stag head sporting a full rack of magnificent antlers adds gravitas and rustic style. Unique and rich with detail, the Vagabond House Black Forest Wine Coaster is a mini masterpiece.

Size: 5″W x 7.75″ L x 5.25″H


ITEM 6 Every holiday table needs a beautiful set or two of salt and peppers! Feast your eyes on these pewter beauties.

ITEM 6A Table accents with the natural style of Mother Nature and her wild beasts, Vagabond House’s Deer Salt and Pepper Set are loved by the outdoorsy set. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, these Deer feature full racks of antlers, defined hooves and spirited faces.


Size: 4.5″

ITEM 6B How incredible are these St Nick salt and peppers. The attention to detail is off the chartes.A traditional St. Nick carries a basket under one arm and a walking stick in the other hand as he stands next to his woodsy companion. Santa Claus balances a miniature evergreen with one arm, while his patterned flannel and large belt buckle reflect a certain ruggedness.

Grace your table with the charming, pure-pewter design of Vagabond House’s St. Nick Salt and Pepper Set.

Size: 4″T x 2 1/2″L x 2″W


ITEM 6C Love and own these standing quails.
The attention to delicate detail our designers’ insist upon ensure that this pair will charm your guests. Finely crafted of cast, hand-finished pewter, our Pewter Salt and Pepper Sets make perfect gifts for nuptials, housewarming, collectors or just because.

Size: 3.5″T


ITEM 7 Beautiful cheese boards are a must have for your holiday entertaining.

7A Love hits one and the price is so right, great gift idea. Pewter pears adorn this elegant acacia board.Small, realistic pears accent your cheese display as they lie along the edge of this acacia wood board. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, the fruit extends from a short stem, which hangs over the piece’s edge. Intricate leaves display tremendous definition within their veins as they fan out around the pears.

Size: 10″ dia .75″ T


ITEM 7B This flying duck cheeseboard is so elegant.Capturing the free spirit and beauty of mallards in full flight, our wildlife artist, Helen Richard has created the most beautiful and unique cheeseboard we have ever seen. The solid oak board is lightly finished with food safe oils and crowned at each end with handles that are intricately detailed, statuette-like pewter mallards in flight. Amazingly craftsmanship on this piece.

Size: 24″ L x 10″ W


ITEM 7 C Own this and love it, used it for cheese boards but looks beautiful to serve desserts on too. Unique, sweet and rustically charming, this stand brings a touch of natural whimsy to your table. Crafted from slab cut acacia logs, the natural wood stand has a 1.5 inch riser foot below. A mini Song Bird statue in luxury pewter perches on the stand, so realistically detailed, your guests might worry he will peck their fingers!

Size: 14″ dia, 3″ T


ITEM 7D Prepare and serve a variety of finger foods on this elegant Pear Cheese Tray. Veiny leaves and spotted pears display brilliant detail as they rest near one edge of the circular, 13 1/2-inch board. The finely polished, pure-pewter designs illuminate against the richly colored wood.

Size: 13.5″ D


ITEM 8 Love and own this and have given it many times as a well received gift. Who couldn’t uses a beautiful nut bowl! The roomy 10 x 8 x 5.5-inch sizing provides ample space for your favorite nuts, Use this squirrel-accented porcelain nut bowl with other pieces from the Woodland Creatures collection to create a cohesive look that complements your lodge-style space. Leaf Tongs sold Separately

Size: 10”L x 8”W x 5.5”T


ITEM  9 These serving dishes will add the wow factor to your holiday table.

ITEM 9A .This large Stoneware Tray with Pewter Artichoke Handles is actually an artichoke artwork for your entertainment serveware collection. The pure pewter handles are hand-cast as defined, detailed Globe Artichokes on the stalk, complete with their feathery leaves. If not for their cool, silver color you might believe the chokes came straight from the field that day. Crafted from lustrous fine stoneware, the generous tray is double-glazed by hand and twice fired to a beautiful, shining white finish.

This large tray is perfect for generous side dish or salad service and also large enough for a farm fresh entrée. All Vagabond House table products are 100% food safe and comply with FDA standards.

Size: 19″L x 12″W x 4″T


ITEM 9B This deep dish measures 12.5 x 9.5 x 4.75 inches, making it suitable to hold large portions. Delicately detailed, carved pewter artichokes decorate scrolled stem handles on each end, showing individual leaves with precision engraving down to the smallest flower and leaf notches. The hand carved, individually created pewter artichokes almost seem to come alive with detail, spicing up any appetite. Enhance your table setting, serve delicious meals family-style or bring organic elements to a boring buffet with the entire artichoke line. While the dishes may be washed in the dishwasher, handwashing before placing in the dishwasher is advised to keep the finish smooth.

Size: 14″ L x 8.5″ W x 2.5″ H


ITEM 9C  This fallen antler dish is a stunner!Vagabond House’s Fallen Antler Oval Stoneware Serving Tray adds dramatic style to any setting. Intricately detailed, pure pewter handles are cast from a mold of real antler and finished by a scattering of precious pewter leaves and acorns. Unique tray has a rustic yet uniquely elegant vibe.

Size: 22″ L x 14″ W



ITEM 10 Double hand glazed to a brilliant, white finish, our stoneware tureen is the  perfect foundation for a pyramid of acorns and pinecones sculpted as its pure-pewter finial. A branch of acorns surrounds a brilliantly-defined pinecone as leaves extend from underneath the design. These naturally appealing elements serve as the handle on top of the lidded tureen. The 3 piece tureen set includes the stoneware dish and tray along with the metal decorated lid.

Size: 13″L x 9″W x 11″ Holds approx. 96 ounces / 12 cups


ITEM 11 Perfect hostess gift!Vagabond House’s Salad Server Set is hand-crafted in beautiful teak wood. Each server is topped with an intricately detailed pewter elk head, an elegant, unique finishing touch. The set is a perfect accompaniment for our stoneware, Elk theme serving bowls

Size: 14″ Long


ITEM 12 Another item I own and love.A delicately detailed, pure pewter olive branch, laden with fruit and leaves, is the focal point of Olive Grove Pewter Oil and Vinegar Server. The branch is both the handle and the join for two, banded pewter cups which hold the glass serving bottles. Each bottle has a pewter olive stopper.

Size: 6″L x 3″W x 9.5″T


ITEM 13 Have you seen prettier ice tongs!~ A must have for any bar or as a gift to one who takes their home bar seriously:)Use these acorn leaf tongs to place ice in glasses or move food between serving platters and plates. Sturdy construction from pewter and flexible 2 x 3.5 x 11-inch sizing make these food/ice tongs a reliable addition to your fall serving accessories.

Size: 2″T x 3.5″W x 11″L


item 14  This is the cutest bread/snack bowl I have seen.  Bear Cub Bread Bowl is hand-crafted in chatoyant acacia. Rustic style and texture come from a smooth finished strip of natural bark at the rim. An adorable pewter bear cub climbs up to peek at the contents. The cute cub is hand-cast with intricate detail adding whimsical charm to your table.

Size: 14.5″L x 7″W x 4″T


ITEM 15  These bottle stoppers are the pretties and I have several. Makes a great gift as they come beautifully gift boxed and if you really want to elect the gift you can give thee with a bottle

All $30.00 (except lab which is $35)


Flying duck




ITEM 16  Lovely pewter napkin rings will elevate any seating on your table. An elegant way to add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday table. and what a fun item to bring out holiday after holiday.

$28.00 each

Specify duck, Santa or equestrian

Sitting quail $32.00 each (buy 8 or more $30 each)

Santa $32.00 each (buy 8 or more $30 each)

Equestrian $28.00 each (buy 8 ore more $26.00)

ITEM 17 The prettiest set of antiqued coasters are a must have for any entertainer!Spread this elegant, pure-pewter Acorn Coaster Set all over the house for a far-reaching presentation. Collections of acorns bunch together with leaves in beautiful displays of movement all around the surface of these pieces. Scaly-patterned cupules at the top of each nut blend with the veiny foliage to give these groupings a defined texture.

Consisting of six coasters, this set also includes a clear, glass case for storage.

Size: 4.5″DIA x .75″H


ITEM 18 Adore these Christmas tree salt and peppers and think they would make a beautiful gift to be enjoyed year after year.Fuel the holiday spirit by decorating your table with Vagabond House’s Christmas Tree Salt and Pepper Set. Headed by a stars, these pure-pewter evergreens feature multiple layers of branches and needles. The remarkable craftsmanship in these pieces give them a rough, realistic texture.

Size: 2.75″L x 2.75″W x 4″H


ITEM 19 Clusters and sprays of pure pewter lilacs adorn Vagabond House’s Lilac decorated products. The detail on each petite bloom is so realistic, you will swear you smell springtime every time you see them. The old-fashioned flowers have a new mission for their beauty, embellishing Vagabond House’s talked about tableware.

Size: 17″ L / 16″ W / 4.5″ T

$110 for bowl and salad servers

ITEM 20  Gorgeous lilacs pie server, love how vintage this looks.Clusters and sprays of pure pewter lilacs adorn Vagabond House’s Lilac decorated products. The detail on each petite bloom is so realistic, you will swear you smell springtime every time you see them. The old-fashioned flowers have a new mission for their beauty, embellishing Vagabond House’s talked about tableware.

Size: 11″ L / 3″ W / .5″ T


ITEM 21 These fabulous cover3d cheese dishes are amazing and a fantastic value. Offered in two sizes. Great gift idea, use with or without cloche.  Love having a cover until your guest arrive. A beautiful and versatile piece.

Stag deer

6.5″ $58.00

13″ $95.00


6.5″ $50.00

13″ $105.00

Christmas tree 6.5″ only size available

6.5″ $48.00

ITEM 22 If you are looking for the ultimate holiday sugar and creamer, look no further. What Christmas table wouldn’t look incredible with these. mini works of art.

Crafted in the shape of Santa’s head, our sugar bowl captures his jolly spirit in pure-pewter form. Thick, defined hair covers much of St. Nick’s round face and head, while his hat droops with the weight of a pom-pom. A hand-painted holly branch injects some color into this exquisite design as it extends from the ornamental band on Santa’s hat. Spoon sold separately.

Sugar bowl and spoon

Size: 4 1/2″T x 4″L x 4″W



Creamer Our Santa Claus graciously offers his round head to the body of Vagabond House’s creamer. A bushy beard and mane cover the majority of St. Nick’s form, while the top portion of the jug emerges from his hair line. Exquisite berries and leaves embellish the holly wreath on Santa’s head, while his remarkably defined hair highlights the craftsmanship of this piece.

Size: 4″T x 4 1/2″L x 3″W



One lucky winner will win a pair of the pewter salt and peppers! Simply leave a comment on this post  telling us your favorite item or two and how you might use them and we will select a winner on Wednesday.


Such beautiful works of art and 20 beautiful reasons to get excited about the holidays!  If you want to place an order, you can call or email it in. Great way to check off your gift giving list and don’t forget to treat yourself to something special:)


[email protected]


Thank you for stopping in. Hope everyone has a super day!

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Jennifer on

I love the cheese boards. We probably do charcuterie once a week. The pewter sugar and creamer set is adorable as well.

Happy Holidays!

Sharon Foster on

Love the bottle stoppers! What great stocking stuffers and hostess gifts..

Lynn on

Those salt and pepper Christmas trees please! I would use the trees in a little vignette and not on the table lol 🙂

Ann on

What a beautiful collection! I especially love the the Santa suger, creamer and salt and pepper shakers. Amazing details!

Janet on

My absolute favorite piece is the stoneware tureen with acorn and pinecone detail. This is the quintessential piece that will sit beautifully on every holiday sideboard. Also love the quail salt and pepper set. Happy Holidays!

Jackie S on

I need those Santa sugar and creamers!! So adorable

Linda Rubin on

I especially love the platters and serving bowls. They are stunning. They would look beautiful on any table

Victoria Taylert on

The detail in each offering is amazing! Any item would greatly enhance a tablescape, but my favorite is the salad bowl and servers. Rochester NY is the lilac capital of the world, where I was born and I LOVE the lilac trim!

Meg A on

The Santa sugar and creamer are darling! Perfect for the coffee set up for my guests.

cheryl p on

Such a beautiful line of home goods. Love the oil and vinegar set, and the cheese boards.

Marilyn Stirrett on

I really like the Pear Cheese Tray. It is practical and could be used any time of the year with a variety of types of foods–cold cuts, cheeses, crackers, fruits, cupcakes, etc etc.

Anita on

Excited about these items because they make lovely gifts for the season. I wold enjoy the fallen antler serving tray. It would make a lovely cheese tray for a small gathering.

Anne Nelson Morck on

I would use the acorn leaf tureen as a centerpiece on my table. I also love the cheese boards with cloche covers. That one would live on my counter all the time! Beautiful selection, as always!

Megan on

The salt and pepper shakers are the perfect small touch for my holiday table. My kids would love them!

Kathleen on

The Christmas trees salt and pepper shackers would make such a great gift for my family or me!

Francine on

My favorite is the salad bowl and serving utensils. I’ve been wanting a wood salad bowl for a long time but never found one that I totally love, This one is it! I also think the stoneware tureens are magnificent.

Judith Orazi on

Oh wow, just when I’ve thought I have enough,it appears I am now smitten with these offerings! I have bee looking for the glass covered wooden platter. I love but then there are all the Christmas accessories. So hard to choose!

Susan Kayden on

I love the gorgeous Artichoke serving pieces and that adorable Lilac pie server. So unique!

Kim WS on

The lilac salad bowl and servers are just beautiful!

Laurie B on

OMG!!! How to choose! Every single item is exquisite! I am partial to “any” of the stunning soup tureens. But could see myself using each and every item listed. Stunning selection of beautiful tableware! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Liz on

I love the quail S&P and the elk napkin rings. Both would be a lovely addition to my holiday tanlescape.

Carolyn on

The nut bowl with the squirrel is great. I love it along with the cheese boards !

Sherry B on

I have purchased several Vagabond House items as gifts and am always happy with their quality and beauty. I have my eye on the Sant Claus sugar and creamer…..for myself!

Anne Marie on

Lilac salad bowl and server…can be used all year!

Linda on

The napkin rings and bottle stoppers are two of my favorite things; however, there a number of things I love. With the holidays here I would use both of these things on my table.

Joy DiCenso on

My Santa themed table would be extra this year with the Sugar and Creamer Santas!

Laurie on

The salad bowl and severs are really beautiful. Also love the soup tureens!!

Becky on

I adore the Santa sugar and creamer, and in addition to their stated purpose, I’d use them for jam or jelly on Christmas morning and salad dressing or sauces for Christmas dinner! Really hard to choose just a few faves!

Kathy on

The pewter Christmas tree salt and peppers are so adorable! Had to order a set right away for upcoming Christmas brunch!

Deb on

The white platter with the fallen antler handles is to just die for. Would probably end up using it year round because I would hate to put it away!

NDraper on

Love the nut bowl, reminds me of my grandfather who always had nuts out for snacking. I have a couple Vagabond pieces and the quality and finish are stunning.

Lin on

These are all heirloom pieces! Looking forward to furnishing my daughter’s new home with some!

Robin J on

I LOVE the mini song bird on the wood pedestal. You could use it year round.

Marilyn on

The Christmas tree salt and pepper.

Eve on

My favorites are the Pear Cheese Board & the Porcelain Squirrel Nut Dish 🥰. Beautiful tabletop items!

Jacquelyn on

I adore the equestrian bottle stoppers and cheese domes! Very unique!

Kristen L on

I love love love the Elk napkin rings. I would use them at Thanksgiving every year!

Maria on

What could be more beautiful than the flying duck cheese board? It is a show stopper in my opinion! I’m just imaging it among other cheese boards. It would be a stand out! Every piece is outstanding, but I love the cheeseboards. I use them constantly.

Susan on

It’s very hard to choose because there are so many great items. I love the elk napkin rings. They are so elegant and would look great at our Thanksgiving table in Colorado.

Deanna on

The elk napkin holders would be great for our cabin. I like so much on here that it’s difficult to choose! The salad bowl is terrific, also.

Patti S on

the Santa cream and sugar are adorable!

Jo on

What a beautiful collection. I have several pieces of Vagabond – the quality is amazing. I especially love the Santa creamer and sugar bowl and the Santa salt and pepper. Writing Santa now to tell him I’ve been very good this year!

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