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Hi friends, how are you doing? Hope you are  well. Taking it easy this weekend as its been a busy busy week trying to get our warehouse in order.  It is going to take us weeks but we have scratched the surface and it feels good! We are preparing for several new shipments (spring) and we need to be ready. Having a nice relaxing weekend as my father is in town. It’s good for both of us for him to be here, makes me feel one step closer to my mom:)

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Onward we go to this weeks post……



1 ROOM SIZED PLANS YOU CAN ACTUALLY WALK THROUGH! This is actually pure genius! Having built a few homes, I have a really appreciation for the angst you have sometimes when trying to “visualize” spaces and sizes. It’s one thing to see on paper but a whole other to be able to walk through these actual spaces which typically is not until the framing starts. Until now! This company, creates life-sized plans of your project that you actually get to walk through. Have you ever? Click here to visit Walkable Plans

2 OUR NEW FRETWORK BRACKETS I was so excited to get these, I had them alive and well in my mind and seeing them in “real life” was even better. I brought them home but finally got them hung and  could not love them more! We are down to a handful left but will definitely be reordering! Click here to see (these are large but they come in med and large)




3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never a shortage of beautiful inspiration instagrams to share with you and these are a perfect example-

4 A GREAT INTERVIEW WITH CHARLOTTE MOSS I am a big fan of Charlotte Moss and I throughly enjoyed this interview. So much good information by someone who has such a flair and  talent for creating beautiful spaces, setting gorgeous tables, etc…..this is a good one!

5 WESTON FARMS No one does magnolia like Weston Farms. Their blooms are the longest lasting because they are “just picked” and arrive so fresh and beautiful. I am a huge fan! I had the best mail day the other day when I received this magnificent wreath and cut magnolia stems.  What a treat. I went right to work displaying them. Waiting to hang the wreath.  I love magnolia all times of the year but fall and winter makes it a perfect indoor fresh plant to enjoy. Click here for beautiful Weston Farms


6 SOME FUN HUMOR These were too good to not share, hope you enjoy-


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY This is all about flying, something I personally hate to do but do it when I must. Let’s face it, today flying is not the luxury it used to be considered but instead a means to get from point A to point B. In my experience of flying post covid, I think only once among several flights was our flight on time.Every single flight packed to the gills which for me, being super claustrophobic is anxiety provoking. The airports are chaotic (at least in NY), and rarely do flights leave on time. It’s always something. Curious what your thoughts  are on air travel today?


Today and tomorrow is our “We are overflowing and need to make room/MLK Day” sale where the entire site is for the first time ever, is 30% off! (presale items excluded)

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Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…..

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Rose on

I love the idea of a walk-through house plan! You would get a much better idea of everything: room size, furniture placement, any adaptations you’d need to make, etc. I will probably never build a house, but if I were to, this is what I would want to use.

Caron on

Beautiful inspirations for a cold winter day!Cute funnies,too.

Sharon on

Love the walkthrough floor plans! A big help for someone,like me,who has difficulty with visualizing scale.
Would love to see the offer a faux magnolia and Lenten rose or other white winter flower arrangement.

Susan Kayden on

Love the fretwork! hoping to see more products in that style. I’m a big Charlotte Moss fan too. Thanks for posting the interview!

franki Parde on

Always well thought out & executed…I like your side!! franki

Sandra on

What a fabulous idea!


Tina, what a great idea those walkable plans are! I sure wish we could have had this when we built our dream home at the lake! My dear hubby actually made furniture, etc. to scale so we could see how everything would fit — a great idea but so much work for him! It was great when the moving company moved us in. They could not believe how we knew where to place everything!

Your white fretwork brackets are so beautiful! I think I have to order a set of them. Also, Tina, the wallpaper on that wall is so pretty. Your new home is gorgeous. May you be blessed with many wonderful years in it.

How nice to have your Dad there with you! Please give him a hug and let him know how much we appreciated his last email! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful wise Dad!

Have a wonderful week, Tina!

Leila Jane on

I just HAVE to ask ~ Is the man who is hanging the fretwork piece by your fireplace REALLY standing on one of your beautiful blue and white porcelain garden seats??? NO WAY!!! I’m wondering why he did not use a small ladder? I guess this points out how sturdy those garden seats must be, LOL!!!

Meredith on

I am going to buy those brackets right this minute, They are gorgeous!! I love when you show us things in your home or in your customers house because it really provides a great perspective.

As usual. , you add such beauty to my Sunday, loved everything about this post and those real life plans are incredible!

Donna D on

Lol, I loved the shampoo and conditioner comment. I have so had this problem when in the shower and just guessing which is which. I have even at times worn my glasses in the shower just to be sure or placed the containers in order just before so as to have at least a fair shot at getting it right.

caroline engelhardt on

Hi Tina ,

Had a great laugh with dont blame the holidays you were fat in August !! Soo funny ! Enjoy every minute with your Dad ! Do not over stress with the warehouse — take it slow everything will work out ! You bought the most amazing house I love everything about it !! Dr. Caroline Engelhardt

Holly on

I was also so nervous to see the man standing on the garden stool 😀 too funny!

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