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Hi everyone, as I said a few weeks ago, every Saturday, I will share an interesting email or two from my deal old dad who sends me many things that I have taken great pleasure (and time) to actually start reading. Though I wanted to take the time in the past to read them, as with a lot of emails in my box, they got pushed to the wayside until I had more free time (which never seemed to happen).

However with my mom’s passing, that all changed. One morning I woke up and happened to open one and it was the one about the train of life and not only did the tears flow, but so did the emotions and even a little guilt over not taking the time to read what he would send me. That has all changed, and now I always take the time to read them and 9 times out of 10, they are excellent reads, entertaining, thought provoking and fascinating. So thanks Dad!  Today is a light and simple read with an incredible video worth watching. Enjoy!







And then you have to see this video utterly spellbinding in every way. I mean I expected something incredible but his went far beyond what I had even imagined!


Those were such  fun facts and I am with Walt Disney:)  How knew a single olive could save so much money! And an apple to wake you up? And speaking of apple how insane are Apple’s headquarters? Pretty incredible with a pretty impressive price tag to match!  That was astounding to me. Hope you enjoyed, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…..


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Cathy McCabe on

The pin sign bocks the reading material

Eileen on

Thanks for all the information. I didn’t know about Apple. Wow!!! The facts your father sends is fascinating. Tell him thanks.

Nancy on

Love old sayings. Hope your Dad has more to share.

Bethany on

You are MOST BLESSED with WONDERFUL family members…Thank you & your father for blessing us…

Ann-Marie Lindner on

So fun!!!

Judy Johnson on

Such a wealth of information from your dad “fun” and unusual facts. My 18 year old grandson who has Aspergers loves facts like these….I’ll be sharing this post with him. Thank you for sharing your dad with us on Saturdays!

Louise Gorham on

Your facts were interesting and fun to read and share are!

Kathleen Laderer on

Love this, tell your Dad we appreciate the interesting and humorous facts to counteract what’s in the papers and tv. Keep it up.
Lovely way to of sharing a bit of your day with your Dad.

Cynthia Dahl on


Very sorry to read about your Mom.

Laurie C on

Good morning Tina, Thanks for sharing your father. I wish my father was still here so that I could share this with him as I know he would have found this so interesting! Please don’t be too hard on yoursel fabout not reading his emails when you were so busy as you have been given a wonderful chance to connect with him now. Lucky you! 🙂

Danelle Ciapponi on

That was a great read, So much knowledge from your Dad that most people wouldn’t know or ever know. It also gave me a chuckle this morning which I needed. I lost my own dad 20 years ago so thank you to your Dad for sharing. You forget how great that feels so have your Dad share his wisdom.

Philip on

Very interesting!
Learned a lot…
Thank you and your Dad.

Kathy M on

Thank you for sharing your dad with us.

Julie on

Your Dad makes me laugh! Thank you for sharing him with us and tell him that he is MUCH appreciated:-)

Audrey Packard on

Excellent videos and info from your dad. Thanks for sharing.

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