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Hello and happy Sunday to you. Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend. Been a little under the weather, think I got it from my husband. I have been around a few people who have been under the weather so think its just that time of year. Tis the season. On the weather front, another gloomy cold day in NY. Cannot believe we have had no snow!! I am actually craving a beautiful snow day so sure hope we get some. I know for many areas it’s feast or famine. Onward to this weekend’s post….


1 OUR BEAUTIFUL HYDRANGEA GARDEN MELAMINE I think most equate melamine with spring/summer entertaining. Not me! We use ours year round. This absolute stunning hydrangea themed table by talented Tuft and Trim using our Hydrangea Garden collection plates was too pretty to not share!


2 MY FAVORITE FAUX FLOWERS. This is a sure way to bring dose of spring indoors if you are craving warmer weather. These were quite a hit on Instagram so thought I would share them here too. The Lily of The Valley shown were mostly the 17″ which we sold out of but the 12″ were just restocked and now online. I then filled in with our incredible lifelike white lilacs and white oak leaf hydrangeas. The second arrangement was mostly using the oak leaf hydrangeas and filled in with The Lily of The Valley. Win/win!

The center arrangement was done in our. newest square French wire basket (another favorite). I just love how all this came out so much that it’s going to stay this way for a while.

Couldn’t love this more. I almost feel like I need to host a little wedding:)  I used a block of oasis to keep them in place and it was honestly so easy to do these. Took me just minutes. These are incredibly versatile and can work beautifully mixed in with real or faux flowers. Of course as a big bunch, they are spectacular on their own. Best part, no green thumb or water required! Click here to see our lifelike florals.

Love how it dressed up my breakfast room!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This weekend seems to be all about all around prettiness and subconsciously collected quite a few pictures of Paris. Think the universe is telling me that I need to get back there sooner than later:)

4 GORGEOUS FRENCH HOME IN ATLANTA! Such a beautifully curated home. I thought it was worth sharing. It is so warm and inviting,  love them mix of textures, colors and pattern. Very elegant and incredibly inviting, seen in Atlanta Home Magazine. Click here to read more about it.


Photography by Emily Followill

Design by Cindy Can

5 A NEW FAVORITE PERFUME I have a few fragrances that I wear on rotation (mostly Jo Malone and one Aerin)  but this new one, Fleur de Peony  from Aerin is a new favorite being added to my arsenal. It is so soft and pretty, my favorite kind of scent. Worth a spritz next time you are near a perfume counter! This is so delicious! Bought mine at Nordstrom.

6 A BEAUTIFUL HOME TOUR WITH CAROLYNE ROEHM I thought everyone would love seeing this. I had the good fortune to visit Carolyne in her beautiful Charleston beautiful home last year (so beautiful) and she is a wonderful, fun and friendly hostess. The home speaks for itself, she definitely has the magic touch! If you haven’t seen this, you are in for a treat.

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So I periodically ask for your opinion on new products. I am quite excited about this fabulous new lantern (which I will be using in my own home) which will be available in a med and large. We will start by offering it in 3 colors. Would love your opinion as to which colors you think might work best? There will be glass panels and of course the electrical kit and chain.  Please feel free to weigh in….


That is a wrap for this Sunday. Appreciate you stopping by. Anything resonate or excite you? Love to hear from you ! Wishing everyone a wonderful day, still no snow here just gloomy skies:( Until next time…..

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Eve on

What a beautiful post. I have been a huge Carolyne fan for years. She has such exquisite taste. My love for blue and white started from her. Thanks for posting the tour of her beautiful Charleston home.

Meredith on

Your beautiful post never disappoint, and are always the best part about Sundays!

cannot get over your flowers they look so real. I am going to head over to take a look now. Loved the hydrangea table, setting to, feel so fresh.!

you can have our snow we have over a foot outside and it’s almost too cold to go outdoors!

I love the new lanterns so much would love to know the sizes you’re considering I have two places in my home where that would look so pretty.

franki Parde on

Marvelous, as usual…but, omg, Carolyne Roehm…icon!!! franki

Nancy Brantley on

I agree with Eve. Carolyne’s home is exquisite! Give me color….not drab. I also like the mix in Atlanta home!

LP on

Nice post! I am a fake flower snob having grown up with both mother and a father who were serious gardeners, but must admit these flowers are spectacular, well done!

Love the Atlanta house, just my style and yes to that beautiful new lantern style. I could use two in my hallway.

Have a good day and feel better

Peggy on

What a beautiful Seven on Sunday post. From the pretty cupcakes to the Quintessence video about Carolyne Roehm. She is quite the decorator and seems like a very nice person, as well. Love her use of color, especially in the lavender bedroom. As I write this, the snow is gently falling. Have a great weekend and feel better.

Maria on

Gorgeous and inspiring post as usual!
Love the lanterns in almost any color!
Carolyne Roehm has been a longtime favorite of mine. Her interiors and exteriors are always inspiring.
Thank you for bringing Sunday morning joy each week!

Liz on

Hi Tina
I am Interested in starting a collection of ginger jars in white and blue reasonable priced any ideas or info wiĺl be greatly appreciated.

Kathleen on

Fabulous post! That video clip so great! Thank you!
Do not worry we will get snow! I always think of February as the snowy month here in southern NY.

Martha on

Feel better soon. The Atlanta house was lovely. Paris photos make me wish I was there. You will have to produce the lanterns in all colors because they can be used everywhere. Pink would be darling in a little girl’s room or a lady’s dressing room. Could not eliminate any of the choices! Lovely post. Looking forward to the evolution of your new home’s interiors. It looks beautiful.

Lisa Wilson on

Your flowers- wow! Never would have known they are not real!

LOVE the new lanterns, would love two ivory for above my kitchen island😊

Eve on

Oh I love the lantern & I think you should do many colors – it’s great for so many spots – I would like one over my breakfast table!!

Gina Smalley on

Would also love to see your new lantern in all gold .

Veronica on

Please make affordable chinoiserie style chandeliers and scones. Bath towel bars kitchen hardware. Almost impossible to find

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