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Hi there, as our warehouse is starting to finally get into decent shape, we have found all kinds of things. Definitely a work in progress but the purge feels good:) We have found A LOT!!!! This is the very best kind of sale, not having to leave your house and haggle with anyone. If it’s available it’s yours and the prices are impossible to beat! We will continue to have these as long as we keep finding items! So, take 15 with a cup of coffee and take in all the bargains…..

Lots of silver here today as we just went though our entire silver dept and there was lots that we found. Plus some great holiday finds and just so many other amazing deals. It’s like a treasure hunt every single time:) There literally is something here for everyone! Please read over rules prior to placing your order-


  • There are two ways to order- call or email
  • If calling, call 800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5 EST) OR email [email protected]
  • Please use item numbers to order (and color or style if applicable)
  • Once orders are paid, we start shipping orders right out in order they came in
  • If we are invoicing you, all invoices are due within 12 hours 
  • Only a paid invoice is a confirmed order
  • Items that are considered “seconds” will have minor flaws, which is why they are greatly discounted
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some things can ship international, email orders@enchantedhome. com if you need an international quote
  • Questions? Simply email or call
  • Sale ends on Friday



ITEM 1 Love silver? Then you will love these,they are all new but have been out of the box. some were found in storage and all need a really good polish! A great little DIY:)

1A We have 6 of these out of stock large mint juleps. Could use a light polish, these are beautiful for flowers which I use all the time!

Large measures 6″

$30.00 each

1B One left of our large deer head wine cooler, love this piece and the hammered silver. Just needs a good solid polish.

MeasuresLarge 12.5″ x 8″ x 10.5″ 


1C  We have 3 of our stunning antiqued rustic beverage holders. Two are missing one handle. One has the missing handle unattached if you want to reattach. The other does not have the extra handle so recommendation would be to remove both handles. Both are ideal as a beverage holder and can hold 3-5 bottles!

Measures 12″ x 10″

$55.00 for one with only one handle

$65.00 for one with unattached handle

1D Set of 3 mint juleps needing a really good polish. Includes one large beaded, one autumn leaf medium and one engraved medium

$55.00 for the three

1E Have three of these fabulous engraved scalloped footed bowls. These are ideal for candies, berries, grapes etc…but truly beautiful enough to display with  nothing at all. Just needs a great polish!

Measures  12″ x 12,5″

$45.00 each (two available)

1F One set of two large serving spoons and one large serving fork. Just needs a good polish.

$25.00 for all three (sold as three only)

1G  One left our fabulous champagne bucket/wine cooler. Such an elegant piece, just good polish up and you have yourself a stunning piece!

Measures 10″ x 13″


1H A set of four mint juleps, needing some TLC. Perfect for bud vases too! one large Christmas wreath, one equestrian  medium, one bow and garland medium and one engraved floral small.

$60.00 for all four

1I One left of this elegant brand new antiqued brass scalloped planter. One of the little feet broke off, easiest thing is to remove all three feet and you have yourself a beautiful planter for orchids, flowers, etc…

Measures 12″ x 9″ x 5″


1J Have one of our best selling small etched, pierced planters up for grabs. One foot fell off and can either be reattached or the othre 3 can be removed for a flat lying planter. Perfect for flowers, topiary, etc…

Measure 7.5” L x 6.5” W x 5.5” H


1K Have several chargers/small serving trays for sale. This is a stunner, engraved  with elegant etch work. Just needs a good polish.

Measures 13.5″


1L Our bamboo octagonal charger is another perfect serving tray for drink, appetizers, etc…

Measures 13.5′


1M And we have one of our fabulous pierced Chippendale chargers/small tray also for sale, just polish and its good to go!

Measures 13.5″

1N One left of our beautiful intricately engraved chargers/small trays. Makes one heck of a gorgeous serving tray!

Measures 13″


IO Fabulous engraved scalloped planter with four delicate feet. Perfect size for orchids, a fern, fresh flowers, etc…..

Measures 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 5.5″




ITEM 2 We have a handful of these porcelains left, some are missing lids and a few are discontinued styles

2A Two of these solid white large chunky jars (no lids) just waiting for a big bunch of blossoms or branches to fill them!

Measures 18.5″ tall

$95.00 each

2B One large chunky white with lid left, this is a large and really magnificent jar. Love the foo dog lid.

Measures 19.5″



2C One of our fabulous hexagonal pheasant jars is without a lid. But what a pretty jar to hold branches, blossoms,etc….

Measures 18.5″ tall


2D One left of these beautiful footed porcelain planters. This one came in much lighter than th usual green, its actually a very pretty soft celadon color. Just waiting for beautiful greenery or flowers. New in box.

Measures 10″ x 8.5″ 


2E One left of this fabulous floral green/white jar which has no lid. Perfect for blossoms or flowers!

Measures 17″


ITEM 3 Discontinuing our larger sconce shades/small lamp shades. Limited numbers  of each style. If you know the prices for pleated shades, you will recognize that these are a steal!

Measures 6.5H” x 7.25″ at widest point

1-4 $20 each

5 or more $16.00 each

12 or more $14.00 each










ITEM 4  Found more of our beautiful wicker breakfast trays in 3 gorgeous colors.

We are discontinuing our beautiful wicker breakfast trays. Hate seeing htem go as we did well with them but the manufacturer we were wrking with is closing so we will down the road look for another source. In the meantime, these are a fabulous deal! Includes removable tray for easy serving and two side holders for magazines, remote, etc…

Offered in soft green, pink and white

Measures-28″ length 16’5″ wide and height 11″ (opening in center measures 18″)



ITEM 5 Got these in just last week, way way too late!! But its never too early to start planning for next spring is it? We could have sold these twenty times over. Our loss is your gain. Beautiful hand painted tole eggs.

These giant 24″ eggs are incredibility. So beautiful flanking a front door or entry way.

Measures 24″ tall









ITEM 6 These new  pink jars came in a batch that was the wrong color but it is a beautiful color!  This is more of a rose pink than a pale pink. Our loss is your gain. We are selling these for half off! One customer made the 14″ into the most darling pair of lamps for her daughters room!

Offered in three sizes-

Large 14″ $55.00

Medium 11 $45.00

Small 9″ $35.00



ITEM 7 We have a lot of glass items that we have gone through from our incredible etched glass collection and have tons to unload but here are some at bargain prices!


7A Our large centerpiece bowl in the double Greek key is a beauty! These are stunning for a dining table, center hall table, or console.

Measures 15.5″ round



7B Our small open ended shaped vertical leaf hurricane set the prettiest table!

Measures 12″

$40.00 each

Pair for $75.00


7C Our tall footed Greek key hurricane is another customer favorite. A pair on a dining table looks so elegant. Works well with a 4-5″ pillar candle or stunnig as a falower vase!

Measures 15.5″ tall

$60 each

$110.00 for a pair


7D Our tall footed Lily of the Valley is another newcomer which sold out almost immediately. We have 2 or 3 left. These in addition to making fabulous hurricanes make a stunning floral vase.

Measures 15.5″


7E We have a handful of our minis which make the best flower vases and of course work beautifully as hurricane!

Offered in a few sales

Measures 8.5″ tall





ITEM 8 Have a handful left of these bamboo metal planters. We will get them in again  but changed manufacturers and have new colors coming in.

Small 6″ x 6″ $30.00

Medium 8″ x 8″ $40.00

Large 10″ $48.00

White- 1 small

Blue- 4 small and 2 large

Green- 1 large


ITEM 9  These beautiful spring green/gold scalloped planters make floral decorating so easy. Everything looks good in them! Beautiful fresh spring green with a gold trellis and beautiful scalloped detailing. Two rings on either side, two sizes. Beautiful for greenery, florals, orchids, etc….

Medium measures 10″ x 8″x ”  $40.00

Large measures  Measures 14″ x 10″ x 8″$55.00



ITEM 10 Much to our surprise found a handful of our exquisite smaller hand painted chinoiserie murals!! These are about half of their normal selling price. All in perfect condition. A fabulous way to finish a wall space or add to an existing vignette.

Measures 18″ x 15″

$65.00 each

Buy 2 or more $60.00 each

4 available in soft green and 1 available in soft blue





ITEM 11 This is available for non payment. Have one left of our very popular wicker scalloped wastepaper basket. In one area the border  is unattached, nothing a little crazy glue cannot fix.

Measures 12″




12A The popular Frankincense and myrrh fragrance is one I look forward to burning all year long. A heavenly scent that will permeate the room you use it in and bone. And how about that packaging!

Scent- Piney and lemony with a sweet woody aroma, great winter fragrance

1A. 14 oz  candle


12B This beautifully and yummy smelling gingerbread candle will make any gift recipient happy! This is holiday magic in a candle!

Scent- a soft warm scent of freshly baked gingerbread

3A. 8 oz candle



ITEM 13 What a surprise to find this! We had 10 of these custom made for someone and had one extra. This is stunning, meant for holidays but I could see this being used other than the holidays. A beautiful elegant artichoke topiary with berries planted in our bet selling village scene hex planter.

Measures 28″ tall



ITEM 14 One round wicker urn with ring handles up for grabs. Has a very slight defect, just one loose part of the banding, easily fixable.

Measures 18.5″ x 13″



ITEM 15 Found some of our fabulous trays that have been sold out. These are deals!! These are amazing for serving, display, vanities, bars, etc…nearly half price!


15A one of these fabulous pierced leaf metal/told trays in small in pale pink/ivory. Such a beautiful tray, ideal for a vanity or powder room.

Measures 16″ x 12″ x 2″


15B One of our large floral trays with pierced leaf detailing, just exquisite in pale green, perfect condition. Almost half price!

Measures 17″x  13″ x 2″



15C One of our large floral trays with pierced leaf detailing, just exquisite in pale blue, perfect condition.


15D Have three of these exquisite leaf green trays with fabulous pierced metal detailing.

 Measures 25″ x 18″ x 1.5″



15E Found two of our beautiful chinoiserie scalloped trays with handles. These are dusty adn could use a good wipe down. Beautiful for serving or display

Specify navy or black

Measures 22″ x 17″ x 2″

$55.0o either color



ITEM 16 Down to the last few boxes of our mega gift wrap reams. These measures a whopping 204 feet by 30 inches. Talk about a lifetime of gift wrap! These are very high quality and some are reversible. An amazing deal of gift wrap considering reams generally go for around $300!

Reversible rolls 204 ft by 30 inches $80.00

Single sided rolls 204 ft by 30 inches $70.00


16A Green topiary reversible, was a holiday paper for great for year round use


16B Our incredible Staffordshire pink dogs and trellis reversible, LOVE This paper!~


16C Ivory/gold single sided chinoiserie ideal for year round gift giving, such a neutral


16D Same paper in soft/pink gold, gorgeous combination

16E And have two left in teh beautiful soft green/gold


16F Two left of this beautiful ivory/pastel single sided chinoiserie paper


ITEM 17 Last of these discontinued linens, found a more sets. These are all cotton and hand blocked, really fabulous quality.

17A Beautiful floral blue/white  place mats

$30.00 for set of four (one set)


17B  Gorgeous blue print with floral border place mats

$30.00 set of four


17C Set of beautiful floral blue/white napkins

$26.00 set of four 20 x 20


17D We have six sets of these fabulous lawn green/white floral napkins

Set of four $26.00 (20″x  20″)

17E One set left of these stunning green/white floral, love these and use mine all the time

Set of four napkins $26.00 (20″ x 20″)


ITEM 18 Who remembers our darling tulipiere aprons! We were so happy to see we found three, after selling out almost right away!

Apron one size fits all (generous cut) with two large front pockets tie in back



ITEM 19 And….we found more of our rattan glasses!! These are discontinued becaue some came in with the rattan not able to come off the glass, so some do and some don’t All brand new and in perfect condition.

Small juice glass box of 4 $22.00 (cane and open weave) measures approx 5″ tall

Large glass box of 4 $28.00 (open weave only) measures approx 6″ tall

Cane style

Open weave style

ITEM 20 Our heavy tall pagoda salt and peppers are absolutely gorgeous. We have several sets available….talk about jewelry for the table

Set $40.00

measures 5.5″ tall

ITEM 21 We got in one damaged bisque cast aluminum urn. These are soooooo beautiful!!! This one could be touched up but will require a little DIY. One three angles, its perfect. Comes with removable liner. Less than half price!!

Measures 19.5″ x 14″


 ITEM 22 We found four rolls of our high quality pink grosgrain ribbon. Such a steal if you know the prices of grosgrain ribbons, goes beautifully with our Staffordshire dog paper above!

100 yard roll



See something calling your name? Just call or email-


[email protected]

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time….


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