Month: May 2023

Seven on Sunday

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Good Sunday morning to you. We were supposed to be in Palmetto Bluff this weekend and for no reason our flight was canceled, the flight they rebooked us on was much later and a long connection via Atlanta…NO THANKS. I wasn’t quite in the mood to trade my 2 hour flight for a 6.5 hour […]

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Satrudays with my dad….

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  Hello. Hope you are off to having a wonderful weekend. We were supposed to go to Palmetto Bluff and for no reason our flight was canceled and they wanted to put us on a connecting flight that would turn a.2 hour flight into a 6 hour ordeal (with stopovers). NO THANKS. The airline industry […]

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Warehouse sale take 11!

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Hi there, as our warehouse is starting to finally get into decent shape, we have found all kinds of things. Definitely a work in progress but the purge feels good:) We have found A LOT!!!! This is the very best kind of sale, not having to leave your house and haggle with anyone. If it’s […]

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