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KITCHEN LOVE contest is on, round 2!!

KITCHEN LOVE contest is on,  round 2!!
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 Yes my blog has gone crazy today, in case you are wondering why it looks like it does..don’t ask. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I promise I am working fast and furious behind the scenes to “make this right” and assure you this was not part of the plan, its been C R A Z Y! […]

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KITCHEN LOVE round 1 is on!!

KITCHEN LOVE round 1 is on!!
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Many of you have asked where my extensive blogroll has gone…I was hoping you could tell me! Seriously, I am making some changes to my blog (soon to be revealed)  and hoping that loss is temporary……otherwise will be re adding them, one by one, seems to be a common theme this week:) Hello and happy […]

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The results are in and some Pinterest pretties!

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Hello and Happy Sunday to you. Over here, its another freeeeeezing day. This is the kind of biting cold that honestly makes you want to stay inside in your pjs, hop into your bed and not leave until March. It is bitter, gray and incredibly uninviting. It is quite something that so much of our […]

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