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Pamela G. on

I have ALWAYS wanted a bed like this, even as a child but now, living in a house built in 1795 with still old additions even the 1918 addition has a fairly low ceiling and the 1795 rooms, well I’m 5’2″ and I can change the lightbulbs standing on tippytoes. The master bedroom, in the 1918 addition is the only bedroom even possible for this idea. The problem, the bed in there is a beautiful antique oak bed with a headboard 6 to 7 feet high with beautiful carvings with matching footboard rising several inches above the mattress. I’d have to give up this bed. Guestroom #1 has an antique brass bed my great-grandparents’ slept in (and me too a few times as a young child) and guestroom #2 has another antique oak high headboard not as high or elaborate as the first but still beautiful. I could have more guest rooms but why would I? I even have two other antique beds not used. One is a spool bed needing refinishing. Other is my dad’s bed he used until married. (I live in the family homeplace). Ever get the feeling my family likes beds? I learned something watching a show on PBS British programming about Royal bedchambers just this week. In medieval days (think Henry VIII) not only having a bed but having a guest bed was a sign of wealth and status. Most people didn’t have any beds let alone elaborate ones. Now obviously I don’t have Royal beds (I’m sure you all have seen pictures of these before in life) but these are pretty spiffy compared to modern beds. (I don’t see how people deal with no headboards but you see it all the time.) I would be really considered something grand and set if life based on this criteria. Sadly, life is VERY different now. However I need my library (where else would I put my hundreds of books?) and dressing room/master closet far more. Remember, 1795 homes have NO closets. Perhaps if I ever get to renovate the attic like I dream I can do another bedroom. At one point a 100 years ago part of it was a bedroom. But its insane, how many bedrooms does a single woman need? I’ve only had about 6 to 8 nights in the last 20 years when both guestrooms have been occupied. But, maybe I’ll keep this picture and one day pack away my oak bed and do this for a while. I can feel like a princess for about 10 years. Can one be a 50+ year old princess? I do hope do!

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