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Seven on Sunday

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Good morning! Still can’t believe Christmas “14 is over. I got some wonderful gifts including a great new Canon camera from my parents, cannot wait to start using it. The iPad is an amazing and handy device but still cannot replace the quality of the pictures from a good camera. Well as things slowly get […]

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Seven books you NEED on your bookshelf!

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Hi and happy Friday. We are headed out of town and boy am I happy about that. I have had one hectic week…had A LOT going on this week, on top of getting a stomach bug, migraine and working myself to the bone….I would say I have earned a little getaway.? As a blogger a […]

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Random Sunday musings…..

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  Hi there! Well, we are back and I survived:)? First off I? have to tell you…..I was so touched by your amazing comments/ emails of support from my tribute to my son (click here if you missed it). I know I will go back to that post often and treasure your words of wisdom […]

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