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Beauty Files!

Beauty Files!
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Hello, a few times a year I do a beauty files post on products I love, have used a long time and swear by or have recently discovered. I love hearing and learning about your insight into products too. And in fact have bought several items based upon your recommendations, so thank you:) Let’s face […]

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Creating a perfect bed and a Which Would You Choose with Crane and Canopy

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Hello friends, thank you so? much for all of your kind comments on Bluff Diaries Chapter One on the soon to be building experience of our new home. Click here if you missed it. One of my most favorite places in the entire world is….. my bed. I kid you not, I wake up thinking […]

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Seven on Sunday….but on Monday!

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Hello!! This was supposed to appear yesterday but I spent the day recuperating from my party and have to admit I forgot to post this? (it was prepared last week)? and was utterly? exhausted.? Too exhausted to even get on the computer. So here it is…..on Monday:) I cannot wait to come back and share […]

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