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Pinterest Pretties…..Blue and White Love!

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Good morning…..as I periodically do I feature? a particular Pinterest board from my “collection”.? Today’s post is calling all blue and white lovers. One of my favorite boards is, no surprise my Blue and White Love. This board is filled with all kinds of scrumptious blue and white beauty and it just never gets old. […]

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Weekend random musings…..

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Hi there, what a beautiful day it is here….I have the windows open and it’s a little on the cool side, the birds are chirping like mad and the wonderful weather has arrived! I am so happy with anything under about 82 degrees,? I start to wilt in anything even approaching 90:) As with all […]

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Guest posting over at A Ribbon in My Journal…

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Hello…..busy busy week over here. Two super back to back crazy days? and my knee has been aching a little so really hoping to try and take it easy today……..a least for a bit. I am very excited to be over at A Ribbon in my Journal, the beautiful and super inspirational blog that belongs […]

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