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A bubble bath and Ted Kennedy Watson……..

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This post has been sitting in my draft box for almost two months….cannot believe somehow it got lost in the shuffle! Glad I found it! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT- Very possibly at some point over the weekend, you might be seeing a slightly different look on my blog. No your eyes do not deceive you! This […]

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Early week random musings…..

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Hello there! How are you? Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Over here, chugging along. Still want to be on vacation though I cannot lie:)? Sometimes its hard for me to settle in and get back to routine after being on a leisurely roll for a while, but I feel back in the saddle once […]

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Early week random musings….

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Hi there, well its been one heck of a crazy busy month. I have taken the last few days to play catch up and there was A LOT to catch up on!! Busy weekend? with my husbands birthday and a few parties, plus lets not forget The World Cup which seems to dominate all that […]

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