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Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Random musings as seen through my iPhone
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*Scroll down past shop items to see the blog post (this format has been changed around a bit) Hi there, hope everyone is having a great week. Isn’t it crazy that the holiday hoopla is starting? I feel like we went from August to November!! I just can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Once Thanksgiving […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hi there…..hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here it is COLD! I am talking 30’s but then I see how many areas have gotten slammed with snowstorms and I realize it could be worse. We are having a really relaxing weekend and I think its the only one that will be like this from […]

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Pinterest pretties part 2

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Good evening…..ever have one of those weeks where you are trying (in vain) to catch up but feel like that gerbil on the wheel who is huffing and puffing with all his might? That is me lately!! I am juggling many balls but things should settle down soon….and it cannot happen a moment too soon! […]

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