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Heavenly hydrangeas….

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Hi there, 3 events down, 2 big ones to go! Prom was last night and oh what a wonderful night it was. We had such fun putting the finishing touches on the decor and a really gloomy rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny late day afternoon right when the kids were all meeting. It […]

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Weekend random musings…..

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Hi there, what a beautiful day it is here….I have the windows open and it’s a little on the cool side, the birds are chirping like mad and the wonderful weather has arrived! I am so happy with anything under about 82 degrees,? I start to wilt in anything even approaching 90:) As with all […]

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Planning a party……

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Hello, hope you had a wonderful and enjoyable holiday weekend. Though ours did not happen? as originally planned, we still had? a good time, dinner with friends, an impromptu dinner at our house w/friends,? a boat outing and managed to have some much needed down time at home which is always a treat.? I am,? […]

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