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The Blue and White Club meeting is on!

The Blue and White Club meeting is on!
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Hello to all my blue and white loving friends.  I vowed to keep on blogging as though nothing is going on because i feel we need to remain with the constant in our life that bring us peace and joy. I know how much of a respite it is for me, to visit instagram, see […]

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Big news and my inner southern belle has awakened!

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Hi there and no the big news is not the big snow storm headed this way though I secretly am kind of excited (few can understand it) we will not get clobbered as badly as the DC area (wow) but are expected to get 6-12″ which is plenty for me and let’s face it, everything […]

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Designer/architect spotlight- Geoff Chick

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Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. With my back being out, restful is about the only thing my weekend was. Headed to round 2 of acupuncture yesterday which generally has worked however this time I needed more so went to my orthopedist and am now on prednisone and painkillers….fingers crossed this […]

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