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Seven on Sunday

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Hi there! How is your weekend going? And Valentines Day? Do anything special? We had a very cold Valentines Day (no surprise) with flurries but not the snow they said we could get (thankfully)? and met two of our closest friends for a fun and lively dinner. It is a tradition we have had for […]

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By Invitation Only!

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Hi there. Well it’s that Tuesday of the month…..time for our By Invitation Only. This months theme is a fun one……”Trends- do we follow them or not” and do we have a look that we favor and repeat over and over. I honestly didn’t have to think very hard about this one. I am a […]

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Valentines Day and one sweet giveaway!

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Well we all know that Sat. is Valentines Day and though I cannot say I am one to make a huge fuss over it, if my husband wants to treat me extra kind, wine and dine me and maybe even get me a little gift…I am certainly open to the idea:) We go to dinner […]

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