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It’s all set- October

It’s all set- October
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Hello there, hope you are well. I was amazed at the response to my little last minute post yesterday and enjoyed reading over ALL points of view. Though many agreed with me, some did not and I truly appreciate everyone expressing their opinion and believe we can respectfully agree to disagree. I think when we […]

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 6

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Hi friends….back with another chapter. It is starting to feel like it will really happen. Our plans are out with two builders that we narrowed it down to and with luck we will have made a decision by next week, will get those final permits and be on our way! My original plan was to […]

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Come fly away with Sandy and a surprise travel giveaway!

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Hi friends…today you are in for a treat so sit back, pour yourself another cup of coffee and take a few minutes to enjoy this post:) I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t absolutely love to travel…..the places it can take us, the people we can meet, the experiences we […]

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