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Seven on Sunday

Seven on Sunday
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Hello friends….and a happy Sunday to you. First thing I must tell you is super exciting, my new and MUCH improved site is basically done…woo hoo! You could see it go live as early as late tonight,  it will happen anytime between late Sunday night through Tues night. I will try to give you a […]

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By Invitation Only!

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Hi there. Well it’s that Tuesday of the month…..time for our By Invitation Only. This months theme is a fun one……”Trends- do we follow them or not” and do we have a look that we favor and repeat over and over. I honestly didn’t have to think very hard about this one. I am a […]

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All about e design…..

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Hello there from snowy NY. Yes, we got even more snow but? at this point when you have nearly a foot on the ground already, what’s another 4 or 5 inches? Spring cannot come soon enough! Winter is for the hawks I mean birds, speaking of hawks……how exciting was that Superbowl? I could not get […]

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