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I left my heart in Nashville and Frankin part 2

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Good morning ya’ll!  No Seven on Sunday today because I am here to share the rest of my Nashville/Franklin trip with you but  it will be back next Sunday:) Yes,  I am still very much in a southern state of mind and I don’t plan on snapping out of it anytime soon. So I shared […]

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Which would you choose?

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Hi friends….it has been one miserable weather week here. Very cold, rainy and dreary. I am done with this and desperately want to feel the sun and warmth again. My post on decorating with blue and white outdoors is having to wait a week or so until this weather subsides. Have a lot going on […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hi everyone, so happy today is Sunday  and can’t believe it’s May 1st!   I was planning on working in my little garden, but it’s raining so nature is saving me some work. Its been unusually cool so I am crossing my fingers, this is very short lived as it is not good for all […]

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