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Weekend random musings…..

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Hi there, what a beautiful day it is here….I have the windows open and it’s a little on the cool side, the birds are chirping like mad and the wonderful weather has arrived! I am so happy with anything under about 82 degrees,? I start to wilt in anything even approaching 90:) As with all […]

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Midweek random musings…….

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Hi there…..Happy May 1st!! Exciting that the winter is finally behind us. So, how is it going? It’s? been raining cats and dogs for the last two days and though its my favorite sleeping weather, it does make venturing out a little more of a nuisance. Is there anything better than getting to stay home […]

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Midweek random musings….

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Hi there…..today is one of my random musings, all over the place kind of posts. A bit of this and a little of that. How was your weekend? Mine was a lot of fun, got to see a great Broadway show, All The Way which I absolutely recommend. Visited my son at his new apt….being […]

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