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Seven on Sunday

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Good Sunday morning to you…hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Here, getting back in the saddle with a lot of work on my desk but having had 5 days to decompress and disconnect a bit from my everyday life has allowed me to come back and approach it with new vigor and enthusiasm, so […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hi there, hope you get this on Sunday morning as I schedueled it ahead of time. By the time you get this,?I will be on a little vacation for a few days and promised my family no or very minimal “tech device usage” 🙂 I?will be back on?Thursday? so this is it until Tuesday (scheduled […]

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Late week random musings…..

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Hello and I am soooo happy it is Friday. I have been one busy lady this week, a little too busy and while I thrive on having a full schedule, this was, even for me a? lot. Very glad the week is behind me, that I pulled everything? off successfully that I had to do […]

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