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A favorite alfresco table……

A favorite alfresco table……
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Hello and happy Saturday!! Hope your weekend is going well, here it’s a busy busy one. We had a photo shoot at East Hampton Gardens yesterday for something fun (stay tuned) and tonight is a cocktail party, if by chance you are in the Hampton, come by!! The Hamptons is synonymous with a great, casual […]

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Seven on Saturday and Happy Easter!

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Hi everyone! Happy Easter and Happy Passover. The sun is shining here and at last spring is in the air, I have.? for the last two mornings heard a sound I missed so much…little birds chirping to wake me up! We were away to my sons lacrosse game, got home late last night and am […]

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Hellooooo spring…..come out wherever you are!

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Hi friends….it’s no secret that this winter, the very one that came in like a lamb is leaving (hopefully) like a lion. It has been some winter. It took awhile to kick in and by Christmas we were all bragging about how mild it had been.UNTIL. January…..then it was downhill all the way from there. […]

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