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Exciting Enchanted Home Shop happenings and a giveaway!!
24.07.2017 14:57
Hello, hope you had a great weekend...been really busy here the last few months working on all kinds of things, some very exciting things! You will understand when and if you get through this entire post:) This post might for me personally, be my most favorite and most exciting because it totally ...
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Seven on Sunday
23.07.2017 11:37
  Hello and happy Sunday to you. Have houseguests which has been very nice but had a rough weekend with Teddy whose arthritis has been hindering his ability  to enjoy life. So hard to see him grow old. Just trying to keep him really comfortable and pain free topped with lots of love. First ...
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The showdown round for Blue and White Love is on!
Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus) Lord & Taylor
21.07.2017 20:20
Hello and happy Friday,  friends.  It is HOT over here, summer is in full swing. Well, after nearly 3500 votes, amazing- we are down to two finalists. First thank you to everyone for participating, that goes to those who sent in their exquisite pictures and everyone for voting. For anyone whose ...
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Blue and White Love round 2!
20.07.2017 18:47
Hello and happy Thursday afternoon! Well if you think I can't possibly top what I showed you yesterday, think again! So much inspiration today if you can handle it. Seriously these pictures from both yesterday and  could make one gorgeous book:) ...
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The Blue and Love Contest is on- part 1!
19.07.2017 18:39
Hello friends back from a whirlwind trip to Virginia and Palmetto Bluff,  and it's back to business! So the much anticipated  blue and white contest is on as of today. You must sit down for this, there are so many amazing pictures in both rounds you will need to be sitting to take it all in. I ...
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