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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
01.20.2018 08:38
Hello and happy Saturday morning! Hope you are having a great it was busy, busy. With my having been sick for almost a week, it was nice to get back in the saddle and that meant getting back to work. So many fun and exciting things happening over at The Enchanted Home, I cannot wait to ...
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The one day arrival porcelain container sale is on and a giveaway!
01.18.2018 08:50
****THE PORCELAIN ARRIVAL SALE IS NOW OVER, YOU CAN STILL LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW TO BE PART OF THE GIVEAWAY, WINNER TO BE ANNOUNCED SUNDAY MORNING**** Hello! Very exciting day here today...the magnificent January container of porcelains arrived last week. I cannot believe how ...
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Bluff Diaries Chapter 32
01.16.2018 07:40
Good Tuesday morning friends!  And how is your week going? Over here,  I am finally starting to be on the mend,  not quite 100% but getting there. It is gong to be a busy week between making up for lost time, having gotten the porcelain and chinoiserie tole shipments in. The ...
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Seven on Sunday
01.14.2018 07:16
Hello friends, hope your weekend is going well. Crazy that we are already into our second weekend of 2018! Well being sick was not exactly how I planned to welcome a new year, but hopefully that will be it for a long time and it's  now full steam ahead since I am starting to feel better ...
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Which would you choose?
01.12.2018 06:48
Hello, well it's not been the smoothest week with being sick but hopefully am on the mend and I admit, I will be glad when this week is over, it was a  challenging one. I plan to take it easy over the weekend and hope to be good as new on Monday, ready to roll up my sleeves and dive into our ...
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