Seven on Sunday

Hello and Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! I am extra lucky this year as my parents will be here, so it’s going to be a great day of relaxation, family and of course the obligatory BBQ! I am so looking forward to a day of complete relaxation. We are also being blessed by the weather Gods with gorgeous weather. Hope whatever you have happening on your end is wonderful and relaxing.

So without further ado here are seven things that are on my mind this week……



1 LOVE THESE EARRINGS! I so love summer dressing because of all the beautiful colors to wear. I love a lot of white so anytime I can find a great accessory in a pretty color, I am inspired to create a new look. Totally smitten with these earrings I found through Instagram, enter Lisi Lerch.

Absolutely adore the turquoise tassel and just ordered them, then I made the mistake of looking at all her other goodies….so much to love. Best part is none will break the bank, so this is guilt free shopping (the best kind)! Click here to visit.



vivi_wht_1__89486.1457797228.300.350 maya_green_3__75066.1392156662.300.350 lightblue_A__29508.1392749954.300.350 vivi_turq_1__12600.1457797143.300.350 ava_pink_1__04541.1457797482.300.350 ava_green_1__14249.1457797458.300.350

2. A GORGEOUS WEDDING IN CAPRI! This is such a stunning affair, I can almost smell those lemons and hear that wonderful Italian music just looking at these amazing pictures. This is one gorgeous wedding and the fact that it is in Capri moves it right up to the epic category….so gorgeous! How amazing are those lemon “placecards”…brilliant!  Click here if you want to read about this incredible wedding.  Pictures by Brian Dorsey.

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3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beautiful pictures to share, this weeks round up is heavy on beautiful food with a healthy does of gorgeous homes and lots of pretty things!


IMG_7021(1) IMG_7020

IMG_6999(1) IMG_6998(1) IMG_6997(2) IMG_7019(1)

IMG_7038 IMG_7034 IMG_7031 IMG_7029 IMG_7302


4. THE HEROES OF FATHERS DAY. This seems so appropriate today, but I am sorry in advance to be the one responsible for making you cry on Sunday morning.  Hopefully they are happy tears and tears of gratitude for these incredible men ( and women ) who protect our liberties and defend our country.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, I think we can all agree they are true heroes in every sense and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a Happy Fathers Day then these heroes. This just warms my heart and makes me appreciate my own father  so very much (who served for over 40 years and left his mark in so many distinguished ways)….THANK YOU DAD, SO PROUD OF YOU AND SO HONORED TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER:)


5. SUN VALLEY. This is one place I have never been to but both my husband very much want to visit. I follow Slim Paley’s blog who happens to own a gorgeous picturesque home there. Her pictures in this post in particular just blew me away. So good that I had to share, here is a snippet. If you need a little virtual getaway, this just might do the trick! Click here for the entire post.

IMG_3190-800x837 IMG_3200-800x800



6. MY YARD COMING INTO BLOOM. This year my story is all about the green and white. All white flowers and letting nature do it’s thing with the green. I love it….it’s so crisp and vibrant. My hydrangeas are about ready to burst and seem to have doubled in size since last year. I am just finishing up my planters and just enjoying watching everything bloom away. So far, so good……


FullSizeRender(98) IMG_7016 IMG_7015 IMG_7013 IMG_7011 IMG_7304 FullSizeRender(97)


7. HONORING THE ORLANDO TRAGEDY. Finally,  it is safe to say we are all just sick over what happened in Orlando….there are no words. I just cannot imagine the pain of those families, whose loved ones were out to have an innocent good time and to end in such heartbreak.

It is such a senseless tragedy, and a true blow to all humanity. It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and unity around the world. In case you haven’t seen how monuments all around the world have honored those whose lives were lost, this is very much worth sharing and makes you believe in the kindness, unity  and giving of others again.





Paris, France



Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.02 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.24 AM

Coucil House, Perth

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.26.52 AM


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.26.43 AM

Sydney Harbor, Australia

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.11 AM

Tel Aviv

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.39 AM


So friends,  that is this weeks Seven on Sunday. A lot to make you smile ( I sure hope so) and a few things to make us reflect on the luxury of having just a normal day spent with family and friends, in light of what has gone on in recent years,  I think that is the ultimate luxury.

Life these days has been unpredictable and scary, you see what’s going on all around us and it sure makes me pause and give thanks for the simplicity of a normal day. I wish my own dad and all the dads out there, a beautiful, relaxing day spent laughing and enjoying with those you  love. Many thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great end to the weekend. Until  next time……






15 thoughts on “Seven on Sunday

  1. I cried from the moment the video started till the end?..
    Thank your for reminding us all of the sacrifices our military families have made.

  2. Loved the pic of Sun Valley. The skies are as blue as the picture shows, and the air is incredible. Once there you won’t want to leave. Hailey is beautiful also, and all the surrounding towns and mountains. Happy Father’s day to your family also.

  3. Beyond poignant. From the most tragic to the most inspirational… A reminder that life encompasses both ends of the spectrum. I wish my husband a wonderful Father’s Day and to all the Dads a well deserved thank you for all the sacrificed you make

  4. Happy Father’s Day to your dad and husband, I saw your special pancakes on Istagram and thought I might need to make some of those as a treat for myself. I love your party platters as well, beautiful!

    As for the 7 on Sunday, always so many beautiful things to see. I love that wedding!

    Have a great week Tina!

  5. First I was crying in church bc of the beautiful lesson on being a father, then your video and all the pictures of support in the wake of the Orlando tragedy, brought more tears . So sweet… All of it. May we all feel loved this day.

  6. This, as always, is a lovely post with many different things covered….all just so enticing! Thanks for bringing beauty into out lives on a regular basis. Always excited when I see “Tina” in the subject!


  7. A day late, but just as sweet on Seven on Sunday. Your yard is positively breathtaking! Those hydrangeas!!! You could open a nursery with all your free time – haha. Loved those wedding pics – what a way to begin your new life together!! Slim Paley’s post looks great. Love the idea of using that wooden candle holder for other things than candles! Hope you have a great week, dear Tina!!

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  9. Thank you so much for the ‘shout out’ on my Sun Valley post Tina!
    I hope you and your family enjoyed a beautiful Father’s Day Weekend and may I add that your garden looks gorgeous!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the senseless tragedy in Orlando.

    xx Slim

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