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Seven on Sunday
09.24.2017 06:38
Hi and happy Sunday to you...hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Before we get started I want to announce the winner of the two settings of the new pagoda melamine dinnerware, congratulations goes to- #39 Catharine on ...
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Enchanted Home shop news and a giftwrap giveaway!
09.22.2017 09:59
Hi friends and happy Friday to you. I am deeply saddened about the events in Puerto Rico and is almost too much for my brain to handle. Such catastrophe, I feel so helpless to help out. Starting today at 11, I am offering site wide 15% off and will donate 10% of all sales to The Red ...
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Bluff Diaries- Chapter 24
09.21.2017 07:25
Hi friends, this is chapter 24 and we are really moving along now. The trim work has just been completed and I am eagerly awaiting those photos. We hope to get down there in a few weeks as the progress is happening swiftly now and this is the fun part for sure! Kitchen cabinets are going to be ...
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The pagoda melamine is here, a one day arrival sale and a giveaway!
09.19.2017 15:44
****THE MELAMINE ARRIVAL SALE IS OVER HOWEVER YOU CAN STILL LEAVE YOUR COMMENT HERE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE GIVEAWAY ON SUNDAY**** was so exciting on Friday to finally get my pagoda melamine dinnerware in and I can honestly tell you ...
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Seven on Sunday
09.17.2017 06:43
Hello and Happy Sunday to you. Adjusting to my new normal and incredibly quiet home. I thank you for your continued support and kindness,  it is so touching and I have read, often teary eyed every single email and comment. I am trying to keep busy and find the hardest ...
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