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Bluff Diairies Chapter 59
05.20.2022 07:33
Hello and happy Friday,  hope you have had a great week. We were lucky enough to spend 3 whirlwind days in PB. Never enough time there but better to have had a few days instead of none at all. Next time, hopefully it will be a longer stay. We went primarily to make some important decisions that ...
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05.18.2022 06:57
Hello friends, we have a flurry of activity heading this way including this amazing shipment of tabletop items which will be here next week, so it's almost instant gratification! I get so excited over every container because we are always adding something new and there is plenty more in production ...
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Seven on Sunday
05.15.2022 07:49
Good Sunday morning to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! With luck,  I will be in my happy place,Palmetto Bluff  for just a few days,  somewhere that I have not been in a while and really miss. So, hopefully this will post on time. And onward we go to this weekend's ...
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We have a winner and a special offer!
05.13.2022 07:15
Hello and happy Friday. I am thrilled to announce that we have a winner of The Enchanted Home Love contest. After over 6000 votes, you have chosen your winner. Congratulations goes to Kathleen for submitting this ...
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Our showdown round is on for Enchanted Home Love!
05.12.2022 07:22
Good morning, hope everyone is well. This week is flying on by, before you know it, it will be Memorial Day! Thanks to everyone for voting these last two days in our two rounds for the Enchanted Home Love contest. With nearly 4000 votes, you have chosen your two finalists. ...
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