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Which would you choose?
08.22.2019 07:00
Hi friends, crazy to think that summer is almost over....let's find a pause button and now!! Going by way way too fast. I am tired of seeing the ramped up back to school and pre fall ads, make it stop! And yeserday IT HAPPENED- Fall mums were actually outside proudly looking for takers at ...
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The charm of Nantucket part 2
08.20.2019 07:26
Hello! So first if you didn't get to see my first post about my wonderful trip to Nantucket, then click here for part 1. This is part 2 and mostly all pictures, as they tell the story way ...
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Seven on Sunday
08.18.2019 06:52
Hello and happy Sunday to you. First I want to announce the winner of our Summer Love contest. After almost 6500 votes total, you have chosen your winner. Congratulations goes to Kathy for submitting this incredible picture!! ...
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Bluff Diaries 51 and the showdown round
08.15.2019 06:47
Hello friends! First things first,  here are the two finalists from round 1 and 2 of our Summer Love contest. After nearly 4500 votes,  we are left with two amazing pictures that both scream summer in two uniquely different ways, so here are your two finalists- ...
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Summer Love round 2
08.14.2019 08:32
Hi friends and here we are with round 2. And it does not get any easier..not by a long shot. More incredible reminders of how just wonderful summer is.  Wouldn't these make one incredible coffee table book on summer! I just love every single picture that depicts summer ...
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