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Seven on Sunday
09.25.2022 07:20
Hi friends, I am back in town after being at my parents and it was bittersweet coming home. How I wish I lived closer, for anyone who is lucky enough to live near their parents, count your blessings and take advantage of being so near. It is so much harder when you are states apart. Going back and ...
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Setting the table with Tina.......
09.23.2022 06:51
******For anyone who ordered our new pumpkins, we are due to get them either this afternoon on Monday, we will start getting orders right out as soon as they get here***** Good morning, happy Friday and happy fall! Yesterday was the official first day of ...
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Our fabulous lattice pieces are now on presale!
09.21.2022 07:05
Hello! Been waiting a while to show and offer these beautiful new additions to you as the response to them has been fabulous. I am just beyond excited to get these in as I have spots already designated for them. One area I am looking forward to expanding on is garden, and this is a very pretty ...
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Seven on Sunday
09.18.2022 06:59
Good Sunday morning to you. Hope all is well with you. Spent the last 9 days at my parents but will be home soon to catch up on life. This was planned ahead of time, so hoping it posts on time! We have a busy week ahead as we will get a succession of shipments coming in within the next 2 weeks so ...
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Bluff Diaries Chapter 60!
09.16.2022 06:34
Hi there, scheduled this almost a week ago so hoping it posts on time. Can you believe this is Chapter 60! Today is an update on the cottage in PB. It is really chugging along. For those of you who are newer to this project. A little backstory- we owned a house in Palmetto Bluff which we sold, as ...
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