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Our Jan porcelain arrival sale is on and a giveaway!
01.27.2021 08:36
Hello to all my fellow porcelain lovers out there! Does this ever get old? NO! Every time I get in a new container, you would think I just discovered them. Can you believe we haven't had a porcelain arrival or presale since September!! Wow, times sure does fly. So today we are making up for lost ...
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Seven on Sunday
01.24.2021 08:28
Good Sunday morning to you! How are you? First thing to do is announce the winner of the the wicker pitcher giveaway. Congratulations goes to- #88 Robin H. on ...
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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
01.22.2021 07:54
Good Friday morning! Hope everyone is well. I stared feeling under the weather and got very nervous but thankfully starting to feel better, except for having had the beginnings of a migraine, ugh!  Been very busy over here and all I can say is my business has been a savior in more ways than one. ...
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Our simply amazing tabletop container sale is on and a giveaway!
01.20.2021 09:44
Hello friends! This container is simply sensational filled with so many incredible new arrivals.  This is one you will need to take a seat for, grab a cup of coffee and take in all the pretty. Yes, my mind has been mighty busy lately creating and dreaming up new things. This is one of my all time ...
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Seven on Sunday
01.17.2021 08:37
Good Sunday morning to you, hope this finds you doing well. Another very quiet weekend, but I am getting lots of little projects done inside the house, a silver lining to be sure. And finding longer stretches of free time on the weekend to do things like play with flowers and rearrange things ...
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