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Seven on Sunday
04.05.2020 07:33
Added at 1pm Sunday- ...
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Checking in.....
04.04.2020 08:43
Hi and happy Saturday...I actually had to take a full 3 minutes to figure out what day it is. Just wanted to check in and say hi with this Saturday post. As we all try and adjust to this new,  albeit temporary reality...I know we are all struggling in some way or another. For some, like me,  its ...
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Let's laugh take three!
04.02.2020 09:56
Hi friends, seems like my humorous posts are helping a lot of you get through this unprecedented very tough time, myself included. I hope you are all are doing OK, I know how hard this has been for everyone. Some of us have been affected more than others but there is no ...
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For the love of peonies....
03.31.2020 07:22
Hi there everyone. How are you doing? I say it over and over but this is still just so surreal....I cannot believe what is happening and how life has changed in a mere 10 days. Our world has changed forever and this will undoubtedly leave a mark on all of us. It could end up being a ...
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Seven on Sunday
03.29.2020 07:50
  Hi everyone, hope this finds you well (relatively speaking) but most importantly,  safe and healthy. That's the name of the game. It is certainly going to be a time in history that we will never forget but hopefully we will emerge from this enlightened with a new perspective on even the ...
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