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My trip to the NY flower market- part 1!
02.18.2020 07:31
Hi there to all my flower loving friends. You know how much I love my flowers, they are an important part of my life and I cannot imagine not having them in some shape or form. Whether its s small bunch of tulips from my local grocer or the motherload from the NY flower market....they just ...
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Seven on Sunday
02.16.2020 07:51
****For anyone who placed an order for our porcelain presale, great news- the container is due in on Wednesday and should be delivered to our warehouse by Friday! We will start shipping orders right out (you will get an email with your UPS tracking) and our much ...
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Bluff Diaries Chapter 54
02.13.2020 07:53
Hello.....feels like a long time since I did one of these Bluff Diary posts. In fact, last one was in October.  Now that we are officially settled into our beautiful PB home, there is not as much to share. We make small minor tweaks here and there, but overall we are just about done ...
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The blue and white club meeting is on!
02.11.2020 09:51
Hello to my fellow blue and white lovers all over the world.  It's our first meeting of 2020! Sit down and take ten, this is a feast for any blue and white lover. Every meeting I tackle a specific subject on blue and white. If you want to see all the previous meetings ...
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Seven on Sunday
02.09.2020 09:39
Hi and happy Sunday, my Palmetto Bluff getaway will be coming to an end by the time you read this, but better to have happened than not at all:) Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Lots to share over the coming weeks, and will be back at work with my sleeves rolled up before I know it. ...
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