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The Blue and White Club meeting is on!
05.07.2021 05:11
Hello to all my fellow blue and white loving readers. Every few weeks or so I post a "virtual meeting" celebrating the universal love of blue and white in some way shape or form. If you would like to see pasts posts, click here. Today is all about celebrating blue and white as a theme for a ...
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Our May tabletop sale is on and a fun giveaway!
05.04.2021 09:55
Hello! This is a post you will want to sit down  and take 15 for (or maybe longer)! So if April felt like a downright drought at our warehouse, May is going to feel like the floodgates have opened in the best way possible. We are getting in 5 large and very exciting. shipments. Tons of tabletop, ...
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Seven on Sunday
05.02.2021 07:00
Good morning, hope you are having a nice and relaxing weekend. Here the weather has been splendid, crisp and sunny with a light breeze just enough for a wrap or light sweater. Works for me! It was the first semi normal weekend we have had in a long time, had dinner with friends two nights in a ...
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My finished Easter table!
04.29.2021 06:37
Hello, guess it seems a bit late talking about my Easter table when we are nearly in May. Somehow this post got lost in the shuffle but I was way too pleased with how my table looked to not do a post on it:) Part 1 ( ...
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Our fabulous May porcelain presale is on!
04.27.2021 07:49
Hello everyone, hope this finds you doing well. Spring is humming along and before you know it we will be celebrating Memorial Day. As crazy as it sounds, we are already planning for fall/Christmas, yikes! But I think we can safely say this holiday seasons will look a lot  more joyous than ...
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