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Seven on Sunday
06.04.2023 07:35
Hi there, hope everyone is having a great weekend. We were supposed to be in Palmetto Bluff but in the course of one week, I managed to get either food poisoning or some kind of a bug, an injury playing pickleball and poison ivy (managed to get it under control fast with steroids as I am highly ...
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Saturdays with my dad....
06.03.2023 07:17
Good morning, hope everyone is well. It's been quite a week, a touch of poison ivy which put me on steroids (hate the side effects), took a very hard fall playing pickle ball and even got a touch of food poisoning. Three strikes and I hope my bad luck is behind me! Feeling better overall though ...
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Our porcelain arrival sale is on!
06.01.2023 07:20
Good morning, hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable holiday weekend. We  are celebrating a newly arrived  porcelain container, that just arrived. And yes, it  always feels like Christmas:) All porcelain presale orders have shipped so if you ...
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Seven on Sunday
05.28.2023 07:41
Hi everyone. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend! I first want to acknowledge all the veterans who make our various celebrations and liberties today even possible. Their heroic service and sacrifices should be acknowledged of course no only on Memorial Day but every day. I don't think ...
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Saturdays with my Dad.....
05.27.2023 07:55
Hi there and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend so far, the sun is shining and we are due to have some wonderful weather so no complaints here. I am looking forward to some much needed down time, along with a few get togethers but making sure I have a nice stretch ...
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