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Seven on Sunday
04.21.2019 07:28
Hello and happy Easter Sunday! Well, what is it they say about those best laid plans? Yea,  that we basically have no control over them. Sadly my little getaway to see a sick relative and then onto Palmetto Bluff for Easter did not happen as much as I wanted it to. Was left with literally no ...
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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
04.19.2019 07:54
Hello friends, hope all is well on your end. Here, it's been an unpredictable week. Finishing up 2 edesign jobs and starting a new bigger local one but a migraine decided to get in the way of all my plans. And boy did it get in the way. I used to suffer horribly from them and it's been ...
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White flowers in spring and another trip to the NYC flower market part 1!
04.17.2019 08:49
Hello, how beautiful is it that spring is here and things are finally blooming? I forgot just how happy spring makes me. I love that it's not dark at 5pm and I feel ready to hibernate, that I can finally put my mostly black/gray/camel wardrobe safely away, that I can open windows while I ...
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About that tablecloth and now you can order one too!
04.15.2019 10:49
Hi there, so many have asked about this tablecloth so thought it was time to do this post now that I have secured the fabric! I was looking high and low for a dressy looking tablecloth that would fit my unusually long and wide dining table (when fully extended). I wanted something to the floor and ...
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Seven on Sunday
04.14.2019 07:19
Hi friends, first order of business is to announce the lucky silver winner. Congratulations goes to- #109 ALICIA MOSKAL Please email us at to provide your shipping address so your prize can be on it's way. So how is your ...
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