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Entertaining Diaries Chapter 5
05.26.2020 07:55
Hello, hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. Hard to believe its the unofficial start of summer, this is going to be a strange one with still many things here in NY closed own and restrictions in place. But I will make the most of it and know one thing, there are plenty of alfresco ...
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Seven on Sunday
05.24.2020 07:09
Hi friends, hope everyone is doing well! I want to first announce thew inner of the new mixing. bowls, congratulations goes to- Linda Rubin on 05/21/2020 ...
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Our new trellis and topiaries melamine presale is on and a giveaway!
05.21.2020 07:27
  ****Big news- as of Friday morning my melamine collection will be featured on The Today;s Show!! This is is so very exciting for us at Enchanted Home.  As a celebration we are offering 25% our current melamine collection ( ...
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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
05.19.2020 07:34
Hi friends, how are you? I am doing pretty good, have a lot of balls in the air right now. Mostly good ones but dealing with a parent with dementia is another matter altogether. Very fluid, some days better than others. I am grateful for those easy days where things seem to be OK. My business and ...
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Seven on Sunday
05.17.2020 07:38
Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you. We were able to get to PB last week for about a week and it was really nice  be back there. Now it's back in NY and back to business on a very part time basis. It's such a strange time as I am trying to keep everything we have on order on track (daunting ...
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