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Seven on Sunday
01.19.2020 07:04
Hi friends! Hope you are having a nice weekend, our wintry weather has returned and a far cry from the high 60's of last weekend, was kind of nice while it lasted:) Enjoying a nice and very busy weekend, we had back to back dinner plans with friends and today going in to preview the Mario Buatta ...
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Which would you choose?
01.17.2020 11:45
Hello friends. Well I feel like I am just coming up for air after the craziness of the busiest holiday season season. I can't decide if I am happy if they are over or not. There is an unmistakable frenetic energy in the air that dare I say, I kind of miss. Now I am left with dried up evergreens, ...
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Entertaining Diaries Chapter 4
01.16.2020 07:25
Hello everyone and here we are with chapter 4 of the Entertaining Diaries! So happy you are enjoying this series, as it's a lot of fun for me to go back on how I like to entertain and even rediscovering some old menus/recipes I kind of forgot about. I am going to address many of your questions in ...
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A "seconds" warehouse blowout sale........going, going gone!
01.14.2020 09:08
Hi, well its our first official warehouse sale of 2020 and this is a good one, a very good one. I mean, who doesn't love a bargain especially when you can score one without even leaving your seat!These will go fast, guaranteed so don't wait too long. We are busy organizing/cleaning out and ...
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Seven on Sunday
01.12.2020 07:16
Good Sunday morning! I want to say thanks to all who made a purchase up until last Tues where 15% of all proceeds were donated to the relief effort in Australia. It felt so good to give towards such a catastrophic event. I say the only two things we can do from this far away are pray and donate. ...
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